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4.0 Patch Notes (Basic 4.0 changes only! NOT the final ArcheRage official 4.0 custom update patch notes!)

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This is not our official 4.0 custom update patch notes thread yet. The information here includes only the basic 4.0 changes and may be changed according to the players feedbacks and updates with our custom changes.

ArcheRage official 4.0 custom update patch notes thread will be posted separately at a later date!

This thread includes all the main information related to the basic 4.0 global update.

It doesn’t mean that all these updates will be included, as we’ll have our custom changes from the previous versions transferred to 4.0 as well as other custom updates that will be posted with our official 4.0 custom update patch notes.

We are posting information on 4.0 updates here, so you could go through them, discuss and throw in the ideas with explanations on what you think should be changed or maybe even not needed to be implemented from this list.

So, this thread is only to refresh your memory on main 4.0 changes (for those who played that version before) or provide you with the information on the changes (if you never played it before and had no idea what 4.0 actually changes).

Discussion threads are opened separately.
- For general 4.0 discussion follow this [Link]
- For New Gems System discussion follow this [Link]


4.0 global update includes the following main aspects (custom changes are not included here!):

You’ll find the details below.
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General Changes
  • Buildings can now be rotated with tax certificates. The cost is equal to 1/5th of the structure's demolition cost.​
  • Shield Defense Penetration Rate and Shield Defense Penetration now ignores shield magic defense.​
  • Improved the damage reduction effect display on Character Info. The damage value is now displayed in red if it is an increase rather than a decrease.​
  • Added a required item notification to the Ancestral Level Increase button.​
  • Auto-attack is now canceled while using any skills.​
  • Added 9 new Blue Salt Brotherhood Achievements: "Crop Guardian", "Public Farm Guardian", "Deal or No Deal", "Herb Delivery", "Hooray for Sleep", "Shabby, but Comfy", "Honorable Decor", "Touch the Sky", "New Member's Path".​
  • Gliders will be automatically equipped after removing a quest pack due to a skill or quest completion.​
  • The rules of acquiring Abyssal Shards and Abyssal Crystals has been adjusted. These items can be acquired from Greater dungeon quests or strong monsters in dungeons. Abyssal Shards have a chance to be dropped from normal or strong monsters in dungeons. Abyssal Crystals will only be dropped by bosses.​
  • Adjusted Gear Score calculations. Gear's performance is now reflected on gear score, and some equipment scores may be adjusted. Lunagem gear score was set quite low considering the effects, but this will be improved.​
  • Using a transmuter now costs 200 labor, to reduce rapid item swapping.​
  • Lowering the anchor of a ship can now be canceled by a critical hit. This is applied to small warships and merchant ships.​
  • When the anchor is lowered, a message notifying players the anchor has been lowered now pops up above the heads of players who are standing on the ship.​
  • Adjusted the name of ships stats: Ramming Power is now Collision Attack. Collision Received Damage Decrease is now Collision Defense Increase. Collision Damage Dealt Increase is now Collision Attack Increase.​
  • Ship collisions now deal more damage. Depending on collision types, the ship collision can deal up to 4x more damage than before.​
  • Pirates and Player Nations will now respawn at separate locations.​
  • Added a new "Wide View" mode in the options. This will allow you to see your character from a further distance, and will allow you to see more of the world around you.​
  • Added new weather FX under Settings > Screen Settings> Quality > Shader.​
  • When the effects of a Follow Transportation Ticket end, follow will be temporarily cancelled.​
  • Added two new emotes: /fan and /umbrella. These items can be dropped 1% of the time from ever-posh Sojung in Mistsong Summit. /fan can be found on Normal Mode while /umbrella comes from Hard.​
  • The Party Member UI will always stay in the same place, regardless of a new member.​
  • When looting items with the Rotate Winner setting, a trade pack can only be picked up by the player with permission. Otherwise, it will generate an error message if you attempt to pick it up and don't have permission.​
  • New loading screen text has been added.​
  • Added 4 new male hairstyles and 2 new female hair styles.​
  • The search bar in the Auction House now suggests names.​
  • Added a hairband on the female version of the Hoodies, to prevent the hair from spilling out.​
  • Removed Achievements related to discontinued items. Mail now automatically closes an open mail if clicking on the next page of the inbox causes a loading window.​
  • Updated Achievements related to the Lunagem System.​
  • Drydocks have been changed, and can now only be placed within range of an Ezi’s Light. This change has come to help counteract players blocking with drydocks.​
  • The new Fortune Cookie event has been added.​
  • The animation for opening Mistsong Reticules has been shortened.​
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World, Quests, Dungeons
  • Trade Outlet NPCs in the following locations have been adjusted for easier access: Solzreed Peninsula, Cinderstone Moor, Villanelle, Solis Headlands, Two Crowns.​
  • Placed a Mail Owl on the Mistmerrow Altar.​
  • Added voice overs for Trade Outlet merchants.​
  • Improved some roads on trade routes where a vehicle could have issues: Solzreed Peninsula, Cinderstone Moor, Villanelle, Solis Headlands, Two Crowns.​
