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3.0 Updates: New Zones and changes


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You'll have a chance to explore new zones - Sunbite Wilds, Rokhala Mountains, Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock and Ahnimar.

Sunbite Wilds

A harsh and unwelcoming landscape, the Sunbite Wilds burn beneath the unflinching glaze of the sun. Few people possess the fortitude to simply survive in these wastes, and fewer still have what it takes to thrive.
Still, where there is a will, there is a way, and the Warborn are nothing if not willful. Through blood, sweat, and backbreaking labor, the Warborn have managed to carve out a livable home for themselves. The clever Haranyans taught them how to irrigate the desert and grow food, while the scorching sands create a natural barrier that repels their enemies.

Redemption is a somber city, not a place where the Warborn celebrate their feats, but rather a safe haven where they can live in peace. Where other cities would feature wild and extravagant adornment, Redemption favors simple aesthetics chosen for their practicality. It may not be a beautiful place, but that doesn't make it any less a home.
  • Sunbite Wilds lies south of Arcum Iris on the Haranya continent.
  • The southern part of the world map has been adjusted to support this addition.
  • 3 types of Pangolin mounts can be purchased in this zone.
  • 3 types of Hedgehog combat pets can be purchased in this zone.
  • Sunbite Wilds is an arid climate zone and it contains the Warborn starting area.

Rokhala Mountains

An undeveloped paradise to nature lovers, the Rokhala Mountains are home to clear streams, evergreen trees, tall spires, and adventurers looking to settle down and live peaceful, if somewhat isolated, lives.
Travel between the area's tall peaks and deep valleys is aided by a rudimentary rope and pulley system constructed by some of the region's earliest inhabitants. Not only does it allow travelers to avoid rough trails, but it also provides a bird's-eye view of the area's majesty.

While not nearly as cold as Airain Rock, these mountains still enjoy a slight chill throughout the year. Mists are a common sight, but only serve to exemplify the natural wonder of the Rokhala Mountains as they dance along the surface of babbling stream or drift among fields of waterside flowers.
  • Rokhala Mountains has been added to the Haranya continent in the eastern region to the north of Hasla.
  • It’s the largest housing zone in the game supporting up to 1400 medium sized player houses.
  • Rokhala Mountains is known for its impossibly high peaks, peaceful atmosphere, and its temperate climate.

Haranya_Zones 3.0.png

Aubre Cradle

Shielded from the worst of the icy storms that buffet Airain Rock, the Aubre Cradle is a verdant valley that serves the Dwarves well. While Airain Rock brims with valuable minerals and metals, Aubre Cradle provides the food and trade that sustains the Dwarven way of life.

The snowmelts from the high peaks run down the mountains and through the valley, coming together to create crystal clear streams and rivers that still carry the icy chill of Airain Rock with them.

Located in the heart of Aubre Cradle, Ironwrought has grown immensely over the years. Once nothing more than a collection of huts, this bustling village now serves as a center of commerce for the Dwarves, hosting traders, travelers, and adventurers alike.

  • Aubre Cradle has been added to the Nuia content in the central north-western region adjacent to White Arden.
  • 3 types of Boar mounts can be purchased in this zone.
  • Aubre Cradle is a sub-arctic climate zone and it contains the Dwarven starting area.

Airain Rock

Airain Rock towers over the surrounding lands, its massive, icy peaks piercing the skies above them. Blanketed in deep snows year round, these mountains are trapped forever in an unending winter.
These lands are the ancestral home of the Dwarves, and the mountains their boon companions. Not only have the intimidating spires served to protect and shield the Dwarves, but they have also supplied them with the stone and metal that are the keys to the Dwarven way of life.

Built directly into the mountain rock, the towering fortress-city of Andelph is the center of the Dwarven world and a testament to their workmanship. It is a rare traveler who can stand in the cavernous heart of the mountain stronghold and not be awed by the artistry and skill that created such a marvel.

  • Airain Rock is the second half of Dwarf quest zones.
  • Airain Rock has been added to the Nuia continent in the north-western region adjacent to Aubre Cradle.
  • 3 types of mini-miner combat pets can be purchased in this zone.
  • Airain Rock is a sub-arctic climate zone and it contains the legendary city of Andelph.


Ahnimar is the homeland of the Daru. It's a land of strange wonder. The environment colored with a verdant green with splashes of pink. It is grassy with many small ponds.
Broad and beautiful lagoons that shine like sapphires, gentle hills as green as emeralds, a temperate climate year round, and, of course, the cries of Daru looking to do business make it a welcoming and peaceful land.

Exotic and unusual plants found nowhere else in Erenor grow here with wild abandon. Gargantuan lily pads, luminescent puff flowers, algae trees... Of course, no plant is as strange as the native marsh "trees," whose florets (when served with melted cheese) are considered a delicacy all across the world.

  • Ahnimar has been added to Nuia continent in the south-western region to the west of Hellswamp.
  • There is a small area with Hoverbloom Flowers, with seeds that can be regraded from a Treasure Mimic while fishing for Pink Pufferfish. These seeds can be sold for a good amount of gold.
  • It’s the second largest housing zone in the game supporting up to 1200 medium sized player houses.
  • Ahnimar is the heritage home of the Daru NPC race, contains several interesting minigames, and has a temperate climate.

Nuia_Zones 3.0.png

Other Zones Changes

- Ynystere, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla, Cinderstone Moor, Halcyona, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, and Karkasse Ridgelands have had the locations of natural wild grown resources adjusted and reitemized.

- The zone map for Arcum Iris and Halcyona Gulf has been slightly modified.


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Bring on the new zones! :) BTW I would like to add that it is March and I don't see 3.0 live lol. JK btw. I'd rather it take longer and get released properly instead of being rushed and full of problems.


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My recommendation is to put zones like Hellswamp and Rookborne into peace the day 3.0 launches. That will give all people fair access to the new zone regardless of gear level.