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Beginner gear for New Players!

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Dear ArcheRages

If you are a new player to the server we all would like to welcome you to our community.
As a thank you for joining us you are entitled to a free set of items to help you begin a new adventure.
This pack can only be claimed once. Make sure to chose the right character when sending it.

What does this pack get you?
  • Warrior’s T5 Weapon Crystal (3 Divine items)
  • Warrior’s T5 Armor Crystal (5 Divine items)
  • Delphinad Magic Bag (2 Divine belt or sleeves)
  • Goblet of Honor (10)
  • Tyrenos's Index (10)
  • Snowmane Snowlion
  • Scroll: Farm Wagon
  • Fish-Find Longliner Design

What do I need to do?
1. Your account needs to of been created after November 20th 2018.
If you do not know your account creation date you can see it by logging in here
Go to account and scroll down. There it will show account creation date
2. At least one character needs to be level 52 or higher on the account.

How do I claim it?

1. You can claim it on the website by logging into the website here
When claiming from the website you must of previously donated otherwise it will not send the pack. For those who have not donated you can still get the pack by going through discord (check below).
Go to accounts and then services where a tab named support pack will appear.


From there you just chose what character to send it to and the pack will be mailed to that character shortly after.

2. Those of you who have not donated before can still get the pack. But instead you'll need to join our discord server here
Go to the channel #Service_Requests
Service channel.PNG

From there simply put !support_pack followed by you in game characters name
Example: !support_pack Sjinderson

Pack redeem.PNG

After that the bot will send you a message confirming your request. Once confirmed the pack will be sent to that characters mail.

Note. Pack may be subject to changes later into servers lifespan as players progress further to the top gear
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