1. Semerian

    Darkrunner PvP 3.0

  2. C

    Broken Blades [NA] [West]

    <Broken Blades> is now accepting new members. No Gear requirements, no level requirements, just be active. we are a pro nation guild with a discord server. We take all levels, and damn can we power level, best part is your invited!
  3. Semerian

    Please update 10v10 Maelstrom

    People on server are having an extremely hard time farming Maelstrom right now. It's been a 4 day dry streak for me so far , staying in q for hours at a time each day and spamming faction chat with people to join. There are people who are quing but I guess it's just not enough because it's...
  4. Veerdin

    PvP balance - What do you think?

    I've been playing Archeage ever since it launched here in the west, first on retail up until just before patch 3.0, and now I'm hooked again on this private server which is, for the most part, a lot better managed. But one thing has always been the same - The PvP balance in this game is, in my...
  5. Z

    PVP in Hostile Zone - Suggestion!

    This is a post to simply request that PVP be re-added to Conflict Housing Zones - I find it rather annoying that we cant kill one another in Conflict Zone's housing, If a plot is going down and there are a few people hovering around it waiting for the timer they should be able to flag up and...

    Limited fun, pray for quee, afk players... What can be done for PvP content.

    Hello dear comunnity, I came here after some time playing this server, and i think i could make a contribution concerning PvP oriented events, focusing in this case the Arena, Halcyona and Mistmerrow. So, after a few talks with some friends, most of them new to the server, we found out bad...
  7. K

    Mercenary guilds?

    When I played on live at launch, ages and ages ago on a server I've forgotten the name of, a bunch of merc guilds popped up to help protect merchant ships from pirates and escort traders through warzones. This led to some pretty fun stuff, and they were usually paid about 15% or so of the total...
  8. Drunkenhero

    Hero Brewing Company: Battle of the Brews (Mild RP Event)

    Following in the good spirit of the gladiator tournament on sundays upcoming. Hero Brewing Company, the makers of the finest Barley Moonshine will be sponsoring a real skill event.... The rules are simple: Disorderly Conduct will make up all packs for you. No materiel is needed on your part...
  9. D

    <Debauchery Tea Party> OCE/NZ guild

    Debauchery Tea Party is an east faction Australian / New Zealand based guild. originating from Lucian server we have alot of history and are a Tight nit group of both real life friends and new friends. we are recruiting Australian and New Zealand based players with Drive and motivation who want...
  10. Doritosinfernal

    Archerage PVP #2 - Darkrunner - Doritosifernal

    PvP from my 3.8k gs to 4.9k gs ps: no p2w ok its just cheezy DR
  11. I

    Remove housing peace zones?

    Remove housing peace zones! pros: More small scale open world pvp shenanigans. Zones can once again be pushed to war. This means more running packs in peace from some of the deeper zones(like hasla). Combat landgrab hackers through pvp. Any hackers in pvp zones would be forced to...
  12. chantress

    Darkrunner theory crafting

    Another build / rotation for 2.9 found on the net. - DARKRUNNER PVP build I dont PvP, so if you know better, or things have changed, please contribute. Darkrunner is a class that bases itself on high burst damage and insane mobility. It's an easy class to get into, but the skill ceiling is...
  13. Doritosinfernal

    Archerage PVP - Darkrunner - Doritosifernal

    cheese for cheese one shot or get one shot
  14. Zinzie

    Would you like to see peace treaty's revised?

    In my opinion, peace treaty's are to easily accessible for the duration of peace it provides a guild. currently, you can pay 50 prestige for 48 hours of peace from dominions, i personnally would encourage ArcheRage to change the value of the scroll to only protect the guild for 2-4 hours. This...
  15. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services

    Hello, and Welcome You can contact me on IGN " Rai " __________________________________________ Joining this game for many means owning and utilising their land, which is a valuable part of gameplay and very rare example of advanced open world housing in mmorpg world. There have been many...
  16. Kieran


    West faction guild with a chill group of people who like to have fun. We use Discord to hang out and for our PvP and Content Raids. Discord is used to update members on the latest info and upcoming guild events. We are Twisted as f*ck so we play how we want when we want (except for "hacking"...
  17. Bearspeed

    [EAST][lvl 4] <Papercuts> Calleil > Vengeance > Here

    Original <Tempus> and <Papercuts> leaders are reforming <Papercuts> on ArcheRage. We're looking for talented individuals who want to excel in small to large scale coordinated pvp. Discord is required for all pvp events. We are founded on the idea of playing this game however we feel. We also...
  18. ZZavage

    In game Event Times?

    Might be somewhere on the forums already but haven't searched too hard yet, but, what time's will the major in game events occur? Abyssal? Kraken? Red Dragon? Halcyona? Mistmerrow? DGS? One of the issues I, and many others, had on 3.0 Fresh start was that things like Kraken, abyssal, etc...
  19. kiriton

    <Instinct> - East - Hardcore PvP/PvE

    PvP Montage from past server... Instinct Originally from the Kraken server, we once battled out against the Interracial Player Nation. We are a battle-hardened guild with seasoned leadership, and knowledge of contesting content. Our players are knowledgeable and skillful, with many years of...
  20. Silverbranch

    <Velocity> - East - PvX

    Primary is the cross, primary is the cross... and we're dead. Velocity Velocity is made up of a mixture of experienced players, some as far as Alpha as well as many new players now seeking to find a home within the new ArcheRage NA server. If you want to enjoy the game to the highest level...