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[Forum Event] Fly ArcheRage

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Fly ArcheRage world and share your favorite views spectacular with other ArcheRage world inhabitants.
Enjoy a glider flight and capture the moment on a screenshot.

Provide 1 screenshot of your flight on the glider – you, your glider and a breathtaking views are required!

Additional requirements:
1. No more than 1 work per participant.
2. Include your IGN.
3. Include a screenshot title and a short description.
4. Graphic editors are not allowed.
5. Post only own screenshot you took for this event.

1st place
3000 credits + title "Nature Hunter"* + Glider Companion: Red (wrapped)
2nd place - 2000 credits + title "Nature Hunter" + Flashy Steamracer Leathers
3rd place - 1000 credits + title "Nature Hunter" + Resting Butterfae (poster)
4th - 5th place1000 credits

*Detect stealth range +3%

Last day of the event – August, 26th


IGN: Tristram
Title: Eternal Struggle
Description: Frozen in time, their souls lie dormant. Waiting for the world to be reborn.

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IGN: Blackfachadin

Another kind of beauty
~ Playing with you guys in Mistmerrow (with potato pc, but still joyful ;D).


P.S.: Im the dwarf with the blue glider in the center of the screenshot.


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Hatora Public Stables.
A Fabulastic Witch has just arrived to Town with bakery specialities whence She forgot Pumpkin Pasties.
She minds to get hold of two feet on the ground, full of icy brown sugar before meet Hatora Parish Guards.
Arcum Iris Desert on Nimbus Two Thousand.png
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IGN: Vermillia

Harbinger of the Hunt

Vermillia, the Prophet-Queen of the Blood Legion, soars to the skies of Hasla by leaving her den in Jadegale Ravine. Dancing through the mesmerising waterfalls of the Ravine, her ravenspine wings heed to the beckoning of Vitalis. As her windswept saffron hair resonates the hauntingly beautiful essence of primordial bloodlust, her gloomy eyes scream of want. The Hunt must go on.



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IGN: Dorkothy

Title: Avoiding Pirates

Description: As the title would suggest, this was taken as I was just starting out the game, my friend was jumped by pirates, I made it my mission to climb up top the mountain and fly down so I could scout it out
My scouting mission ended up resulting in a nice view!
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