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[Forum Event] Lands Expert: New Adventure


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IGN: Trixstir
Location: Flower Farm. Sunbite Wilds

(Had so many problems with this one flowers not right angles not right nothing wanted to seem to be right this is what I get for playing potate graphics on my junker of a pc)


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A week has passed and we are ready to announce the players with the best knowledge of the locations from all the event participants.
Here are 7 players that were the fastest in locating the correct place:
1 - @Necrote
2 - @Veraklym
3 - @Morza
4 - @Noname_Shiro
5 - @Freaky
6 - @Trixstir
7 - @Noname_Shiro

Main Lands Expert is @Noname_Shiro.

@Noname_Shiro please contact me in Contact Moderators or Discord and confirm the costume from In-game boutique you'd like to receive.
PS. Other participants from top 7 will receive 500 credits bonus.

Guys, did you like the event? Would you like us to run such one again from time to time?


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Thanks for this event. It was really fun to find the places :) Would be great to have something like that again.

One small thing however.. maybe you could hide the location ( this line: "Location: Whitecap Beach, Halcyona" ) in the posts untill the time is over, so the places really have to be found