  • These zones now display map routes to their Trade Outlet: Mahadevi, Arcum Iris, Solzreed Peninsula, Rookborne Basin.​
  • Removed the Enoan Galleon: Sample in Austera.​
  • Added a ladder at the Solis Headlands Trade Outlet for easier access.​
  • These movement skills can now be used in Neutral Ground: Quickstep, Comet's Boon, Teleportation, Teleport Left, Teleport Right, Drop Back, Behind Enemy Lines, Mirror Warp, Circle Step, Shadow Step.​
  • Players may no longer summon Any-Post Owls or similar items around these Library monster corpses: Kaylin the Rimewriter, Barbarian Librarian, Runert the Titan, Study Page Ecktom, Captain Jergant, and Head Librarian Tinnereph.​
  • Added a test Rampage C200 to Mirage Isle.​
  • Advanced Fellowship Plaza NPC's names are displayed correctly. This affects General Merchant Tiberick, Vocation Badge Merchant Taylor, Saplings Derrick, and Livestock Merchant Wynid.​
  • Adjusted the NPC kill count to push Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor to war. Aegis Island now requires 700 kills (up from 400) and Whalesong Harbor requires 900 kills (up from 600.)​
  • Adjusted the movement path of Wild Zebras in Arcum Iris.​
  • The NPC at Riven Gates in Diamond Shores now has a chance to drop a Revenant Soulstone.​
  • Widened the Road connecting Two Crowns and Cinderstone Moor.​
  • Adjusted the border line on the Arcadian Sea map.​
  • The public farms in Solis Headlands and White Arden are counted as part of the Housing Province.​
  • Adjusted the terrain that connects Hellswamp and Ahnimar.​
  • Changed the NPC loot items of non-Greater dungeons.​
  • Reduced the drop rate of Arcadian Seafoam from Dahuta in the weekend Sea of Drowned Love.​
  • Added two new weapons that are dropped from Greater Palace Cellar and Greater Sharpwind Mines: Thief's Resolution and Fire-Spitting Bow.​
  • Windstorm Pet Armor can now be acquired from Greater Hadir Farm and Greater Burnt Castle Armory.​
  • Increased the amount of Abyssal Shards and Abyssal Crystals gained from Dungeon Kill Requests.​
  • Serpentis & Sea of Drowned Love armor and weapons are dropped at higher grades. Serpentis can drop between Arcane and Unique and Sea of Drowned Love can drop between Arcane and Celestial.​
  • Normal difficulty Palace Cellar, Sharpwind Mines, and Kroloal Cradle dungeons have been removed.​
  • Arkanis the Destroyer now drops Arkanis's Soulgem in Greater Kroloal Cradle.​
  • Reduced the cast time of offering Tribute to the Community Center from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.​
  • The Resident Board now displays Ancestral Levels.​
  • Recall points in Villanelle, Rokhala Mountains, and Sunbite Wilds have been moved closer to the Community Center.​
  • Public Gardens have been added near every Community Center.​
  • Added more vendors that sell Grand gatherable items and increased gatherable item drops to ease their acquisition.​
  • Improved the loot items from some dungeons: Burnt Castle Armory, Hadir Farm, Howling Abyss, Serpentis, Sea of Drowned Love.​
  • Gold spent for buying Nuia/Haranya Cargo is now added to the zone's Cumulative Fees.​
  • Cargo's purchase price is now affected by the number in stock.​
  • Added information to easily find out if a dropped pack is for in-land only.​
  • Resized the Multi-Purpose Aging Larder so that more larders can fit in a land. Previous size was 2.25m, new size is 1.7m (the size of Seed Bundles.)​
  • Added 67 new Blue Salt Brotherhood quests. Talk to Tasha and accept the new quest, the Missing Messenger, available starting at level 30.​
  • Adjusted the location of some Blue Salt trade quests, such as "The Basics of Trade," "Trade Run: Sailing to Solis Headlands," and "Trade Run: Sailing to Two Crowns."​
  • Proficiency quests that were available from the Blue Salt Brotherhood Guild House in Lilyut Hills and Tigerspine Mountains are no longer available, excluding Title Quests.​
  • In "A Purifying Spell," the Mistmight Stone and Sunstrength Stone rewards are replaced with 100 Abyssal Crystals.​
  • "Working for the Territories" reward has been changed from a Territoken to a Damaged Territory Market Box. Spend 5 Gilda Stars to open the box and retrieve a Territoken.​
  • Added 10 Leadership as a reward to the quests "Anthalon's Elite" and "Aegis Island Guardian."​
  • "The Path of the Gladiator" is no longer available from Merit Quests.​
  • Added Voice Overs when accepting the "Assault on Mistmerrow" quest.​
  • Adjusted the title effect that was acquired from the quest, "My Name Is Gladiator." The Honor Point Boost is now the old Resilience Boost from the Drill Camp Arena.​
  • "Past the Storm, Now the Thunder," now requires 15 Honorforged Medals.​
  • Removed all Drill Camp Arena related quests.​
  • Adjusted the Vocation Badge gain of some quests.​
  • Adjusted the Honor Point gain of some quests.​
  • Quests that use to award Warrior's Medals now grant direct Honor Points or Honorable Victory potions.​
  • Quests that use to grant Merit Badges now grant Gilda Stars.​
  • Removed some zone quests or reduced quest difficulty to speed up character progression in Cinderstone Moor, Halcyona, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla.​
  • Certain Signpost Quests have been replaced with Blue Salt Brotherhood Request quests in Cinderstone Moor, Halcyona, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Rookborne Basin, Windscourt Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla, Karkasse Ridgelands.​
  • Items required in Guild Level Up quests have been changed:
    • Guild Ribbon: Aranzeb -- Blue Salt Hammer x50​
    • Guild Ribbon: Ollo-- Blue Salt Hammer x100​
    • Guild Ribbon: Naima -- Blue Salt Hammer x600​
    • Guild Ribbon: Inoch -- Blue Salt Hammer x1,000​
    • Guild Ribbon: Lucius -- Blue Salt Hammer x1,200​
    • Guild Ribbon: Kyprosa -- Blue Salt Hammer x2,000​
