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Mr & Ms(Mrs) AR Summer
Summer is in full swing and it's time to determine who will become our Mr. and Ms. (Mrs) Summer.

This event will require a team work from you. Each submission should include 2 names.
2 players – one with male character and another one with female character need to unite and provide the following:
  • 3 joint screenshots with “Summer” as a main topic:
    • 1 of the screenshots should show your characters names.
    • 2 of 3 screenshots at your choice should be hidden under the spoiler.
  • a little bit about each character (hobbies, daily routine character performs, favorite places character likes to spend free time at in AR world).
  • a story of their meeting (that can be friends, real couples, players who decided to unite only for this event).
Only 1 player from the couple needs to post an event submission, but he (she) needs to provide both participants names and information required for the participation.

Reward for a couple*:
1st place - 6000 credits + titles "Mister Summer" (for male character) and "Miss Summer"* (for female character) + Nimbus 2000 + Racing Zebra
2nd place - 5000 credits + titles "Mister Summer" (for male character) and "Miss Summer"* (for female character) + Inoch's Battle Robes + Crimson Perinoor Silks
3rd place - 4000 credits + titles "Mister Summer" (for male character) and "Miss Summer"* (for female character) + Any-Post Yellow Larva + Monkey Chair

* Title grants Intelligence +5, Movement speed +4%

2 more prizes will be sent to 2 random participating couples:
- Gryffindor student's uniform (x2) + titles "Mister Summer" & "Miss Summer"
- Aria's Phonograph (x2) + titles "Mister Summer" & "Miss Summer"

* After the announcement of the winners, winning couples will need to decide how to divide received reward and inform staff. We'll send the reward in parts confirmed by the winners.

Last day of the event - July, 28th
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Gatts ♥ Angelina

#1 Mirage.jpg

Our First Meeting
The warmth of the summer sun on my skin, the fragrance of the flowers in high bloom and the warm breeze playing with my hair and making my skirt ripple. The day was wonderful, the day was perfect but for one thing.. The loud noise of banging hanging thick in the air, scaring away beautiful birds and cats alike. I decide to follow the noise, my quest being to get to the bottom of this disturbing mystery and if possible, to put an end to it!
As I finally start to approach the source of the ”headache of Rokhala” , the noise is nearly deafening. And the source of the noise turns out to be a man with back turned to me, a lean attractive back, at that. With a strong grip on his sledgehammer, he is demolishing what must once have been a beautiful home that someone used to live in. I stop dead in my tracks wondering what he is thinking, doing that right in front of me.. such innocence.. I stay a distance off from him, giving him space to do his thing as I look out for any baddies that might go in to steal the plot of this innocent being. But luck is on his side.. this time as well as most times, Rngesus probably being a deity he prays to regularly.
He reclaims his plot of land, placing a beautiful small sapling in the earth that will one day become a wonderful treehouse and turns around to face me. I am struck by his stern and handsome features as he looks at me from top to bottom. His face is firm yet playful and mysterious and I notice for the first time that I am in the presence of a Hero of the faction, I suddenly get weak in my legs and a bit shy. I look down at my feet as he speaks to me; ’Well hello there sunshine’. I raise my eyes from my feet, just enough to be looking him into his beautiful brown eyes and I respond to him. ’Hey mister..”. I smile shyly at him and he smiles reassuringly back at me and he separates his delicious looking lips once again, to speak to me, his words passing right by me as I find myself captivated by his features. I start to blush furiously as I realize he just spoke to me and I missed all of what he said. He raises an eyebrow questioningly at me as he speaks once more. ”Well, how about it girl?”. I just awkwardly nod in agreement, having no idea what I am agreeing to. ”My name is Gatts, what’s yours, precious?”. He brings out his worn and haggard book of teleportation and starts to flip through the pages of it as he waits for my response. ”My name is Angel.. Angelina, pleased to meet you”. He finishes turning pages in his book and summons a portal in-between us, his body being distorted by the greenish light of it. ”Ladies first, madame”. I giggle at his silly, over the top attempt of being a gentleman and jumps through his portal..

That’s how we went on our very first adventure together, with many to follow after. It’s how we found the best friend in one another and a loving partner on top. Since then and for always.

#2 Rokhala.jpg

About Us
We love adventuring out at sea! Diving for treasures, purging the sea of sinister enemies and doing all of this in style with Gatts’ Growling Yawl! If we are still craving some more naval action, we might be found in the Maelstrom Arena, blasting one another to smithereens. Which is fun both working together as an unstoppable duo, as well as against one another.
As the bookworms we are, we also enjoy visiting The Ayanad Library on occasion. But on our hunt for good books to read, we often seem to stumble upon troublesome foes instead. One could wish they would respect the library etiquette, but naughty as they are, they don’t and so it’s on us to make them! Like unruly children we spank them back to their beds.
But at the end of the day, all that really interest us is to spend time with one another and experience all our adventures as one!

