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Hi All!

Many of you were asking the questions regarding 3.5 version release and if we are going to have it.
Replying your question - Yes, we'll have it. When? This winter. More accurate time will be provided closer to the release.

Our team has already started working on it, though, some custom content and a big custom In-Game PvE event will be coming first.

3.5 version is a very controversial one, some changes implemented with it are players favorite, some are hated. Our task right now is to create our unique Custom ArcheRage 3.5. We already have a few interesting ideas we'd like to keep in secret for now, but we also want to know your thoughts, our ArcheRagers.

Feel free to discuss coming update, share your thoughts and ideas. Tell us what you like about 3.5 and what you think needs to be changed or not implemented.

So let's have it started!


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nooooooooooo. 3.5 was the beginning of the end... rip archerage I guess....

I mean I know this game loves low percentage regrades.... making 3.5 work is the equivalent of regrading legend to mythic no charm.

Please reconsider or a BUNCH of players who actually like the core game of archeage will leave.


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nooooooooooo. 3.5 was the beginning of the end... rip archerage I guess....

I mean I know this game loves low percentage regrades.... making 3.5 work is the equivalent of regrading legend to mythic no charm.

Please reconsider or a BUNCH of players who actually like the core game of archeage will leave
did you actually read the post? they arent just randomly putting the orginal 3.5 through o.o

edit: oh wait its the scammer i replied to loool you prolly just trolling , ignore i quoted you


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Okay, here's my feedback about this, which changes i would like to see and which will most likely break the game, IMO.

(Anything in brackets is my own thoughts on the matter)
"Anything in quotes is directly from Trion patch notes".

I would like to see :
  1. "The Teleport Book now has a zone search option."
  2. Rebirth Trauma changes, such as - "You may now open Worldgates while under Rebirth Trauma." and "Players can now attack while under the Dominator’s Authority debuff, but their attacking/healing against NPCs is drastically reduced."
    (Reason i want this is because it promotes pvp more than pve rushing)
  3. "Kraken spawns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Disappears in 3 hours."
    (Same with Red Dragon, DGS Despawn in 2h, Leviathan Despawn in 10. This limited the amount of no-life and eventually win situations)
  4. "Leviathan’s attack patterns have been adjusted. The overall goal is to differentiate the phases he fights in and reduce the difficulty of his fight." (All Levi changes were aimed to make it easier, As far as i know, nobody tries Levi atm.)
  5. "The honor awarded as a part of Crimson and Grimghast Rifts has been improved:"
  6. Auroria trading (Iffy on this one, I don't have experience trading, as far as i remember Auroria trading was OK, someone feel free to comment on this who knows more about the trade systems.)
  7. "Mistsong Summit: Taris now takes Melee Damage!"
  8. "Transmuters can now be used to choose which item subtype you would like by re-cloaking the item. Cloaked items do not lose their grade, and are also required in upgrade crafting."
  9. "Reduced the amount of Warrior’s Medals to create Delphinad cloaks from 500 to 300. Reduced the amount of Warrior’s Medals to create Ayanad cloaks from 800 to 500."
  10. Ancestral Skills - anything not mentioned in the DO NOT BRING section.
  11. The Defense for all Plate equipment has been improved +20%. (Makes plate more relevant)
  12. Aegis and Whalesong - (I don't remember which patch they are from, but they were good methods of honor. The new content was generally good as far as i know.
  13. All the bug fixes in the patch :)

In my opinion these are the core changes that ruined the game for many players.
  1. Specific Ancestral Skills! - Balance These
    - Wave meteor (Insane damage, i could wipe raids, fun for nobody)
    - Lightning Triple Slash (Attacked the same target 3 times for the same amount of damage, normally 3 x 3000 damage for 9000 in one total unblockable skill.)
    - Mist Bubble Trap (A placeable AOE Bubble, this changed the meta of mageballing for the worse, Fix by adding additional CC Breaks or reworking)
    - Flame Spell Shield (Massive bug with this one, allowed users to kill Red Dragon without harpoons using reflect magic damage, Fix for PVE content and its fine)
    - Flame Protective Wings (Same thing, reflected PVE Damage to kill bosses extremely fast)
    - Flame Flamebolt (Users with extremely high magic attack would weave this skill with gods whip and one shot players, literally. Balance damage or exclude from backdrop + Increase Damage)
    - Stone Alarm Call (Probably the worst skill of them all, Instant AOE Sleep, Balance bt adding cast time or decreasing duration dramatically.)
  2. Trade Changes - (I will disclaim that i am not a trader and will probably not get this part right. As i understand it many players hated Trade outlets and the conversion from reguler packs to cargo etc. This system does not work with few players and thus wasn't a good fit for ArcheAge, Look for someone who knows this topic in these responses, this is possibly the biggest non-pvp change.)
  3. Regrade Changes - (This is often overlooked, but this change impacted the gear disparity among players. A lot of the changes were designed to make the strong stronger, such as easier legendary and mythic regrades. A rework of this system would be good. For example, Changing dungeon regrade percentages to be higher then crafted gear was a change that helped players who are not geared yet. I think this is an important topic and should be discussed more in the future to prevent gear gap as much as possible.
  4. "Dual Weapons Buff - No longer increases the skill damage for Triple Slash, Whirlwind Slash, Rapid Strike, or Overwhelm." (2H is already strong, no need for this.)
  5. Removing Wisps - (In my opinion, this change killed crafting and destroyed the archeum market. Since weapons broke down for archeum, archeum trees were no longer being done at the same capacity. this resulted in less content for many players. The salvaging and wisp system is working perfectly fine, and i would be fine with zero changes to this aspect.)
  6. Erenor - (I agree with other players in saying that there is no need for it, i personnally probably wouldn't use one. another strong get stronger situation.)

