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Art freebies: post 'em and run [Open for requests]


Hey guys, think you could help me out? I'm looking for characters to draw so I can get better at this whole art thing.

By no means am I professional, just a long-time hobby of mine. Lately I've been experimenting with my style so you could get anything from sketches to goofy doodles to full-on painted pieces. Just depends how the nights goin I guess lol

Feel free to leave a post with your character(s) below, and maybe a little note if you feel compelled to. I'll quote you when its done.

If you end up liking it you're welcome to tip my poor ass thru mail but you don't really have to (ign is the same).



Here are two of my characters - feel free to use those for whatever you want. I like to collect drawings of those two (especially male) to compare various styles of different people and to use them as decorations in-game like on this 360° picture from ArcheRage RU (turn camera to the left) https://roundme.com/tour/196890/view/524780/

  • Raiv/Sematariux:
  • Padmarashka:
I'm interested in ordering some serious drawings but first I want to see if I find the style I'll like the most.

Also, if you like to decor houses and want to memorize them in unique way - I'm creating 360° photos and Virtual Tours in-game. My topic: ArcheRage in 360°


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Hey, saw your post in the discord last night as I was shutting everything down for the night, glad you posted here instead! Thanks for using our chars to draw. This'un's my main. <3



Batch one progress

I'll be updating the status here so you guys aren't left hanging. These are worked on during my free time, so thanks in advance for being patient.
  • jxr=>99.9%(will do raiv first, then add pad to next batch)
  • elyn=>99.9%
  • pre=>33%
Just to be clear I'm still accepting more requests.

Batch two progress
  • jxr/pad=> ..
  • crow=>..
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Oh my god, Elyn turned out absolutely beautiful ;-; Thank you!!!! Can I use this as my forum avatar?