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Ancient Daru Relic event - unofficial guide


=| Ancient Daru Relic event |=
Guide by JXRaiv / "Lynx"​

1. Get item "Ancient Daru Relic" from mail on FIRST CHARACTER you log in.


Use it. You will get quest "Ancient Daru Relic" / "A Daru Relic". Talk with Auctioneer.

2. Frog will give you quest "Daru Cauldron?" / "Helter Smelter" to craft 5x Refined Iron Ingots. You need 50 Iron Ores for that (10 ores for one Refined Iron Ingot) You can do that already in special tab, in smelters:


After that go and talk with frog again. You will be rewarded with 5x Daru Cauldron Shard (crafting material for next quest) and 1x Potent Catalyst (crafting material for next quest OR 10k exp).

3. Frog will give you quest "Craft Daru Cauldron" / "Cookware Repair" to craft Daru Cauldron. Use 5 Refined Iron Ingots and 5 Daru Cauldron Shards to craft Cauldron at Smelter -> Quest -> Event.

Daru Cauldron will last for next 30min after placing and is personal crafting station (only owner can use it).

Talk with Frog to get rewards: 3x Magic Solution (crafting material for next quest) and 1x Potent Catalyst (crafting material OR 10k exp).

4. Frog will give you 2 quests:
♦ "Potions Lessons":
- Craft 1x Honor Elixir (it gives 500 Honor Points) by using 30x Medicinal Powder and 1x Magic Solution;
- Craft 1x Vocation Elixir (it gives 500 Vocation Badges) by using 30x Medicinal Powder and 1x Magic Solution;
NOTE: You will have one additional Magic Solution to craft whatever you want.
Reward: 50x Bait Worm (VERY important for last part of event) and 1x Potent Catalyst.

♦ "The Mystic Daru" / "Craft Elixir":
- Craft 2x Mystic Daru Summoning Potion (The most important item in event) by using 100 LABOR POINTS, 2x 50x Bait Worms and 5x Blue Salt Gloves (items from General Merchant: 1,25g) for each. 100x Bait Worms and 10x Blue Salt Gloves (2,50g) to finish.
Reward: 1x Magic Solution (additional 500 Honor Points OR 500 Vocation Badges).

After finishing all of the quests you should have:
- 1x Honor Elixir;
- 1x Vocation Elixir;
- 2x Magic Solution (for more Honor Points / Vocation Badges)
- 3x Potent Catalyst

3x Potent Catalyst and 1x Blue Salt Hammer (1g at General Merchant) can be used to craft 1x Radiant Daru Summoning Potion. It gives the same reward as Mystic Daru Summoning Potion, it's just one additional chance to get something nice by just doing all the quests.

=| Mystic Daru Summoning Potion / Radiant Daru Summoning Potion |=

The most important part of this event - Summoning Potions. After using it a Daru will spawn in exact place. He will last for 3 min ONLY and will talk only with owner. Talk with him (spam "F") in order to get 1x Mystic Daru's Lucky Gift - after that the frog will disappear. Potions stack up to 10 and you can spam them and spawn hundreds of Darus in one place - just be sure to talk with them before they disappear!

What is inside Mystic Daru's Lucky Gift? Only gods and admins knows but I found this video of player opening 731 of them:

He also added link with all of his loot: https://i.imgur.com/EE5kEkK.jpg

Is it worth it? With our server rates - imho it is as 100 Labor Points for Daru Summoning Potion isn't that problem for us. I got tons of useful items on AR-RU when they introduced it there and I prepared myself for this event here.

Good luck!
JXRaiv / IGN: Lynx




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Hi All!

Event is going to take place next week. Will post the details and link to the Official Guide for it tomorrow.

@JXRaiv thank you for the un-official one. Pretty sure it will help players a bit as well :)


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I have to say, I wish info like this had been in the official post and not buried in the general discussion. Regretting selling as much bait as I did, made the mistake of only looking at the official post and therefore thinking we only needed iron ore. :s

Really appreciate this guide though, don't get me wrong. It's a lifesaver, just wish it'd been pinned or something lol


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Guys post your cauldron results here! List how many boxes of each you got and a screenshot or list of what items were obtained from them!


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Something tells me that Flaming Pinions just need to be removed from RNG things all together... Put them on the cash shop to buy separate but for the love of god, don't put them as fodder in rng boxes.

Based off your results I almost think it would be more profitable to try to sell my bait worms than to do this event...


This event is just bad since new players or people that don't have 15k farming just can't do this event, prices are way to high on the worms.


This event is just bad since new players or people that don't have 15k farming just can't do this event, prices are way to high on the worms.
I have a little above 1k farming proficiency and yet here I am with over 80k bait worms. Explain that.


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378 Gifts, Okay drops, a lot of bound shit that I'm never going to use though... They didn't mention that so many things were going to be bound in the event page... Makes me sad I can't sell all the tax certs, I already have over 1,000 bound just from labor themselves...

I will have to see if the 2k gold in bait worms sales I could've made would've been more profitable than hoping RNG would've pulled through.



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I opened 50 and got a sup red sup yellow and quite a bit of other good shit again its all rng
Luuucky. Friend and I have opened over 100 each so far and neither of us have gotten very good shit :/ Appreciate the tax certs, though.