1. P

    Will ArcheRage have an EU Server soon?

    Just wanted to ask/discuss if there will be an EU Server for non Russian people anytime soon. I think the playerbase would be here so have the devs thought about it yet?
  2. Philomeana

    Server Lag

    This morning, 11/16/2018, I am having major server lag. As in, I press a button to do an action and it takes almost a minute for my character to actually do the action. Is anyone else hacing this issue?
  3. Christian

    Dear Admins, GMs and Moderators.

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make this awesome server, you guys saved the game for a lot of people :) Greetings from Uruguay!
  4. forblood


    Hello, i am trying to ping the server as writing "ping", but my request is always timed out. How can i fix it? What Vpn you suggest?
  5. T

    Creating ArcheRage "Opinion Piece" Need your help!

    I'm working on a video covering ArcheRage, whether or not it's worth playing on, pros and cons, hopes for the future, and more. I want to see what other players think about the state of the server and its community.
  6. C

    Plans on Game Version Updates

    Hello, I searched and didn't find any official communication on the devs plans (if any exists) for implementing patch 3.0 and further, if and when. Mostly just curious as there is some content in 3.0 and further that I know I personally enjoy. If we could get an official response, great! I'm...
  7. gnosislandscape

    Stuck Download updates and unpacking files in client

    I've got a huge problem where I can't download the updates, actually it's downloading but at byte speed, meanwhile I can download any file in 2 MB/s, also at certain point the download speed indicates minus (-) just like -2109 byte, it's REDUCE my DOWNLOADED file BY THAT AMOUNT!! and the...
  8. Yogolo

    Any plans for ArcheRage on EU Server?

    First off I'm fairly new member member here and I've already played on RU private server before. However the local language on the game is Russian so I quickly left because of it. I'm wondering if there's any plan or update on EU Private Server. If this has already been addressed then please...
  9. T

    x1 experience realm?

    I would personally like to see a x1 experience old school archeage realm without all of the quality of life additions added. For me the server right now completely fails to give me the feeling of adventure I got out of the game before it went Pay to Win. I wonder if anyone agrees with me on this?
  10. A

    Server Down?!

    Hello i cant login to the Server. Are they Down? I get the message verify username and password can you get me more information please
  11. forblood

    EU Server

    I know that it is asked before but i couldn't find any proper answer. So will there be any EU server? If the answer is yes please could you (@IronLady )give us an estimated date? Because The castle siege was so bad actually i wasn't even able to move properly or enjoy it.
  12. Raistlin

    Cryy video brought me here, this is real?

    *?==)*?"#$?"=$*?#" First of all, AR presence on the internet is close to none, and it may grow exponentially ,so much to flood any community, feedback, tech and server team ArcheRage has as backup. Being objective there will be tens of thousands of players and it might spike if word spreads...
  13. AuKtagon

    [OCE] Server Lag + Server Upgrade?

    What's up. Just wanted to know if there is anyone else getting some horrible lag from the servers? I am from Oceanic region and I am getting some pretty bad lag and just wanted to know if it wasn't just myself. I freeze and sometimes crash pretty often. This affects a LOT of things in the game...