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[Forum Event] Bring one, Bring them all! Start a new adventure with others.

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Bring one, Bring them all!

Dear ArcheRagers!​

We all love this game but there are still many people in this world who has never tried this game or don't know about this server and its custom content and extra bonuses.​
So, let's tell them about it and in addition win prizes for ourselves.​

What I need to do to participate?
Make a post about our server on social media (FB, reddit, twitter, etc), other games forums or any other place you think may attract people to join ArcheRage.​
For those of you who'd like you show off your talents with videos you can also participate in this event.​

What my post needs to include?
- A link to the server. https://na.archerage.to and the #ArcheRage​
- The server updating to 4.7 and some of bonuses of the server. (Enhanced free patreon, Custom changes and content, support pack, ect)​
- Include your forum/account name in your post.​

What my video needs to include?
- ArcheRage in the title.​
- A link to the website in the description https://na.archerage.to. Along with a short description of server benefits, custom content, ect. of your own choice.​
- video footage is preferable to be from 4.5-4.7 however still accepted if from earlier.​
- Should include ArcheRages logo at some stage (Can be a small watermark or shown at anytime in the video)​

- Provide your IGN (in-game name)​
- Provide a screenshot showing the post you've made / Link to your public video​
- You can only enter a submission once. However you can enter for post media post and video. Your "Media Post" submission can include multiple posts in different media sources.​

All participating members will receive the title "Advertiser"​
Rewards are split into 2 categories: video and media post.​
There will only be 1 first place winner for each category. Amount of winners for 2nd and 3rd place will be determined by number of entries at closing date.​
*In the event of a large volume of participants reward tiers may also be extended*

Media Post:
1st place - 2000 credits + Previously released boutique costume of winners choice​
2nd place - 1500 credits​
3rd place - 1000 credits​

Video Post:
1st place - 3000 credits + Previously released boutique item of winners choice​
2nd place - 2000 credits​
3rd place - 1000 credits​

A tip:
Don't try to overfill your posts with information. Express the good things about the server in short sentences.​
Images from your own in game experience help to show off the server​

AR Events Mini-Guide:

Last day of the event - July 17th
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Name in the game: Kanoyah.
Category: Video.
Public video link:
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Media post
1st -@Zanna - IGN:Zanna
2nd -@Ayato - IGN:Kanoyah
3rd -@Skyler - IGN:Snorlax

Video Post
1st -@Hyakki - IGN:Hyakki
2nd -@Thriem - IGN:Threeve
3rd -@RollzReus -IGN:Rollz

All participants to be sent Advertiser Title.
@Hyakki - IGN:Hyakki
@Zanna - IGN:Zanna
@Ayato - IGN:Kanoyah
@RollzReus -IGN:Rollz
@Delfie - Faux
@Thriem - IGN:Threeve
@Skyler - IGN:Snorlax

First place winners please contact for your chosen reward.
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