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ArcheRage Anniversary Updates!


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Dear ArcheRagers,

We prepared a few presents for you due to the server's 1st Anniversary. You can find the details below.

To apply the updates, server will be restarted on 10/21 at 3 am.
Duration time - 40 minutes.
  • New Battleship Arena is opened.
    Visit Violent Maelstrom arena and enjot the sea battles [LINK]
  • Join InGame Festival and Events:
    • Hallowtide Festival [LINK]
    • Daru Grand Mission mini-event [LINK]
    • Magic Lamps event [LINK]
  • Participate in our Forum Events:
  • Gifts for players.
    Gift can be requested at your Account Panel starting from 10/21 till 10/31. Gift can be requested only once per account. You request only the first gift at your account panel. All other gifts, you'll be able to get directly in game. Daily, within 7 days, player will be able to get 1 gift.
  • Additional bonus for Anniversary - return of the Hello Kitty's Box [LINK]
  • Other updates:
    • Hermit's Heart is added to the Mirage Island Exchanger for the Pawesome Coins
    • Old Pawesome Coins were switched to new in the Mirage Island Exchanger for the items required Pawesome Coins for exchange.
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Hello, the rewards from the 5th day box do not match the description, theres only one serendipity stone instead of 2.

idk if you can still fix this for those who already opened. other than that, great gifts and tyvm <3
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How long is this going to last? I ask because my lamp has been giving me poo. That way I know if I'm going to end up no-lifing the event or just do a few dungeon runs a da instead.