1. GraceHowks

    WTB Sheet Music Artist Services

    I want to buy the sheet music with the songs below, mail me or post here your price! IGN: Gryth
  2. B

    Longer music sheet titles?

    SORRY I DIDN"T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THIS I don't know much about archeage or the gearing process and have been satisfied just getting artistry up So I sit in austera all day basically and just play music, and at first the title length isn't that bad. But once you have multiple songs from the same...
  3. stronghart

    Archeage music duet - Sound of the Shire (TLotR)

    Flute: Stronghart Brahms: Tanti
  4. Auramek

    New Item Broken? Orchidna's Music Box not granting quest.

    Orchidna's Music Box "Place in a completed house. This item provides a daily quest that grants a gift from Orchidna." I place the statue, I can play the music, but when I pray to Orchidna there is no quest. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. D

    Black Screen and músic

    My game just crashed by the face, windows closed game for "no responding", then i opened again, all ok but when gonna start the game at 100% "disconected by the gods"... opened again, and now after select character got an infinite black screen with músic, for more than 10 minutes...i gonna close...