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3.0 Updates: NPC and DGS changes


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  • NPCs that provide crimson rift related quests have been relocated to a Crimson Watch camp in Sungold Fields.​
  • Fisherman Riko and Fisherman Santiago have been appropriately relocated to a new area by the Holy Erenor Fishing Conglomerate.​
  • NPCs like Aunorin Fangbow, Head Librarian Tinnereph, and the Great Generals in Diamond Shores no longer benefit from up to -500% attack speed. The hard cap has been adjusted so -300% is the maximum attack speed reduction an NPC can have.​
  • The coastal Exeloch DGS spawn has been removed from the game.​
  • The south-western coastal DGS Auroria spawn point and the northern Ynystere DGS spawn point remain; however both ships spawn simultaneously.​
  • A slain DGS now respawns on an independent 24 hour timer, instead of a 12 hour timer.​
  • Both DGS spawns now produce a system-wide message when they appear.​