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ArcheRage 5.5 (development-release info)


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Dear ArcheRagers!​
We are glad to inform you that work on 5.5 “Echoes of Hiram” global update is gaining momentum.​
We know you all are waiting for this update release and we are doing our best to finish all preparations as soon as possible.​
You can find 5.5 global update patch notes HERE.
Note, custom part of the patch notes hasn’t been included into the patch notes yet. Custom updates will be posted a bit later!
I’m pretty sure you all want to know when it’s going to be released on our server. The exact date has not been set yet as work on the updates is still in full swing. But we can’t leave you without an estimate, so, here is the one – you should expect the release approx in 1 month.​
That means we still have enough time to finish the work on all parts of the update, and you have enough time to get ready to discover new zone, new boss, new gear and other things, as well as discuss anything you want related to 5.5 and its changes.​
This thread will remain open until 5.5 release, so you can use it for any discussion related to this global update.​