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[Forum Event] GIF Master

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It's time to capture some of the ArcheRage moments in Gifs.​
Rules are very simple.​
  • For this event participants are requested to make 3 gifs:
    • Gif 1: Presentation of any ingame costume.​
    • Gif 2: Presentation of any ingame mount or pet.​
    • Gif 3: Moments from any ingame event.​
  • Include a short description with every gif.​
  • Include your IGN.​
  1. Costumes, pets and mounts can't repeat, so if another participant has already posted a gif with it, you'll need to choose another one.​
  2. Gifs from the same ingame events are allowed.​
  3. Gifs should be of your own creation.​
1st place - 4000 credits + Nightfire Glider
2nd place - 3000 credits + Red Hello Kitty Costume
3rd place - 2000 credits + Hellkissed Item (winner's choice)​
Other rewards:
We'll choose several random winners from all the participants who fulfilled the event requirements but didn't get 1-3 winning places. The number of random winners will depend on the total number of participants:
3 random winners (8-10 event participants)​
5 random winners (10-15 participants)​
7 random winners (more than 15 participants)​
Random winner reward is 1 of the items from the below list.​
1 - 1500 credits
2 - 1000 credits
3 - 500 credits
4 - Oathbreaker Plate costume
5 - Razer Snek
6 - Sweet Dreams Bed
7 - Royal Yata Loveseat
If we have 3 random winners, they will receive items 1,2,3; in case of 5 winners - items 1-5; in case of 7 random winners - all 7 items from the list will be used for the rewards.
Random winners will receive a random number and will receive a gift that matches that number.

Last day of the event - March, 12th


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IGN: Choi

" The Werefox of Wallstreet "
(Werefox Robes)

" Maybe you shouldn't have stopped to smell the roses . . . "
(Tamed Blackscale Corps Deceiver)

"Anthalon's legion descend upon Mistmerrow! "
(Stop the Assault on Mistmerrow)

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IGN: Narsha

"Shhh, I snuck away from guild responsibilities."

Alabaster Perinoor Silks

"Running away from more guild responsibilities, but faster."


"Is seafood for dinner, or are we dinner for the seafood?"

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IGN: Vandela

💛Ghost Costume💛
Hiding somewhere in the mist.. is the golden ghost of daylight~

💛Mirage Snowlion💛
"I don't need your bad boy hot-rod.... I have my good boy named Bluu"
💛Aegis Island Sealbreaker Defense💛
So we're all burnin and there's a giant mutant frog-
its prolly the end o the world already ._.


...Hope I made ya smile :3


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IGN: Jakeofalltrades

There once was a knight in gold and white,
who pledged his might to a king to fight.


The king agreed and gave him a steed,
with mighty speed and of pure breed.

The king fortold of plains of gold,
The knight got bold... but would not grow old.


The end.

Costume: Adventurer's Costume
Mount: Alabaster Lilyut Horse
Event: Golden Plains Battle
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Costume: Even pole dances can be classy... let us whisper carelessly in your ear....

Gif 2: Pets <3 Nothing like a free form dance party!

Gif 3: Even the Red Dragon joins in on the fun with those deadly twirls.

Poor Cottage Plushie got angry that the others dance skills were more developed than his.... Daru doesnt care...

Red Dragon is committed to having a dance party even if the humanoids murder each other....

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IGN: Mewo

Whether its introducing newbies to the game or going fishing, fashion is always a must! (location: nuian starting zone | Costume: Classique Ball Attire)
And its always good to complement fashion with an accessory, especially when you fall into the water and it comes to save you. (Mount: Lady Fluffsworth)
As a team, we are so strong it only takes a single fireball to take down Mistmerrow towers! (Event: Mistmerrow)
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IGN: kuroken

GIF 1: That annoying seabug >.<
Costume : Firebreath dragon Slayer

GIF 2: A wild serpent appeared.
Pet : Azazel

GIF 3: When we forget to change equipment.
Event : Mistmerrow


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Gif 1:Treasures man, treasures!(Prisoner's Pride)

Gif 2: Come to papa..?(Chicken pet)

Gif 3: Those ghouls jump real high dame (Aegis Event)

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You all did an excellent job! No doubts. That was an extremely complicated choice for us to make and, this time, opinions regarding the 1st place divided. Due to it, though we usually choose only one first place winner, we’ll have two 1st places for this event.​

1st place - @Narsha (IGN: Narsha) & @Zanna (IGN: Zanna)​
2nd place - @RogueChoi (IGN: Choi) &@Vandela (IGN: Vandela)​
3rd place - @jakeofalltrades (IGN: Jakeofalltrades) & @Mewo (IGN: Mewo)​

Other rewards go to:
@Deyhauk (IGN: Deyhauk) - Oathbreaker Plate costume​
@Aviendha (IGN: Aviendha) - Razer Snek​
@kuroken (IGN: Kuroken) - 500 credits​
@yoshi (IGN: Yoshi) - 1500 credits​
@codycyclone7 (IGN: Sky) - 1000 credits​

All rewards will be sent within the next few hours.​

@jakeofalltrades and @Mewo please contact me to confirm your choice on the Hellkissed Item.
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