    I'm sure there is more that i am forgetting, i will update this when i remember. At first glance though, there needs to be a lot of changes to this patch.

    if you have conflicting opinions please respond and stay civil, let's make this patch as good as we can if its coming no matter what.
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did you actually read the post? they arent just randomly putting the orginal 3.5 through o.o

edit: oh wait its the scammer i replied to loool you prolly just trolling , ignore i quoted you
yes, however the problem is that there is so little in 3.5 that worked and everything in 3.0 actually works. It is an unnecessary risk.

AA has been screwed over by 3.5 patch and beyond before... why do the same here?


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I'd love to see the ancestral skills and the pve content from 3.5 but i'd hate to see Erenor.


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The trade changes were the only thing I didn’t like, that was truly what scares people off, not the skill changes. Also, keep the FD gold trader for those that like to go do it.

Ancestral levels are great! More cosmetic content is great!(Princess furniture set, costumes, etc) The gear encyclopedia is great! Honor increase on CR&GR! Erenor gear is okay!


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Some changes in 3.5 were good but they are few. Skill changes are part of why I left. The transmuter and no more rng crafted gear was amazing. Trade changes were HORRID. Making the 16x16 cottages upgradeable was another pro. Also the increased regrade chances and the percentage actually being shown were amazing features. Skill and trade changes is likely why a bunch of us bailed on live please don't make the same mistakes here! Oh and did I mention the trade system going to garbage when introducing the cargo packs and trade centers......


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I don't know. I thought 3.0 was supposed to be a 'custom 3.0' but it seems all the worst changes were put through anyways so I admit I don't have much faith 3.5 would be any different. If it's anything like when live went to 3.5, I would probably just stop playing altogether.

3.5 is a very delicate topic. Many people who ask if 3.5 is going to happen are asking in hopes you'll say no, or they are asking because they don't know much about 3.5, and are just wanting "Mur Cantentz" < that means more content by the by.

At the same time I understand what's the point of just having a server that sits on 3.0 forever. At some point, you've done everything, you've reached that ceiling of content, and you're just done.
technically it's already winter. so, was just wondering if you have a time frame for it? because i need to get an idea whether i should swipe and buy stuff now when i can just swipe and hoard the gold until the update arrives? thanks


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1. First and foremost: the trade system needs to stay how it is now, because it was a nightmare (and 5.0 confirms this, they reverted it back 60% of the way). For those that don't understand:
There were 2 Auction House clusters on retail NA, each with a few servers attached to it contributing to the stockpile of items being bought and sold. 3.5 caused Charcoal Stabilizers (which increased in necessity in 3.5) to jump from 1g to 8g, and that was with multiple servers contributing to the overall supply. We are ONE SERVER. That cost is going to at least double if we get this trade system. Meaning crafted gear will increase in price, and the gear gap between who is on top right now and the lower, poorer players will widen just a bit more. XL made this patch in the hopes that players and guilds would "work together", but even entire crafting guilds and Nuian-Haranyan alliances could not keep up with the demand because of how this system limited supply. If this trade system goes, most of your server goes no matter what changes you make to it.

2. More for the sake of others: please try to make the new zone not have snow. When the Christmas events came around, there was an optional setting you could fix in the ini files that turned THAT snow off. This new zone had the snow built in differently that we had no control over, and the particle effect was so unoptimized that it was literally frying older GPU's. At least a dozen players on my unpopulated server couldn't enter this zone for more than 15 minutes without their GPU working overtime.

3. If you could, maybe look into some changes made in later versions for skill balance. 3.5 didn't do much in the way of skill balancing. Yeah, ancestral skills made some other skillsets viable, but the top dog classes were still on top. All it did was widen the umbrella, it didn't turn the umbrella upside-down.

4. If you also could, please look into changing Mistmerrow's scoring system to what they did in future patches. 3.5 reduced the time of MM, but the scoring system was still ass.

Edit: I forgot to add, please don't do the Follow ticket system they implemented to try and deter alts. I'm sure people don't want to pay gold to autofollow their guildmates on a trade run so they can afk while someone steers across the continent. Alts aren't a problem here, this "fix" shouldn't be here either.
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i liked the new upgraded houses: the 16x16 and the mansion upgrades. especially the upgraded cottages would help many people who are as of yet unable to get an upgraded 24x24!

agree to not change the pack system , i believe it s fine the way it is.


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ancestral skills ruined pvp with the cheese sleep skills and witchcraft aoe bubbles etc.... if u can not bring back the ancetral skills that would be great!


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YES To Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor
YES to the new Ancestral Skills, PVP becomes more fun and more dynamic in RvR (But may have to change stuff because of people complaining)
Yes to the Crafting Changes
Maybe to increased regrade changes (assuming you implement Eternal Grade)
No Erenor
NO to the new Trade System
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Yes please, I liked the new trade system and the new skills that came with this update. Also the new crafting recipies...I will be honest here....I dont like that stuff with the mana whisp...just too expensive xD
But seriously...I would really apreciate it. So....Yes! Yes! YES!....please! :D


is it possible to link any information about this upgrade? I mean, from the retail one. I stopped playing archeage before 3.0 update so I dont know what changes.