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[Forum Event] A Story told through your eyes (Advertising event)

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Dear ArcheRagers!

We all love this game but there are still many people in this world who never tried this game or don't know about this server and its pleasant bonuses.
So, let's show them what we have to offer

What I need to do to participate?
Make a video showing off our server that will be featured on our YouTube channel [Here]
This video should show off the World of ArcheRage and what you can experience here.

What my post needs to include?
- A video of your own choice as long as it is about ArcheRage. (PVP, PVE, Farming, anything of your choice)​
- The video wants to be at least 2 minutes in total length​
- Make sure your post includes your character name in your forum post.​
- A small ArcheRage brand mark somewhere on your video.​
- Include a link to our website in the description of the video (https://na.archerage.to/)​

- Provide your IGN (in-game name)​
- Provide a link to your YouTube video and mention what type of video it is​
- Add a next in line number to your post (for example, if you were the first to participate in the event, you add #1; if somebody before you were #5, you need to add #6 to your post, etc). It's very important to have that number added as it will be used for a weekly prize draw with a help of randomizer.​
- Each time you post somewhere, make a separate post with a screenshot in this thread with a next in line number. More active you are, more chances you have to win!​
- You can only have 2 video entries into the event

- Videos need to be created new. Nothing created prior to September 10th will be entered

Each week within 4 weeks with a help of Randomizer we'll choose 1 member that will receive a prize (2nd place reward provided below) and have their video featured on our channel. These videos will get the 2nd place prize each.​
During the final week a poll will be made for you to chose who's video was the best. They will get the 1st place prize.

1st place - 5000 Credits + Title "ArcheRage Promoter"​
2nd place - 3000 Credits + Title "ArcheRage Promoter"​

Videos will be chosen on October 1st, October 8th, October 15th and October 22nd.
The poll for best video will be made on October 22nd
Videos accepted until October 21st
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I like the idea... though it does not need to be posted on that channel... In fact any video at all showing our server with PASSION will attrack whomever was trying to find out about what such video shows.

If they try to fit the video in from this angle it will almost every time show no passion at all.

I say make the people send you whatever thing they like of the game and then edit it all in one single master piece. MADE BY ALL THOSE WITH ART AND PASSION, representing the whole shebang.

Then you will become irresistible.

As the people say the devil once said, "You have to truly love what you selling"


I wanted to enter until I saw, that the video length should be at least 5min.
Way too long, sorry.


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What would you say is a more reasonable video length then?
Hmm if I'd watch a video of something.. I wouldn't watch 5min, maybe 1-1.5min is better to keep my attention. Still gives plenty of time for different shots to be combined to create a story/ad.


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To give others a chance the first set has been extended by a week so more people can make videos as requirements was shortend


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Putting both participants into a random number generator has yielded Roch this weeks winner.
@Roch your prize will be sent out some time later on


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Event is over.
Due to the low number of entries, poll will not be made for this event.
As Seresuta is the most active in video recordings participant, 1st place reward is going to this player. Congratulations!
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