    • Guild Ribbon: Eanna -- Blue Salt Hammer x5,000​
  • Some changes have been made to Territory daily quest items, outside of Territory Products. Players can now hold up to 1,000 at a time, and this affects the Territory Sapling, Territory Fruit, Territory Meat.​
  • Dungeon Stone items have been discontinued and replaced with Abyssal Crystals. You may convert them at a value of 1 Abyssal Crystal per Brinebrawn Stone, 4 Abyssal Shards per Mistmight Stone, and 8 Abyssal Shards per Sunstrength Stone.​
  • Growthstones are now longer quest rewards, and can only be purchased from the Honor & Arena Shops.​
  • Adjusted the reward of the quest that requires you to obtain the faction statue buff. It now grants 500 Honor.​
  • The quest "Restoring Aidel" requires the quest "Release the Doomgaze" in Sanddeep to be completed.​
  • The Dungeon Master quest from Merit Quests now requires level 30+.​
  • Neutral Territory Honor Quests award Honor points instead of Superior Earthglow Lunarite.​
  • Adjusted some skills and spawning rules of monsters that spawn when Diamond Shores is purified.​
  • Thunderwing Titan will now only stay spawned for 1 hour.​
  • Titan's Wings may now only be acquired 100 times from a Thunderwing Call. To acquire the wings, craft the Original Thundergod's Wings at the Thunderwing Workbench for 50 Glowing Prisms.​
  • Increased the Glowing Prism cost to craft Titan's Potions from 10 to 20.​
  • Removed 14 Obsidian Weapon crafting quests from the Crimson Watch questline in Chapter 12, "Pledging to the Watch." This includes Forging Obsidian, A Suitable Weapon, To Sungold Fields, Body and Mind, The Path to Exeloch, The Ghosts of Epherium, A Deadly Coast, Advanced Obsidian Smithing, The Secrets of Obsidian, Corrupted Creature, Monster in Exeloch, Advanced Obsidian Smithing, The Lost Serpent Ruins, The Obsidian Smith.​
  • Zone honor quests no longer grant Lunagems as a reward.​
  • Added cutscenes for these Race quests: Broken Supply Lines, The Captain's Doubts, No Man Left Behind, No Time To Rest, To Aegis Island, A Secret Meeting, Break the Siege.​
  • Added new VO to these daily quests: Anthalon's Elite, Aegis Island Guardian, The Ipnysh Legacy.​
  • Added new quests that are available when acquiring a Solar/Lunar/Stellar Scarecrow Garden.​
  • Mistsong Summit: All party members can loot a dropped Mistsong Reticule. Depending on the boss difficulty, a different grade of Reticule may be dropped.​
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Arena, Events, World PvP
  • Removed the auto-raid functionality from Wartime zones, including: Reedwind, Whalesong Harmor, Sanddepp, Rookborne Basin, Aegis Island, Karkasse Ridgelands, Cinderstone Moor, Ynystere, Hellswamp, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla, Golden Ruins.​
  • A new system, Damage Control, has been placed into Ynystere, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla, Cinderstone Moor, Halcyona, Sandeep, Hellswamp, and Karkasse. This system reduces damage from higher level players attacking lower level players while increasing the damage lower level players do against higher level players. The system scales its benefits by the disparity in player level, starting at a gap of 4 levels and maxing out at a gap of 25 levels.​
  • Warehouses Raids have changed. When a warehouse is full, it will be vulnerable for 1 hour. Raided goods can no longer be returned to the warehouse - they can only be salvaged. The raided warehouse can be repaired with 15 Lord's Coins and it will take 46 hours to be fully repaired after being sacked.​
  • Added Achievements related to Bloodsalt Bay.​
  • The Quest, Community, Vocation, and Marketplace UI have been disabled in Arena.​
  • The Arena now has its own shop! Use your Kyrios Badges to purchase these PvP related items, including titles, instruments, and Stat Migration items. This shop can be accessed on the Arena Queue menu.​
  • The balanced sparring arena & skirmish arena have updated buffs. Now players can select their armor, and then their weapon type to generate their balanced bonus. Changes noted in the chart below:​
  • Not choosing a buff in the specified time limit will result in a random buff being applied.​
  • Adjusted the terrain in the Sparring, Skirmish, and Gladiator Arena. The background has been adjusted, the combat areas are smaller, and the entering and starting locations have been adjusted.​
  • Entering a balanced Arena removes guild buffs and activated buffs (such as consumables.) Guild buff will be returned upon exiting, activated buffs will not be.​
  • Arenas now feature an anti-AFK system. Players who AFK for too long in an arena may be removed from the match and banned from re-entering for a specific amount of time. The more times you are caught AFKing, the longer the penalty becomes, reaching a maximum of 24 hours. Players who are also away at the end of an Arena will no longer obtain rewards.​
  • Three new titles have been added to the Kyrios Badge store that are above General: Commander, Warlord, and Immortal.​
  • Bruiser's Badges can now be purchased from General Merchants.​
  • Arenas now award Kyrios Badges instead of Honor Points.​
  • Cross-server Arena Ranking rewards are now based on the Entire Server ranking, not the per-server ranking.​
  • Shortened the time until exiting after the last match in Arena.​
  • Trees may no longer be planted in the way of Seal Wardens during the Shadowed Torch event.​
  • Adjusted the point system in Mistmerrow. Previously the faction that claimed the Bloodspire Remnants scored points. Now, the faction that destroys the Bloodspire scores points.​
  • Crimson Watch Soldiers are not spawned when the Mistmerrow Battle begins.​
  • Siege Damage can no longer destroy the Mistmerrow Bloodspires, but it can deal damage up to 1 point of health remaining.​
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Items & Crafting

