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[Forum Event] Are you afraid of heights?

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Are you afraid of heights?

Do you like climbing mountains to enjoy beautiful view from the top?
Find your perfect viewpoint from a hill or a mountain in game, screenshot and share it with us here.
Your event submission should include 2 screenshots - 1 with no text on it + 1 from the same place, but hidden under the spoiler, showing your character name.​
We'll choose a winner based on the 1st screenshot with no text on it. Second screenshot is required to confirm that it's your original work.​
Your screenshot should have:
  • Your character on it using one of the available in game emotes.​
  • View from a hill or a mountain.​
  1. Any graphic redactors are forbidden.​
  2. Only 1 work per participant is allowed.​

1st place
- 3000 credits + Abbadon or Azazel (wrapped) at winner's choice
Abbadon.jpg Azazel.jpg
2nd place - 2500 credits + Mountcaller Storybook (decor)
Mountcaller Storybook (decor).png
3rd place - 2000 credits
4-5th place* - 1000 credits

* In case the number of participants reaches more than 10, we'll also have 4th and 5th place rewarded.

Lat day of the event - November, 21st


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How large does my char still have to be on the screenshot? xD I have something in mind and I might wanna zoom out for it.


Rokhala Mountains - “ Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

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