1. trapwhre02


    My time here ended. Thanks for everything.
  2. IcyLetters

    Looking to form a guild "Freelancers"

    Basically I am looking to form a crafting/trading guild. I currently have 2 other people who are in for it and I am looking for 2 more. If anyone wants to join me feel free to PM me on here or whisper me in game. Same username in game.
  3. Raistlin

    ***Rai's Emporium*** =Crafts&Sales=

    Hi, and welcome :) ••••••••••••••••••••••••¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤•••••••••••••••••••••••• You may know me from writing extensive guides here on the forum and from being involved in land sales. IGN: Rai - West / Xaero - East Will make this prompt and clear. ***Since i have reached solid levels...
  4. A


  5. Exodus

    West Wind Freighter Service

    The West Wind Trading Co. is offering up some of our services to our Nuian bretheren. Our Freighter drivers are willing to lend their services for a fee. Each West Wind member is responsible for negotiating their own cheap price. Look for our tags in game and simply ask. We have numerous...
  6. Raistlin

    Land Trades, Guides and Services

    I've made extensive effort to do this, hope you find it usefull.
  7. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services Part III

    Hello again and Welcome to part III __________________________________________ In this part we will be going over these things: Known honorable Traders of land Known scammers Known hackers Bugs or exploits __________________________________________ VI.Known honorable Traders of land...
  8. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services Part II

    Hello again and Welcome to part II __________________________________________ In this part we will be going over these things: Guide about various ways to get scammed, and how to avoid that Sales and Middleman transactions Property Commission and ownership...
  9. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services

    Hello, and Welcome You can contact me on IGN " Rai " __________________________________________ Joining this game for many means owning and utilising their land, which is a valuable part of gameplay and very rare example of advanced open world housing in mmorpg world. There have been many...
  10. ManaMekeno

    Farming & Trading Guild

    I cant find a active guild that dose a lot of farming & trading so I was thinking about making one, would any of you be interested? (Haranya. East) If you are leave a reply.