  • All Lunagems can now be extracted, including previously unextractable Lunagems. These Mornstones may be purchased from the Honor Shop for 2400 honor.​
  • Removed the crafting recipe where Tainted Jewel was required in removed Obsidian Weapon crafting quests -- To Sungold Fields, Advanced Obsidian Smithing.​
  • Simplified materials that were the same grade and acquired from the same area. Discontinued items can be converted into current items by right clicking them. All recipes that used discontinued items have been updated. This includes:​
    • Shadow Orbs become Forbidden Spellgems​
    • Tainted Jewels become Ritual Aquamarines​
    • Brine Flakes, Dense Leads, Sulfur Crystals become Mercury Solutions​
    • Herzan's Research, Inakos's Grimoire, Ruthart's Doodles becomes Renaia's Research Journal​
    • Wethered Beryls, Pygmy Skulls, and Ouroboros Statues become Philosophers Stone Fragments.​
  • Players can no longer acquire Memory Shards from salvaging Auroria armor. Instead they grant extra Moonlight Archeum Crystals on salvage. Grand offers 1 crystal, Arcane 2, Unique 3, Divine 4, Legendary 5.​
  • Reduced the effects of Gatekeeper's Lament and Spellsinger's Focus.​
  • Simplified the Obsidian crafting materials. Each recipe requires up to 6 different materials. Each tier requires a different looted item. Material amounts have been increased considering the removal of other ingredients. Reduced the required Territory product amount (-1 for Armor, -2 for Weapons), and increased the required Grand grade material amount by 10.​
  • Added a bonus EXP system in all Item Synthesis systems. This randomized bonus can offer between 20% to 100% of combined exp of two items.​
  • Metallic Auroran Crates and Lost Metallic Crates have a higher chance to drop Fine Copperglow Lunarite and Superior Copperglow Lunarite.​
  • Updated the Transmuter tooltip to indicate it works on Lunagems now.​
  • Converting Fine Fireglow/Waveglow/Copperglow Lunarite into Superior Lunarite increases Alchemy Proficiency.​
  • Soulforged Lunagem: Impenetrable can no longer be sold.​
  • Updated the Mornstone tooltip to state it can extract gems.​
  • Removed the recipes that allowed regrading dungeon armor via crafting.​
  • Increased the number of Bait Worms gained from Worm Compost.​
  • Watering now costs labor - 1 labor for basic water, 10 labor for hauler water.​
  • Some furniture and livestock pens now play an animation when a character is near.​
  • Raw stone can now be acquired from a Stone Pile. Stone Piles have a chance to spawn a Fortuna Vein. This change will decrease the Iron Ore supply but increase the Raw Stone supply.​
  • Added additional text on Hereafter Stones to offer more information on their crafting process.​
  • New Resplendent Tempers have been added! These items offer Tempering between 115% and 118% and can be purchased from the Honor Shop as bound items for 50,000 Honor. Tradable versions will be added in the future in Supply Crates and Loyalty Shop.​
  • Shining Lightning Essence has been discontinued and can be converted into Honorforged Medals.​
  • Warrior's Medals have been discontinued and can be converted into Honor.​
  • Merit Badges have been discontinued and can be converted into Gilda Stars.​
  • The name of the Proven Warrior's Necklace has been adjusted, and the icon has been updated.​
  • Extracting a socketed Lunagem costs 500 labor.​
  • Adjusted the Magic Defense of the following shields: Mystic Ward, Wyrding Wall, Voidspell, and Widowshroud. The Magic Defense is set to the same value of a normal shield.​
  • Adjusted the effect of the Roasted Meat. Players can now choose which effect they'd like (Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Magic Attack, or Healing power) and regardless of what is chosen, they will always be granted Max Health increase, PvE Skill Damage Increase, and PvE Received Damage Reduction.​
  • Goblets of Honor now offer one of the following effects: Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Magic Attack, or Healing power. The item can be enchanted by the Heroic or Golden Die, and it is tradable.​
  • Adjusted the Golden Die - it can now be used on the Goblet of Honor's effects to raise it to Rank 4 / 5, and it will refresh the buff's duration.​
  • Adjusted the Deadly Concentration effect of Judge's Longing. Instead of offering 600 Focus, it now offers 500 Toughness. The effect also lasts 30 minutes (up from 10 minutes.)​
  • The following consumables have been discontinued: Drinks, Liquors, Fortuna Dies, Runes, Spellbooks, and Protection Potions. You can still use the items you may own, but you cannot craft new ones.​
  • Added the Spellshift Orb, which may be used to extract T4 and T5 Obsidian items. This material can be used at the crafting bench to make the next tier of Obsidian. Once the item is made, it can then be uncloaked into the statistics you may want. Cloaking and Uncloaking the item does not unbind it, but upgrading the item will still unbind it.​
  • The following items have improved see-through effects: Battle Fae, Lotusmist Costume, Owl Post Uniform, Sovereign's Robes, Beach Racer's Swimwear, Summer Racer's Swimwear, Golden Dawn, Final Whisper Rainment, Careless Whisper Raiment.​
  • Added Sealstones that can be used in sealing a set of Raid/Dungeon equipment which is used in crafting Warrior Armor. These stones can be crafted at the Stonemaon Workbench, and they are used as a crafting material.​
  • Timespace Scroll Scrap is now dropped from Reedwind and Vyravas on Auroria. This scroll can be used to summon a Calamitous Vryava.​
  • Adjusted the Complete Cursed Armor And Acid Vessel crafting materials. Complete Cursed Armor is now crafted with Cursed Armor Pieces, and Acid Vessels are replaced with Acidic Poison Pouches. 50 Cursed Armor Scraps make 1 Cursed Armor Piece, and 50 Acid Vessels make 1 Acidic Poison Pouch.​
  • Added a new icon for the Erenor set.​
  • Added a line on Apprentice level items to indicate they can be purchased from Weapon or Armor Merchants.​
  • The pet gear materials have been simplified. Now all recipes require Beast Tamer's Bell, and previous pet gear crafting materials can be converted into Beast Tamer's Bell. Beast Tamer's Bells can now only be acquired from Greater Dungeons.​
    • 1 Beast Trainer's Bell is 2 Beast Tamer's Bells.​
    • 1 Beast Keeper's Bell is 3 Beast Tamer's Bells.​
    • 1 Beast Binder's Bell is 5 Beast Tamer's Bells​
    • 1 Beast Master's Bell is 8 Beast Tamer's Bells.​
    • 1 Beast Lord's Bell is 12 Beast Tamer's Bells.​
  • Improved the War Drum by reducing crafting cost, changing the effects to grant Attack, Magic Attack, and Healing Power +5% with Received Damage -5%. The item is now consumable and can be used for 30​
  • Added Move Speed Increase +4% on Erenor Armor 7-set Effects.​
  • Improved the effects of Erenor Lunafrosts:​
  • Earth Basic Effect: Defense increased to 160 from 80​
    • Earth 7-set Bonus Effect: Damage Reduction increased to 5.6% from 4.1%.​
    • Flame 7-set Bonus Effect: Melee Crit Attack increased to 25.3% from 18.6%.​
    • Gale 7-set Bonus Effect: Move Speed increased to 7.0% from 4.1%.​
    • Wave 7-set Bonus Effect: Skill attack increased to 5.0% from 4.1%.​
    • Life 7-set Bonus Effect: Crit Heal Rate increased to 5.0% from 4.1%.​
  • Added 3 new Erenor Frosts. Bonus effects at socket 3, 4, and 7 frosts are the same as the existing frosts.​
    • Lightning: Attack Speed​
    • Storm: Defense Penetration​
    • Ocean: Cast Time​
  • Added 3 new recipes for Erenor Lunafrosts​
  • Auroria Weapon and Armor items can now be used on Erenor gear.​
  • Day Root is now only obtainable via the quest "Aier's Avatar".​
  • Added a tooltip that states Fame Rank recipes require the player's actual proficiency and not just bonus proficiency on Blue Salt Manual.​
