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[Forum Event] ArcheRage fans club

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Under the spoiler you can find 4 screenshots.
Create a little 5-10 sentences story based on the provided screenshots.

Time to complete: 2 days.
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IGN : Ultima

The brave warrior enter the portal.
To see the old world in the other side.
Where old ruins and relics lies.
Waiting for someone to unlock all it secret.
But little did the brave warrior know.
The danger that await.
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IGN : Elizea

-When the portal open to a war between Nations, heros jump trough it to join the battle.
- In the middle, on a floating island where a big Bolt shine heros received a mission.
-To destroy the Bloodspires to conquer the holy light.
-Ressumon Tahyang's Bolts in their place to end the war and stop the Crimson Army.
-They fight bravely and at the end of the day their fight will be rewarded with.... one Medal.
"Blame the Healers"


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A portal, a new adventure, the start of a journey.
A mystery, a new story unfolds, a call for the heroes.
An enigma, a darkness, one which should not take hold.
A battle, a war, preserving the light.
Remembering the past, the sacrifice of Eanna.
Will they prevail? Will they fall?
Only time will tell, to be written by those who remain.


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"Blue Friday"
Color of the day – blue.
Take a screenshot with 1 more player. Main color of screenshot should be blue.

Time to complete: 1 day.
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