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[Arena] Capture the Flag Arena


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To join new Capture the Flag Arena choose Instance –> Arena and queue.

- Two opposing teams fight to steal the enemies’ flag and bring it to their base.
- Equalized arena.
- Number of team participants: 3-5.
- Daily Entries: 10.
- Time: 20 minutes or 5 points scored.

Main features of the arena:
  • If a flag carrier dies, then flag drops on the ground next to the killed player.​
  • If a player leaves game/arena with a flag, flag returns back to its base.​
  • Main actions with the flag (stolen flag, returned flag, dropped flag, delivered flag) are followed by arena announcements, they are same color as a flag.​
  • In case the flag drops on the ground, you must interact with it either to retake it or to return it back to its base.​
  • Flag carrier can’t Stealth.​
  • Both bases have a specific place for a flag. Even if flag is stolen, place can still be clearly seen. That’s where you need to return your flag to or drop your enemies’ flag at.​
  • The flag carrier has an indicator above his head. Indicator has the same color as a flag he’s carrying.​
  • On the map you can see permanent places where you can pick up special bonuses. There are 3 types of the bonuses: defense, attack, special. Each type of bonus has 2 variations (see below). Player can have 1 of each bonus type at the same time (1 defense buff + 1 attack buff + 1 special buff), so can gather a unique combination of defense, attack, special buffs.​

Decreases Cast Time -4%
Increases Attack Speed +100
Melee Attack +30
Ranged Attack +30
Magic Attack +30

Increases Melee Critical Rate +4%
Ranged Critical Rate +4%
Spell Critical Rate +4%

Increases Magic Damage Reduction +5%
Melee Damage Reduction +5%
Ranged Damage Reduction +5%
Resilience +700

Increases Armor +500
Toughness +700
Magic Resilience +500
Parry Rate +5%

Increases Magic Defense Penetration +700
Backstab Melee Damage +4%
Backstab Ranged Damage +4%
Backstab Magic Damage +4%
Ignores +700 Physical Defense

Increases Move Speed +20%
Healing Critical Rate +7%
Critical Heal Bonus +5%
Healing +5%
  • Be careful, arena has special anomalies. They are random and can provide you with buffs or debuffs. Are you lucky? You’ll have a chance to check. Reaching the anomaly you can either get a speed boost or slow. You’ll not be able to receive the effects from another anomaly, until the effect of the anomaly you already have wears off.​
  • Arena has 2 quests and 4 achievement types (details below). Quests can be taken from Arena Manager on arena directly and reward honor and Kyrios Badges. Achievements reward Gilda Stars.​
  • For participating/winning players get Kyrios Badges.​

Arena currently provides the following reward:
Victory: Kyrios Badges x10
Defeat: Kyrios Badges x4
Draw: Kyrios Badges x6

For additional rewards you can complete 2 daily quests:
- “[Capture the Flag] Lucky” (daily)
Win 1 time.​
Reward: Honor Points x1000, Kyrios Badge x10.​

- “[Capture the Flag] Destiny” (daily)
Participate 5 times.​
Reward: Honor Points x500, Kyrios Badge x5.​

Quests can be accepted from Arena Manager on arena directly!


Arena Achievements:
(combat –> arena)
Reward Gilda Stars.
  • “Best of the best”: Complete all the Capture the Flag Arena achievements.
  • “Not on my watch”: Kill the flag carrier 5 times.
  • “Not on my watch” Rank 2: Kill the flag carrier 15 times.
  • “Not on my watch” Rank 3: Kill the flag carrier 30 times.
  • “Flagged for Blood”: Kill 20 enemies.
  • “Flagged for Blood” Rank 2: Kill 40 enemies.
  • “Flagged for Blood” Rank 3: Kill 60 enemies.
  • “Touchdown”: Score 2 points.
  • “Touchdown” Rank 2: Score 5 points.
  • “Touchdown” Rank 3: Score 10 points.
  • “Savior”: Return your flag 5 times.
  • “Savior” Rank 2: Return your flag 15 times.
  • “Savior” Rank 3: Return your flag 30 times.
Good luck, warriors!
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