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It looks like mods are currently missing/dead so I'll just post this here.

Some of the EU/NA players might know me from my topic on Trion's forum: "ArcheAge in 360°" http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?320134-ArcheAge-in-360%B0
and/or topic "ArcheRage.to in 360" on RU forum: https://ru.archerage.to/forums/index.php?threads/archerage-to-in-360.3340/
and/or my video:

As you can see, I'm making full spherical photos in ArcheAge (in different games as well), which can be viewed on various websites, for example on my Kuula.co profile: https://kuula.co/profile/JXRaiv.
I also make full Virtual Tours (check my Roundme.com profile: https://roundme.com/@jxraiv/tours).

Wanna see more links? Check this spoiler:

To see my ArcheRage.to 360° photos, check this collection: https://kuula.co/explore/collection/7fycq

To see my ArcheAge (official servers) 360° photos, check this collection: https://kuula.co/explore/collection/7fWwg

I participated in competition on RU forum: "[Конкурс] Лучший интерьер дома" with my entry: https://archerage.to/forums/index.php?threads/konkurs-luchshij-interer-doma.2155/page-2#post-23928 - I posted a couple of normal screenshots there and a Virtual Tour: https://roundme.com/tour/163401/view/413792/

I also helped my friend with her entry for that event: https://roundme.com/tour/162248/view/411053/

Some of my latests photos from ArcheRage.to (RU & NA):
https://kuula.co/post/7lXmm - Austera Freedom Port;
https://kuula.co/post/7lXmY - Arena in Two Crowns during Halloween Festival;
https://kuula.co/post/7lKSs - first mansion built on ArcheRage.to (NA).


With all that being said, I decided to offer people my services - I can create a full 360° photo of your house (like this one https://kuula.co/post/7lvp4 )/ neighbourhood/create a guild photo (like this one https://kuula.co/post/7lYGs) and post it for you as a single photo or create a couple of them to make a whole Virtual Tour. I can also provide you the source image for additional payment, so you can upload it on any website of your choice.

Why would you want something like that? The answer is simple: To have a picture of your place in the most unique way when standard screenshots are not enough for you.

The bigger amount of things/people moving the higher the price would be. However, the more photos you order at once (for example, to create a Virtual Tour), the less you will need to pay. More info on PM, we can negotiate a deal.

If you draw something really good, I'm also interested in small exchanges of wares - my 360° photos for your drawings.

I can create a 360° wherever you want - Nuia/Haranya/Pirate island - as long as I won't be attacked during the process of taking photos.

If you want to order your 360° photos/Virtual Tours or ask some further questions, feel free to PM me here or contact me via Discord: JXRaiv#2261.
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This is a really awesome concept! I love seeing people be creative especially when it comes down to private server communities like this. If there's ever a nifty event I want memorialized I'll be sure to give you a ring. ;)