1. Z

    PVP in Hostile Zone - Suggestion!

    This is a post to simply request that PVP be re-added to Conflict Housing Zones - I find it rather annoying that we cant kill one another in Conflict Zone's housing, If a plot is going down and there are a few people hovering around it waiting for the timer they should be able to flag up and...
  2. I

    Remove housing peace zones?

    Remove housing peace zones! pros: More small scale open world pvp shenanigans. Zones can once again be pushed to war. This means more running packs in peace from some of the deeper zones(like hasla). Combat landgrab hackers through pvp. Any hackers in pvp zones would be forced to...
  3. Raistlin

    Everything related to Land and Property Trading

    https://na.archerage.to/forums/index.php?threads/safe-land-trades-demolitions-services.1053/ Since many players will be moving their properties ,pm ,or mail me if you need any help, i have an east char as well. In the guide you will find how to properly sell your structures and how to do...
  4. Scylon

    Tax Cert Production

    I was just curious if this is something that the devs are planning to look at. With the increase in Labour gains it is now easier for people to hold onto larger amounts of land. As such single people can hold many properties where before this wouldn't be possible after a week. I'm not...
  5. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services Part III

    Hello again and Welcome to part III __________________________________________ In this part we will be going over these things: Known honorable Traders of land Known scammers Known hackers Bugs or exploits __________________________________________ VI.Known honorable Traders of land...
  6. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services Part II

    Hello again and Welcome to part II __________________________________________ In this part we will be going over these things: Guide about various ways to get scammed, and how to avoid that Sales and Middleman transactions Property Commission and ownership...
  7. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services

    Hello, and Welcome You can contact me on IGN " Rai " __________________________________________ Joining this game for many means owning and utilising their land, which is a valuable part of gameplay and very rare example of advanced open world housing in mmorpg world. There have been many...
  8. Serena

    Sketches for Housing Furniture

    Hello everyone! Can I ask where do I get these sketches? im a newbie in game . I tried searching on google but cant find a definite answer. would be appreciated for some answers ^_^ as I love decorating stuffs, thanks so much in advance! ♥