1. Tsukino

    Ravenspine Achievement Problem

    Under General achievements - misc. tab, page two, is an achievement for "Equipping Ravenspine Wings." I myself have a rare grade Ravenspine magithopter equipped on my character, and I have been unable to complete this achievement. I have tried unequipping and equipping my wings and placing them...
  2. Megas

    Torrent Download issues

    Hello! I've been trying to download the client since Friday following a merry adventure delving into the depths of this amazing piece of software, trying to get my high back on in game... Unfortunately, this won't do, said the 420 dudes of gaming who I made up, you just won't play soon enough...
  3. Marko

    FOV Mode

    Hello everyone, i just want to ask what version of FOV Mode is on this server? I downoload 3 versions and none of them works..
  4. Z

    Lizard leather don't drop

    Hello, I'm doing the normal line quests from harani and in the quest "self-sufficiency boot materials" the item lizard leather dont drop, i try all area mobs and try abandon e take the quest again, but still not working. ps: sorry i think accidentally put on the worng category, i thought i...