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IGN: Viiolettcandy

Viiolettcandy (Clean no Logo, no Black line).png

Viiolettcandy (Black line Only).jpg

Viiolettcandy (Logo only).png

Viiolettcandy (Logo & black line).png


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Due to a good number of participants and a great amount of amazing loading screen works you provided, we decided to choose more winners than originally announced. Each place will get 2 winners and one day you may see your art/screenshot in game. And now back to the results you all been waiting for...​

1st place - @Lalisa (IGN: Chiaki) & @magefries (IGN: Magefries)​
1 - Lalisa.png 1 - magefries.png
2nd place - @Rebecca (IGN: Rebeccaf) & @Zanna (IGN: Zanna)​
2 - Rebecca.png 2 - Zanna.png
3rd place - @Mizr (IGN: Mizr) & @Viiolettcandy (IGN: Viiolettcandy)​
3 - Mizr.png 3 - Viiolettcandy.png
4th place - @Skyler (IGN: Skylered) & @Zeirlynn (IGN: Zeirlynn)​
4 - Skyler.png 4 - Zeirlynn.png
5th place - @Mimi (IGN: Stephany) & @Yamii (IGN: Yamii)​
5 - Mimi.png 5 - Yamii.png
6th place - @Aviendha (IGN: Aviendha) & @Hyakki (IGN: Hyakki)​
6 - Aviendha.png 6 - Hyakki.png

P.S. The art of @crybaby is also very worthy but doesn't fit the loading screen format. Due to it we can't reward you for this event but hope to see you in our other art events.
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