#3 Bungalow.jpg

To be continued… c:
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Kittydoom and Genaro

Kitty Gen Summer 2.jpg

The Story

Genaro and Kitty are from a nomadic band of Firran who often made the trip between Windscour and Falcorth hunting game and planting crops wherever the rains fell best that month. Their band was a small one made up of only a dozen families and Genaro being older often had to watch over Kitty as they grew up.
Yet he never treated her as anything but his companion, often taking her on adventures before either of them were ready to face them. Adults who saw them together realized quickly these were a pair of old souls who had shared fate for a great stretch of time and were accepting of the madness they'd often find themselves in together. As they grew older the feelings they shared deepened into something neither of them expected as children, as their long wanderings into strange places often resulted in them finding each other cuddling close as the sun rose. To them, it was natural after so many years to love one another, and they did not really find anything remarkable in it, only that they were as they always were for each other: Home.

Kitty Gen Summer 1.jpg

The Couples free time!

On the couples free time they like to enjoy doing things like dancing on the beach around the fire as they stayed up all night to watch the sunrise. They love staying in cottages throughout the year on both the Nuian and Haranyan continents often having tea and cookies as a breakfast and afternoon snacks. There favorite area in all of world is the mountains of falcorth plains where they often played as children. Other things they will do is farm, craft all sorts of fun things including decorations for the houses, and lastly delivering packs made with the goods they farm so they can afford to make more house decorations! or rent cottages to have more tea and cookies.


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Well where to begin with Jacon... If you've ever seen his character in game then you know he isn't much to look at - in fact he's so ugly it's funny. From what I can tell, Jacon is a goofball both in the game and in real life.

I have no idea what Jacon does for money in AA, since almost every time I see him he's dancing around Austera with his friends or 'helping' someone from his guild. If I was to guess where Jacon makes his money, I would say it was from the auction house as he's always buying and selling stuff in tradechat - which is actually how we met :p
Momochichi is a carebear. I'm guessing they've never done PVP. I imagine the only other games they play are stardew valley or farmville since all they do is gather. Maybe minecraft too.

Jacon whispered me about a week ago if I'd help him with an event called Mr and Mrs AR Summer. He told me we needed to take three pictures and write a little story about each other and what we do in the game. I thought he was messing with me or teasing me for being into outfits and farming (who doesn't like having cool stuff!), but he kept pestering me saying we could both make some money so I caved (I secretly thought it might be a bit of fun).

We met up in Austera and Jacon ported us to Sandeep, which looks amazing by the way. I'd only ever been to the beaches in Haranya which are no where near as beautiful as the ones on the west.

We were trying to coordinate our poses and camera for about 20 minutes but it was too hard to get the timing right. Jacon suggested we should just go on discord. Honestly, I was a bit scared because I've had some weird experiences talking in voice (there are some strange people out there) so when I joined his discord I kept my mic muted. After about 5 minutes of Jacon making jokes to himself I unmuted my mic and said hi (he seemed harmless). He started laughing and asked if I was using a voice changer (Apparently there are a lot of men in the game pretending to be women?) Anyway, we chatted for a while and honestly it was hard to not to laugh at everything he said.
I had been meaning to do one of these events for a while as they're easy money if you do it right. I couldn't find anyone to help me with this one no one was online, so I started spamming my friends list looking for some help. Momochichi was the only one that responded, but when I tried to explain to them what we had to do (take some nice pictures in our beach clothes), she thought I was messing with her.

I finally ended up convincing her to come along, and I told her to bring her bikini or what ever outfit/s she wanted to wear in the photos. I took her to Sandeep because it looks nice there and it's in the Festival Period so we wouldn't have to worry about getting killed while taking the pictures. Momochichi is a 3k cleric so they wouldn't be much help in a fight. We tried to coordinate our positions and poses but it was just taking too long plus Momochichi kept messing up, so I asked her for her discord so we could just figure it out in voice.
After we were done taking pictures in Sandeep I suggested we go back to my place to take a few more so there was some variety. We ended up taking a few on the bed (yikes how embarrassing), and I'm not entirely sure how he convinced me to do that :rolleyes:. I was laughing so hard I almost cried. We ended up chatting and joking for another hour or so after we'd finished taking the pictures and we decided that if there was another event we'd have to do it together ;)
When Momochichi joined voice they had their mic muted so I was just talking to myself. I asked them why they were muted and they told me they didn't have a microphone (which ended up being a big fat lie). After a few minutes they unmuted and said hi. They were nice and we ended up sharing a lot of jokes and laughs. We ended up getting through the pictures much faster than before.

I told Momochichi we probably needed three different looking pictures if we were going to have a chance at winning the competition, so she suggested her we go back to her treehouse.

