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Donations using a debit card


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Ive tried several sites and I cat get anything to work. can someone please refer me to a site. Im trying to purchase a shadow card with my card and not having any luck.


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You should read if your country is in the allowed list for ppurchasing croypto currency. Mine is not soo therr is that.


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I asked about this thing once about a year ago, they said they're working on a way so we could donate/buy credit by credit cards, but a years fly away and we still cant. I'm rly sad about this bc from my country i cant get any bitcoin or else, so i cant buy shadow cards either. I only could pay via my visa card so I still cant donate anything. :(


I personally think this will help more than that guide. Much more simple and easy to understand. 3 steps.

Buying Credits:

**Check the donation section on the AA website first and see what amounts are available to buy. PixelGameCard offers amounts that the AA website won't accept**

Step 1: Click this link https://www.pixelgamecard.com/purchase?p=1 Make an account. Purchase a card for the amount you want in credits (be sure the AA website will accept that amount). Eventually you will get approved and receive a card number. First time buyers might take longer to get approved. The time will decrease the more you buy. If you use SuperRewards, then you can only make a purchase through PayPal once every 6 hours. If you want to use a Credit/Debit card, then you can as well, but they don't accept Mastercard.

Step 2: Click this link. https://www.archex.su/index.php Change language to English. Make an account. (Captcha's are completed by typing out the number instead of the entire word. EX: OneThousandTwoHundredFiftyNine = 1259) Log in. Click "Create Exchange" and type in the card number you received. After awhile it will be approved. You can check the status of the approval by clicking "Exit" and logging back in. To avoid logging in to check the status of your payment, just refresh the page every so often to see if it was approved.

Step 3: Once the previous transaction is approved, select the transaction and it will give you your code to enter on the AA website here https://na.archerage.to/

It's good to bookmark these pages to switch between websites easier.