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This forum section is open to inform you about little and big changes and updates that are currently in our development workshop.
We’ll keep adding new information to this section to keep you updated about the ideas and things we are working on.

This thread will have only general info and links to the separate threads with the details.
In that separate threads you’ll be able to see the details or provide your thoughts on the update we are working on as well as add your ideas regarding the topic or simply discuss.​

Currently under Development:
- ArcheRage 4.0 global update release [Link] --> released
- New Cover: website and launcher! [Link] --> released
- New questline [Link] --> released
- Kraken Ink Sac [Link] --> released
- New guilds content: guild functions! [Link] --> released
- ArcheRage 4.7 (development-release info) [Link] --> released
- New Mount - your suggestions! [Link] --> released
- Custom questline. New chapter development [Link] --> released
- ArcheRage Club [Link] --> released
- ArcheRage 5.0 (development-release info) [Link] --> released
- ArcheRage 5.5 (development-release info) [Link] --> in development

(information will continue to be updated)

Finally, it will go from the development to the release or will be removed from the development (in case it appears that implementation is not possible or community denies this change as the one that needs to be implemented).​

FYI. Not all the updates may be mentioned in this development section but we’ll try to keep you updated on the majority of the most important things.​
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