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[Forum Event] Heat of Battle

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Immortalize your achievements in battle in this forum event! Whether it's against numerous monsters, a menacing world boss along with your friends or fighting against with an another player (or multiple)! Show your prowess and finesse and put all of those skill visual effects to good use.
  1. Provide your IGN.
  2. Provide the list of cosmetics used inside a spoiler.
  3. Make one or more screenshots with your character fighting against a mob/boss/player.
  4. Provide some background information to your screenshot(s) - what are you fighting against, for what reason - are you farming for something specific? Just a remarkable situation that happened while doing dailies? Something else? Keep it to 1000 symbols or less total.

1st place
- 4000 credits
2nd place - 3500 credits
3rd place - 3000 credits
4th-6th place - 1500 credits

Last day of the event - October 8th.


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IGN: Kayjuv
With the new Marvelous Mab pet I feel powerful to face even the hardests mobs on Auroria... But I still need to run for my life :D

Sometimes I just can run too fast :(

What I'm using:
- Dairy Cow Costume
- Marvelous Mab pet
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IGN: Syzie
- Victory Ball Attire fused with Range Basic Costume
- Marvelous Mab Pet

Defeating the enemy and successfully killing the boss along with allies can all achieve success, it's so much fun.

1- PVP raid with opponents to get the boss
PVP raid with opponents to get the boss.png

2 - Defeat two bosses with a raid team and sometime can get boss gear

Defeat two bosses with a raid team.png

3 - Fun time for PVP, meanwhile looking a nice location for take photo


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IGN: Tristram

Costume: Immortal Guardian's Robes
Pet: Fledgling Phoenix

battle 01b.jpg

Racing against time before the Ayanad Library collapses upon itself, Tristram harvests the final Anima Fragment needed to obtain Mage Miller's Records for his ever-growing book collection.

books 01b.jpg


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IGN: Aviendha

Radiant Dawnsdrop Hat
Sylvas Nocturne Top
Disciple's Serenity Gloves
Sylvas Nocturne Bottoms
Radiant Dawnsdrop Boots
Tangerine Ice Cream Club
Tangerine Ice Cream Axe
Squirrel Glider

When your loot stone runs out and you don't notice until you see the corpses piling up...




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ING: Luxy

- Protecting my Guildmate from getting Ganked


- Hufflepull student's uniform
- Blobby
- Brimstone Staff
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IGN: Num

I was alerted by my guildies that there was a big meanie in Hellswamp who had stolen their loot buffs, and wouldn’t give them back. I went to check it out.

More by smell than anything else, I was able to find him deep in the depths of the Howling Abyss. Musperosa stomped around like a big sweaty ape, flashing his drip, and trying to intimidate me.

In the end though, he was nothing more than another basement-dwelling bully, and all it took was one small dwarf standing up to him for him to return the buffs.

Afterwards, we had a nice chat, and he seems like a real sweetie but he desperately needs to get outside, get some fresh air and experience more of life than his dank, dark dungeon. He agreed, and suggested this weekend maybe we could take a trip out east to visit his old friend Levi with his new friend Num? Could be an adventure!


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Good day!
Our picks (IGNs):
  1. Tristram
  2. Num
  3. Aviendha
  4. Kayjuv
  5. Syzie
  6. Luxy
Thank you for participating, and see you next event! Rewards will be distributed shortly.
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