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Congratulations to HCIC and the West Faction! New server first?


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Your performance at the siege on uwu's castle in Marcala was excellent, and if I'm not mistaken your guild has become the FIRST guild in server history that has failed to take a Divine Refuge castle!


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the goal was to demo the farms and sell draughts

we didn't have to win the siege before uwu panicked and demoed them beforehand. we sold a ton of draughts. we accomplished exactly what we wanted to

what's super funny is how scared uwu was of the west -- the faction where anyone who gives a shit about content or raidvraid has already left and joined one of the PNs or the low-grade budget PN. the fact that uwu offered me 225LC (33k gold) to not siege was hilarious.

it was never about gold, it was about trolling and watching neckbeards squirm. it's also super funny that east got a west member to log onto someone elses account to lead the effort against us.

y'all can tell yourselves whatever you want, though.

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we cannot deny that we wanted the castle. it's obvious. everyone got a little excited when we heard that the scroll is ours and that uwu barely had support from east.
but obtaining the scroll was sudden & unexpected, dahmer's guild wasn't prepared, and the few people who joined didn't change anything about that. the raid was something thrown together with what was left in west.

lol it was a funny siege. barely anyone is upset about it, throwing ourselves on the lodestone like idiots was hilarious. and seeing uwu shit themselves, offering dahmer lc's to not siege, demo their shit and hearing they were scared of certain players in hcic *cough, me - LMAO* was worth it all.

can you imagine being scared of a mythic stam bow - dual dagger focus gemmed - 4piece gale set 19k hp archer ?
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I don't think anyone is scared of you, trapwhre. In fact it's quite the opposite.
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I enjoy the back and forth of chat PvP but tbh I think more thought could have been put into this. I mean this isn't the worst siege by any means considering it was never taken seriously by HCIC but makes UWU appear as "tryhards" that put significant effort into it. Now tbf it was for good reason because they wanted to keep their castle, I get it. The worst siege that tragically happened in recent time imo was an East Castle. Does no one remember when Havoc lost his castle???? I mean to send all your people to help siege def. another while the new PN walks in to steal w/ almost no effort your "Super Castle" was priceless. Why was there no sever 1st for this posted?