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Caelus [Art]


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Recently finished my semi painting of my character Caelus, who used to be an abolisher, but due to ping i rolled a Darkrunner this time ^^ and i am but a hobbyist, pls no bully

I'm open for commissions, peeps! And yes, that means even gold commissions, although unsure about ratios. Doodles of mine can be found here.
So don't be afraid to poke me to ask what you'd like to be drawn, i'm certain prices won't go over 1000g. c:


Dude! I had no idea you could do this! This is Caelus from WWTC right? Show off your collection in discord! :D this is awesome!
I really like the concept here! Can I make a suggestion though? The shadowing on her (the light source being from behind) could be a bit darker. Maybe add a desaturated blue to help it appear darker?