  • Adjusted the crafting recipe for the Grinding Guardian Scrolls.​
  • Adjusted the recipes for the Assorted Meat items, and Golden Die.​
  • Adjusted the name and crafting recipe for the Lucky Ipnya Scroll. It is now the Erenor Lucky Scroll, and it requires a Cryptic Lucky Scroll instead of Blank Regrade Scroll. The Cryptic Lucky Scroll cannot be crafted an must be purchased for 25,000 honor from the Honor Shop. Lucky Erenor Scrolls require 1 Acidic Poison Pouch and 1 Cursed Armor Piece.​
  • Adjusted the Ipnysh Blessing's crafting materias. It previously required 1 Acid Vessel and 1 Complete Cursed Armor. It now requires 4 Acidic Poison Pouches and 4 Cursed Armor Pieces. This is the same component cost, just split in a different way.​
  • Recipes that use to require Warrior's Medals now require Honorforged Medals.​
  • Added a recipe for Sealstone.​
  • Arctic Earstone's crafting recipe is no longer available.​
  • The Mirage Warrior's Weapons recipes are no longer available.​
  • Adjusted the recipe materials for the following items: Warrior Wrist Armor, Dragon Slayer's Artifact in the Dragon Slayer Costume, Silverwolf Plate Costume and the Lordly Iceraven Robes, Ruby/Lapis/Platinum/Chrome Steamfish Submarines, Typhoon Ship Components, Framed Butterflies, Erenor Map, Andelph's Glory, Higher Ground Inn, Demon War Memorial Frame.​
  • Adjusted the required amount of Beautifully Colored Fabric when crafting Plushie Packs. The Apprentice's Plushie Packs now require 3 (was 6) and Craft 10 Artificer's Plushie Packs require 20 (was 100.)​
  • Machine related crafting materials have been simplified. 2 new materials were added: Precision Toolbox and Crafted Vehicle Frame. The following items are discontinued and can be converted into crafting materials: Exquisite Diaphragm, Mechanical Spring, Bright Headlight, Rubber Tire, Hydraulic Shaft, Spiral Accelerator, Alloy Combiner. The following vehicle frames can be converted into the new, unified Crafted Vehicle Frame: Crafted Vehicle Frame: Timber Coupe, Crafted Vehicle Frame: Comet Speedster, and Crafted Vehicle Frame: Apex Squall.​
  • Updated the Daier and Evernight Necklaces. They can now be crafted up to the next tier without RNG.​
  • Added a Lunagem/Lunastone section in the Item Encyclopedia.​
  • Added a line for a player to target their mount or pet before using a Pet Growthstone.​
  • Items that were previously sold for Merit Badges will now be sold for Gilda Stars.​
  • Adjusted the Gilda Star Shop prices and items:​
    • Rustic Rose Cottage Design = Gilda Star x15​
    • Rustic Slate Cottage Design = Gilda Star x15​
    • Rustic Spring Cottage Design = Gilda Star x15​
    • Swept-Roof Cottage Design = Gilda Star x15​
    • Aquafarm Design = Gilda Star x20​
    • Adventurer's Clipper Design = Gilda Star x50​
    • Harpoon Clipper Design = Gilda Star x50​
    • Farm Wagon Design- Gilda Star x50​
    • Lapis Steamfish Submarine Design = Gilda Star x250​
    • Ruby Steamfish Submarine Design = Gilda Star x250​
    • Platinum Steamfish Submarine Design = Gilda Star x250​
    • Thatched Farmhouse Design = Gilda Star x300​
    • Lutesong Junk Design = Gilda Star x 500​
    • Eznan Cutter Design = Gilda Star x 500​
    • Wheeled Mortar Design = Gilda Star x 500​
    • Fish-Find Longliner Design = Gilda Star x 500​
    • Merchant Schooner Design = Gilda Star x500​
    • Apex Squall Design = Gilda Star x 1500​
  • Due to the addition of the Kyrios Badges, the Honor Shop has been updated.​
  • Items that were sold at the Honor Shop have ways to be consumed and converted into Honor Points. Salvaging Honor Coaks grants Honorable Victor Rank 5 x5 and Moonlight Archeum Essence. Using Honor Charge grants 3,000 Honor.​
  • Mistsong Summit weapons no longer require Sunset Portalstone at T1 and T2. T3 has an increased amount of Sunset Portalstone, but Abyssal Crystal is not required anymore.​
  • Fruit Liquor/Fruit Punch's resale price is now 12s - the same price they were sold for from Merchants.​
  • Bruiser's Badge's resale price is now 15s.​
  • Added the token synthesis skill to the Faded Hasla Fragment. Synthesizing Fragments can make Arctic Earthstone.​
  • Added new loot items to monsters on Auroria. They can now grant one Honor Gem randomly (Clear Honor Gem, Dimmed Honor Gem, or Vivid Honor Gem.) Monsters spawned for Tower Defense Events (such as Aegis Island or Whalesong Harbor) do not drop Honor Gems. Faint Honor Gems grant 50 Honor, Dimmed grants 100 Honor, and Vivid grants 200 Honor.​
  • Reduced the resale price of Lucky Point Shards. Lucky Sunpoint Shards are now sold for 25g. Lucky Moonpoint and Starpoint Shards are sold for 8.5g.​
  • Opening a workbench UI directly displays the list of items.​
  • Vocation Badges can be acquired from Gathering, Farming, Fishing, Logging, Mining, etc. once more.​
    • Gathering and Farming: Single Plants offer 1 Badge, Bundles offer 15 Badges, and Fishing Traps offer 15 badges.​
    • Logging: Single tree offers 1 Badge and Woodlot offers 15 Badges.​
    • Mining: Both Veins and Famed Veins offer 1 Badge.​
    • Objects: Sharpwind Mining Drill, Fishing Pond, Majestic Tree, Mining Drill, and Bee Hive offer 15 Badges.​
    • Field and Mineral Vein on Farms: 1 Badge.​
    • Thatched Farmhouse and Auroria Plans: 1 Badge.​
    • Gathering Experia Patch: 1 Badge.​
  • Adjusted labor when harvesting from a Field.​
    • Tomato Field and Abundant Tomato Field cost 50 Labor.​
    • Garlic Field and Abundant Garlic Field cost 50 Labor.​
    • Cactus Field and Abundant Cactus Field cost 150 Labor.​
    • Poppy Field and Abundant Poppy Field cost 150 Labor.​
    • Saffron Field and Abundant Saffron Field cost 150 Labor.​
  • Added Tropical Fish and Tropical Fish Food in the Vocation Badge Shop for 100 Vocation Badges.​
  • Added a recipe to craft an Aquarium. This can be crafted with Basic Furniture Collection, 20 Lumber, 500 Sparkling Shell Dust, and 10 Water at the Carpentry Workbench.​
  • Adjusted the dialogue of the NPC when you accept the quest, "The Minotaur Village."​
  • T1 Lunagems can be purchased from the Honor Shop for 10,000 Honor a piece.​
  • Superior Sunglow Lunarite has been added. You can craft it with Lord's Coin at the Territory Workbench.​
  • Superior Earthglow Lunarite has been dded. It can be found in the Guild Prestige Shop for 30 Prestige.​
  • Adjusted the drop of Superior Galeglow Lunarite from Mistsong Reticule. Grand Mistsong Reticule can drop between 1-3 Superior Galeglow Lunarite and a Rare and Arcane Mistsong Reticule can drop 3-4 Superior Galeglow Lunarites.​
  • Increased the amount of Lunarite drops from the Metallic Auroran Crate. Fireglow, Copperglow, and Waveglow Lunarite drops are affected.​
  • Added T2 Lunagem recipes at the Handicraft Kiln or Regal Handicraft desk.​
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  • Added the Stone Slate Mansion (Terrace). Stone Mansions, Black Swept-Roof Mansions, Spring Swept-Roof Mansions can be remodeled to Stone Slate Mansions. All upgrades require: Enchanted Bluerpints, Building Management Titles, Construction Brick Bundles, Wooden Beam Bundles, and Construction Tool Bundles. Stone Slate Mansion: Design requires 130 Stone Packs, 50 Iron Packs, and 80 Lumber Packs to build.​
  • Rampage series cars can now be displayed on the Car Display Stand. You must pick up and replace the stand to update your options.​
  • An error message will be triggered if a previewed rotated building's before/after location is the same.​
  • Storage Silos can now be full-kit demolished using 6 Building Management Titles.​
  • Added a line on Desserted House tooltips to clarify that Marvelous Chocolates can be acquired every 24 hours.​
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Pets & Mounts

