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[Forum Event] ArcheRage Loading… Please Wait!


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Do you like to see new loading screen arts, when you are loading the game? Maybe you want to see your art there? Then you need to try yourself in this event!
Best works will be rewarded and may also be chosen for the game loading screen later.
Provide a game screenshot or a digital art of your own creation for the loading screen.​
  • Provide your IGN.​
  • No more than 1 work per participant.​
  • Graphic editors are allowed.​
  • It can be anything related to the game.​
  • File type: PNG.​
  • Dimensions: 1920x1200. Please note the size is not standard! (Tip: you can add a black line below to increase height from 1080 to 1200; remember we have a loading bar (below) in game that should stay visible, so black background would be the best for it)​
  • Only works that didn't participate in any previous events will be accepted.​
Important! Please hide your art under the spoiler. You can also leave additional comment if you want.​

1st place
- 4000 credits + Eagle Glider Companion (wrapped)
Eagle Glider Companion.png
2nd place - 3000 credits + Restless Dancer Costume
Restless Dancer Costume.png
3rd place - 2000 credits + Harvest Rabbit Floor Lamp
Harvest Rabbit Floor Lamp.jpg
4th-6th place - 1000 credits

Last day of the event - March, 16th