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Lately there have been questions about cars and their uses, and seeing as there are so many options here's a short overview.

Hello Kitty

The smallest cars available are the Hello Kitty cars, they come in two colours, and that is also the only difference between these two.
One is called the Hello Kitty Roadster, and the other is the Black Hello Kitty Roadster. They drop from RNG boxes in the Marketplace rotation.

1598556907858.png 1598556894978.png

Car details:
  • one pack slot
  • no extra seat
  • 30 shatigon's sand to repair
  • max speed: 24 m/s
  • does not overheat
  • music disc not included
  • health regen skill included
  • requires braking to turn decently



Next up are the ones I like to call the original cars, because they were the first to be added to the game. There's three in total, and they can all be upgraded to a faster version. The pictures are the upgraded cars, though I still need to get my hands on an upgraded Nova...
As Luxeraph said today:


1598557616036.png 1598558121209.png 1599499327785.png

In order of the pictures from left to right:
  • Timber Coupe -> Redwood Roadster
  • Apex Squall -> Apex Drift
  • Comet Speedster -> Nova Speedster

General details:
  • two pack slots
  • one extra seat
  • 50 shatigon's sand to repair
  • upgraded max speed: 30 m/s (unupgraded estimate approx 24)
  • music disc included
  • does overheat with excessive skill use
  • can apply a car crest, template added at the bottom
  • craftable as wrapped version with 230k machining proficiency


Redwood Roadster
  • Orange
  • 4-wheel drive (climb mountains easier)
  • Skills: Vehicle Jump, Rotating Jump

Apex Drift
  • Blue
  • Frontwheel drive
  • Skills: Leftward Lift, Rightward Lift, Doubling

Nova Speedster
  • Red
  • Backwheel drive
  • Skills: Traverse, left- and right-turn

Car Crest Template
  1. top
  2. sides
  3. sides
  4. front
  5. back



The 200 Series

The Rampage cars are the latest addition to the game, and in relation to their models they are similar to the Hello Kitty cars. They have different colours, but in essence they all are the same car. Only the crafting process is different. The picture below is the Rampage S200, aka the silver version. The other two are the Rampage B200, black, and the Rampage C200, copper.


General details
  • three pack slots
  • three extra seats
  • 100 shatigon's sand to repair
  • max speed: 24.7m/s
  • 4-wheel drive
  • music disc included
  • does not overheat
  • The S200 is craftable from scratch.
  • The B200 needs one of the above originals as base material.
  • The C200 is an RNG drop from Mirage Capsules, event drops.


General Info
  • All cars have a basic skill to let the driver flip the vehicle when upside down.
  • Crafted cars have the option to have another person flip the car if they stand on top of it when flipped.
  • Car designs are 1500 gilda stars, except the Timber Coupe, which is 2000 gilda stars
  • Other crafting materials have been simplified, the only thing different per car is the colour pigment.
  • There is another pack vehicle faster than the hauler: the Worm-X. It has one pack slot.
  • Craft Frostbreath Coolant to cool your overheated car: 10 water and 3 dawn lake light essence per coolant.
  • Tip: try out the cars in mirage or ask a friend/guildie, and find out which suits you best.

Happy driving!
- Avi
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