  • The tooltip of Black Sabrefang's Skill "Cat Steps" has been updated. Text now says, "Activates a buff that increases the Move Speed of allies within 6m radius. Increases Move Speed +30% for allies with a trade pack, and +5% for allies without a trade pack."
  • As some Pets and Mounts are no longer sold for Gilda Stars, they were removed from Mirage. This includes: the Heifer, Black Donkey Foal, White Donkey Foal, Gray Donkey Foal, Brown Donkey Foal, Black Sabrefang Cub, Black Arrow, and Soulmare.
  • Some mounts were moved from the Gilda Star Shop to the Vocation, Prestige, or Honor Shops. This includes Black Sabrefang Cub (Prestige), Black Arrow (Honor), and Soulmare (Honor).
  • Powerstone Pets now only require level 1. This affects the Hellhound, Narayana Squire, Grim Reaver, Lavaspark, Violet Bloomfang, and Peeper Pot.
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Vehicles & Ships

  • Improved the Ivory Nui Figurehead The skill range is now 45m (up from 30m). Excluding the ship, this skill is now effective up to 30m from the ship.​
  • Added an anchor for the Merchant Ship.​
  • Improved vehicle tooltips. Added the number of crates and the names of the next tier.​
  • Added Collision Attack +40% and Collision Defense +40% on the Growling Zephyr Bonekraal Decor.​
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  • Invincibility and No Push Back states have priority over other skill effects. The push effect of the Berserk Red Dragon Eyesplitter has been maintained.​
  • Adjusted the cooldown of ship basic skills: Forewind, Gale, and Quick Turn. Each cooldown is reduced to 1 minute.​
  • Improved the UI effects when gaining or consuming Abyssal Charges.​
  • Ranged Attack's damage based on distance is now calculated based on the UI distance, not distance to a target.​
  • Fixed an issue where Crimson Envoy's set effect would not reset Redoubt and Spell Shield.​
  • Fixed an issue where Distorted Chanter's set effect would not reset Healing Hymn.​
  • Fixed an issue where Auroria Promise Jerkin's combo effect would not be triggered.​
  • Fixed an issue where Healing Power based skills (EX: Antithesis) couldn't penetrate Magic Defense shields (EX: Mystic Ward.)​
  • Fixed an issue where casted skills and channeled skills could be maintained after Petrification.​
  • Fixed an issue where Petrification could be canceled by Bubble Trap or Fear.​
  • Fixed an issue where Lasso would not apply Taunt.​
  • Fixed an issue where players could Evade/Shield Block/Parry Concussive Arrow in specific situations.​
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Concussive Arrow's AOE damage wouldn't be dealt after Drop Back.​
  • Adjusted the height and acceleration calculation for the following skills: Charge, Behind Enemy Lines, Tiger Strike, Lasso, Overwhelm, Drop Back, Mist Concussive Arrow, Dahuta's Breath, Cruel Binding, Seizing Shove, Vicious Implosion, Abyssal Wave, Crushing Grasp, Meteor Strike​

