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Account issue?


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Just today we got our account blocked. T_T says:
"Your account is blocked. Reason: Using account twins "
Are they banning use cause we share a PC (computer) ? I find it odd and unfair, been playing this for a more than a year now, no no one can log in. What can we do???


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You need to send a ticket and appeal the ban.
The accounts have all been banned under the rule of attempting to use alt accounts


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Hello fellow players and greetings to the admins!

Thank you all for your advise(s), we were able to sort this out together with the admins and staff. The situation is like this: We are a family of 7, wife and I + 5 kids 3 of them play ArchRage. It all Started with me of course, Got my wife to play we shared an account. in short 3 out of five kids started shortly. Some of my kids initially shared and account.

Now, I know this is unusual now these days, but for the mean time, we don't let the younger kids have their e-mail YET hence, they use our personal emails. Trouble started that when the wife wanted to get a support pack, no, i'm not saying it's her fault ;) so we deleted her character (waited for a week) then she created her own account. or she created the account and then deleted her character in mine. aaanyway,

a few days ago all account that logged in to this exact PC were blocked under the alternate account clause of the rules. We have nothing against that. what we can't make sense was, what and how an alternate account benefits us? anyway, we seemed to practice the reverse of that rule.

Where one account is used by 2 users. We appealed the ban via ticket as per community suggestion and after some questions and investigation, the administration validate and granted our plea.

Now, My thanks to the staff for their diligence, i know that it may not be easy investigating and verifying such matters, as they may had to pour over our record(s) and history.

We (or specifically me) don't have much social relation in-game aside from a family we created, IF they can see that could see previous chats, they may have concluded that nothing Illicit actually happened/happening and graciously readmitted us, well, minus a new account the kids created which I was told is not payed yet.

Lest we (players) forget, this is their house and we are guests. it's not a paid server and we are privileged to play relatively free, we should play by the rules. Our family enjoyed this server ever since we found out about it. thank you for the hours of joy and hopefully, many more to come.