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3.0 Updates: Loot, Weapons, Armor


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The type of loot that killable creatures drop has been adjusted:

  • Most creatures now drop a small amount of coin with each kill
  • Three new types of unsealable containers have been added to replace coinpurses:
  • New Tiered Coinpurses – only contain coin and require labor to open
  • New Tiered Crates – only contain resource materials like lunarite, archeum, and mysterious garden powder
  • 2 Tiers of Metallic Boxes – contain higher drop amounts of resource materials along with regrade braziers, non-rumbling archeum saplings, and have a very small chance to produce a jackpot
  • Metallic Boxes are sealed and can only be opened with a Copper or Silver Key, crafted with copper or silver ingots and the Exploration proficiency at a Handicraft Kiln.
  • Librarian, Scholar, and Dean’s Research Bundles have had their drop tables expanded to include “Crate” type loot.
    Metallic Boxes do not drop in the Ayanad Library.
  • Sealed weapon, armor, and accessory items dropped by creatures (usually prefixed by the term ‘unidentified’) can no longer result in a Basic grade item once unsealed. Grand is now the new minimum. The main purpose for the minimum grade upgrade is to ensure that items acquired in this method can always be converted to pieces of archeum through use of an evenstone.
    Sealed unidentified items that drop in the Ayanad Library now increase Larceny Skill when opened.
    Unidentified Divine Garden and Lost Garden loot items can now be stacked.

The world drop locations of obsidian crafting materials has changed:

- Diamond Shores – Malevolent Obsidian
- Sungold Fields – Haunted Obsidian
- Exeloch – Tainted Jewel and Ritual Aquamarine
- Ayanad Library F1 – Sulfur Crystal, Mercury Solution, Brine Flakes, and Dense Lead
- Ayanad Library F2 – Renaia’s Research Journal, Herzan’s Research, Inakos’s Grimoire, and Ruthart’s Doodles
- Ayanad Library F3 – Weathered Beryl, Philosopher’s Stone Fragment, Pygmy Skull, and Ouroboros Statue

Coin and Loot gains now receive bonus adjustments based on the conflict status of a zone – decreased during peace, and increased during war.

Soulforged Weapons and Armor have been adjusted:

  • Items are now crafted at the Arcane grade instead of the Heroic grade (this only affects newly created items).
  • Some existing item names have been adjusted.

Greater Dungeon Weapons and Armor have been improved:

  • Greater Dungeon Armor now drops at a minimum of Arcane grade and can be improved at the Distorted Dimension Workbench.
  • Advanced Greater Dungeon Weapons can now be converted into basic Mistsong Summit weapons at the Distorted Dimension Workbench through a new item called Aria’s Autograph.
  • When Aria’s Autograph is uncloaked, the character can select a bound basic version of any Mistsong Summit weapon.
  • Greater Dungeon and Mistsong Weapons may now include an effect called “Dimensional Destroyer” – this buff provides a PVE damage boost when inside a greater dungeon or mistsong summit.
  • A new 4 piece armor bonus has been added to the Greater Howling Abyss and Greater Kroloal Crater armor sets. This bonus provides 7.0% reduced PVE damage.
  • The portfolio of Mistsong Weapons has been improved to include a bow other than the flamespite bow, and a mace. The effectiveness of the Mistsong Dagger has been increased from tiers 2-4.


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Will the regrade breaks stay the same, or are they going to be changed to breaking at Divine instead of Celestial?
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We asked for the coin purse change to not be included and we still get it. I guess one less person will be out in the world.


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Will this affect clear synthium shards being dropped since they are obtained from prince's coinpurses in 2.9?



GREAT CHANGES... a lot of different things with the 3.0 update. **sarcasm**

I'm shocked, to be honest.
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I've never played live so I wouldn't know but seeing that people are saying that it's basically a copy paste...I thought this is server to suppose to not follow trion's mistakes and create an archeage setting that fits everyone's needs. It seems like you guys did not listen to anyone's comments. I hope this is just a rough draft.