  • Improved the effects on Soulbound Blades.​

  • Inspire: Attack Speed Boost reduced from 53 to 42.​

  • Improved the effects on Crippling Mire.​

  • Bloodthirst stacking with Shadowsmite: Applies to stealth combo effect, added to bonus attack when attacking from behind.​
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Ancestral Skills

  • Lightning Triple Slash: Reduced attack damage from 130%/130%/160% of melee attack to 110%/110%/140% of melee attack. Third attack's global cooldown duration has been increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds.​
  • Lightning Tiger Strike: Now measures the distance between caster and target per attack. Global cooldown duration has been increased from 1 second to 1.2 seconds.​

  • Flame Protective Wings: Skill has been overhauled. Now grants Flame Protective Wings to all targets within 15m for the duration. This effect reflects 20% of incoming Magic Damage, but target also receives 20% of incoming Magic Damage.​

  • Wave Hell Spears: Effect range reduced from 15m to 12m​

  • Wave Meteor Strike: Damage formula changed from 264 + 500% of Magic Attack to 1440 + 250% of Magic Attack.​

  • Stone Healing Hymn: Effect range reduced from 30m to 20m.​
  • Stone Alarm Call: Skill duration reduced from 9 seconds to 8 seconds, range reduced from 9m to 8m, and added a chance to wake up from Sleep every 3 seconds.​
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New Naval Combat Arena – Bloodsalt Bay

Sail through pounding storms and the wailing undead in new naval arena, Bloodsalt Bay! Dominate the waters with your ship’s crew against the monsters of the depths, and other crews looking to claim victory in vessels of their own!​
Upon entering, you'll be placed on a team of up to 5 other adventurers. Your goal: Pilot your ship and collect as many souls as possible, either by hitting them with a cannon or ramming them with your ship.

