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Ancestral Levels

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Hello ArcheRagers
I'm sure many of you have heard about Ancestral levels or Ancestral skills but do not know what they are or how to get them.
Ancestral levels are 7 levels you can achieve after reaching level 55.
Each level unlocks another Ancestral point you can use apply attributes to your skills.

How do i get Ancestral levels?
To get Ancestral levels you need Ancestral Warrior Medals. These medals can be acquired in 2 ways
  1. Purchased from the Honor shop. 2000 Honor each
  2. Purchased from the Vocation shop. 4000 Vocation each
For each Ancestral level there is a required amount of medals.
For each level you will need

  • Level 1 - 8 Ancestral Warrior Medals.
  • Level 2 - 10 Ancestral Warrior Medals.
  • Level 3 - 10 Ancestral Warrior Medals.
  • Level 4 - 10 Ancestral Warrior Medals.
  • Level 5 -12 Ancestral Warrior Medals.
  • Level 6 - 12 Ancestral Warrior Medals.
  • Level 7 - 12 Ancestral Warrior Medals.
How do I use my Ancestral Warrior Medals?
Open the Skills windows. You can use K as a shortcut key to open this window.
At the top will be a tab called Ancestral

Ancestral Level.PNG

To the right is a small upward facing arrow. Click that arrow and it will open a prompt to upgrade your ancestral level along with that it will consume the Ancestral Warrior Medals used for that level.
Once consumed you'll now be given an ancestral level and instead of showing your level in a number of 1 to 55 it will now appear as a number of 1 to 7 with a pair of wings next to it


After you have gained an Ancestral level the bar which was once full will now be empty and need to be filled back up. To fill this bar up you need to gain exp the same as you did to reach level 55.
Once the bar is full you can repeat the process till you reach Ancestral level 7.

How do I use my Ancestral Skill Points?
In the same Ancestral window will show 10 skill trees names with a number in brackets next to them.
Select the skill tree you want. Chose the skills from the 3 in the row at the top and then chose which of the 2 variants you want your skill to now become.

Ancestral Skills.PNG

When you chose the modifier you want it will ask to confirm your choice before taking that attribute
Ancestral skill.PNG

After the skill has been chosen the skill will be replaced with the now select Ancestral variant which is shown by the dial having a line going to the skill and its icon glowing with golden wings.
The number in the bracket next to the skill tree will now update to 1. That number shows how many of that skilltress skills have been made in an Ancestral version.
You can only have 1 Ancestral version of the same skill active at one time.

How do I change my Ancestral skills?

  • The same way you can change your number skills there is a reset button in the bottom right. This will prompt a new window with 3 choice.
    Reset currently selected skill.
  • Reset current skill trees skills.
  • Reset all current skils.
This only resets your spent Ancestral points and not all skills.
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