But 3 other ships will be sailing into the Maelstrom to stop you from your task. And there's a terrifying monster residing in the middle of the Arena. And there may be other monsters lurking outside of the Maelstrom. And there may be some magical enhancements hiding behind breakable, coral walls. And you only have 12 minutes to complete your task.​
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New Raid Bulletin Board & Co-Raid

Looking to get an extra edge on your raid organization? Look no further than the improvements to the Raid Bulletin Board and Co-Raid system!​

To advertise your raid to other prospective adventurers, simply open the raid panel in the lower menu and then click on the magnifying glass icon. From there you'll be able to browse other raids or make your own in the Raid Bulletin Board. Just select what you want to do, what time you want to do it, how many folks you're looking for, and you'll be on your way!​

For those raids who find that they may be more popular than usual, you can forge a co-raid between two raids to create a group of up to 100 players. Everyone involved can get credit for participating in the activity, and you can even see the different raids and raid leaders indicated on the map.​
If you’re looking for friends or just strong allies to join you on a difficult mission, you will now have the ability to post to the new Raid Recruitment Board. All applicants can be reviewed before being accepted. Set the time you’re venturing out, number of players needed, and choose your activity – Raid (Kraken, Red Dragon, Leviathan, Thunderwing Titan, or just world bosses), Faction War (Mistmerrow, Golden Plains Battle), or other world events. If you’re accepting a call to action you’ll even be able to reply with the role you wish to serve in the adventure!​
Once you’ve got a raid together, you might realize you need even more warm bodies to tank, dps, and heal. With the new Co-Raid system two raids of up to 50 adventurers each can join forces. Each raid keeps their own leader, but one is the Commander and the overall leader is the Admiral. If you’re the raid leader, a simple right-click menu option to form a Co-Raid is all you need to team up and take down your targets.​
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New Title Collection System

Mix and match your titles and unlocked stats. Visit the new Title Collection System (located in the Character window, where the old title change button resided) to view all of the titles in the game and how to achieve them. As you unlock titles, you will gain their related stats as an upgrade option and you'll earn experience in the collection system. The more title levels you gain, the more icons you can display next to your name in-game!​

Changing title effects will not require a Title Swap Certificate, but changing icons will. You can find the Icon Swap Certificates at the General Merchant.​
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New Lunagem System
The Lunagem system has had a long awaited overhaul: No more RNG when slotting gems! Now with 100% chance to socket!​
The lunagem system has received a complete overhaul to allow for the guaranteed socketing of gems! Going forward, everyone will have the ability to fully gem their gear with no worry of losing their progress.​
What Is Happening To Old Gems?
Here’s a helpful chart that shows off the new set of gem stats and the changes to where they can be socketed. If you do not see one of the pre-4.0 gems in this chart, then it will no longer be able to be crafted or upgraded once 4.0 hits.​
Lunascales will not be able to be crafted in 4.0 either, but all old gems will remain socketable alongside the new gems. It will cost 500 Labor to socket a new gem. Old and new gems alike may also be unsocketed using a Mornstone (price change: 2400 Honor) and 500 Labor. The potential failure-to-socket functionality of the old gems still exists, which would remove all gems on the gear, including new gems. So better to socket old gems first, and then the new gems to avoid this horrible fate.​
There are no changes to Lunafrosts in Maelstrom. The stats for Hero gems have changed and will also be able to be extracted and resocketed.​
How To Make New Gems
If you’re looking to start crafting a new T1 gem, be sure you’ve got 10,000 Honor, then check out the Honor Shop. To upgrade a T1 into a T2 head over to your nearest Handicraft Bench.​
Lunarite is still used to upgrade the new gems and can be most commonly found in the following places:​
  • Fireglow/Waveglow/Copperglow – Metallic Chests, Treasure Chests found with Treasure Maps​
  • Galeglow – Mistsong Reticule, Mistsong Orb​
  • Sunglow – Lord’s coin + 50 labor​
  • Earthglow – Prestige shop​
In 4.0 there will only be two tiers of Lunarite – Fine(T1) and Superior(T2). All pre-Maelstrom Lunarite converts to the new Lunarite in your inventory.​
The current tiers will transform and convert in the following way:​
How Do New Gems Work?
The new gems will 100% socket, without a chance to fail like the old gems. Because everyone will have the ability to ‘full gem’ without any RNG, the new gems will cost 500 Labor and more gold than the previous system. The cost in the old system was quite variable due to the RNG failure, and having to recreate and re-gem your gear upon failure. This rebalancing of cost is made in consideration of the old system costs and new lack of RNG.​
There are six categories of gems, each of which can be uncloaked to select specific stats and socket placement. Gems can only be upgraded in their cloaked state — but don’t worry, all new gems can re-cloaked using a Transmuter. If you’d like to extract them, it’ll cost you a Mornstone and 500 Labor as previously stated. They may be re-socketed into different gear, or even into the same gear after you’ve upgraded it. If you’re looking to make some gold, you can even trade or sell them on the Auction House!
The new Maelstrom gem system overhaul has removed the RNG in favor of a more stable system and allows all players to reach their full-gem potential.​
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