We were just going to take a picture of me lying on the bed while she told me off but it just wasn't looking right so I tried lying on the bed instead. She was doing the pumped up dance beside the bed which wasn't fitting in the shot so I said she should just get up on the bed and do her lil twerk dance on me for a great picture. She kept saying she was doing it 'for the competition', but I knew that she was really enjoying herself. We were both laughing so much the whole time and teasing each other for doing something so silly together.

Even if we don't win anything (fingers crossed we do tho) I'm glad we did the competition. It was lots of fun chatting and I hope we get to be Mr and Mrs Summer - although it'll be awkward when we get divorced! Who will keep the name? :oops: Let's do more of these fun events Momochichi!

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Event winners (1st; 2nd and 3rd place) will also receive an additional reward not announced at the event start - unique titles "Mister Summer" and "Miss Summer" (grant Intelligence +5, Movement speed +4%).

Join the event and compete for the title of Mr and Ms Summer of this year as well as other rewards!


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We are Ala and Martius! We spend our days working at our farm, caring for our animals and plants, breeding yatas and deliver our cargos around the world. It's hard work, but we love it. We always stand by each other sides and do everything together.
Ala is the one, who mainly takes care of harvesting and making sure all animals are fed and healthy. She also loves yatas and is always happy when she can help yata-ladies deliver cute calfs.
Martius is the organizer and crafter. Without him the farm would not work. He makes sure we have enough land, we plant what we need and we sell what we can to be able to survive. He also makes all the furniture for us and is very good at listening to Ala's commands, where he needs to put them. We feel like we are the perfect team!
We don't like to get into trouble. So fighting and being big heroes is nothing for us. We spend our free time making music, visiting beautiful places around the world and sometimes even have some underwater adventures! But we always love to return home to Marianople. Our whole work and passion goes here to our little farm.
How we met? That's easy. We met in an online game. We imidiately felt a deep connection and played together everyday and had little chat conversations. Without knowing about age, gender or nationality. Turns out: We a are perfect match. We love to spend our time together and yes, we still love to play games together. It helps especially in this time, when we are still living in different countries, but only weeks away from finally moving in together. After 3 years of a happy relationship. AR really helps us to feel close because it allows us to work on projects together and simulate a normal everyday life, we don't have yet. But even when we got that, we won't stop playing. We are a Gamer-Couple! What do you expect? ;)
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[ING] Chaerin & [ING] Chwihan


"So, our first meeting. That was kind of a funny story.

So, I went as usual to the beach at Blueglass with my friends. I sat down and drank a good cold beer. It was afternoon and a lot of people started getting there to go swimming, to build some sandcastles or just to take a sunbath at the beach.

After I had drunken my beer, I walked towards my friends, everything was fun. We talked a lot, laughed a lot. Then I saw a group of friends walking to the beach, and there was that one girl who caught my attention. I saw her and she was breathtaking. She went with her friends up to eat something, I guess. My friends noticed that something was up and started nagging me, after some time I felt really annoyed. I tried not to get lost so much in my thoughts but it was really hard. I gazed over sometimes, but I didn't want to seem to creepy so I stopped. So yeah back at it, I drank a bit and ate something so I wouldn't get drunk.

We talked about nearly everything, it was great. Everyone was talking about their life’s, their new won families or their jobs and it was really interesting not gonna lie. Then we talked about my concert which was today on a big ship, I was hyped somehow but not too much. Then my friends had the funny idea to get into the water as they were half drunk. After some laughing and that nearly one of my friends drowned it was pretty much fun.

After that we were sitting together at the beach and I had to glace back to that girl. And then I went sad- I saw how her group stared leaving. I didn't even have the chance to talk to her I thought..." - Chwihan

"It was evening now and I went again with my friends at the Beach to relax and party with them. It was really funny here with all of them but somehow I couldn't really focus on what they were saying, the reason was this boy that stood a few meters away from us, he seemed interesting for me and I kind of wanted to get to know him, but didn't know how to start a conversation.

While my thoughts were somewhere else my friends started to go to the other group where the boy also was, my friend grabbed my hand and dragged me along with them to the group.

Turns out some of them knew each other and we were a big group, I didn't mind it, it was going to be fun and I could try to get to know this interesting guy.

We all talked about our favorite hobbies and he said something about playing instruments which got my full attention. So being the music lover here I told about my Songs I wrote and that I loved composing them, he seemed fascinated and so a long conversation began about our passion for music.

After a few hours of us talking he asked me to come to his concert he would hold on a big boat later, I of course said yes.

It was really beautiful the way he played and the passion he had, I enjoyed it a lot and so did the others. Later after the concert finished, I stayed a bit longer, seeing how the others were leaving. I just wanted to talk a bit more with him which we did, we talked about our passion and later I asked him if he could play a Song I composed and he did. So we sat there, me in silence on the piano and him playing the song, with the planets shining in the background you could say that it was a very romantic moment, and for me it really was..." - Chearin

I'm Chaerin and I'm from Sunbite Wilds as far as I can remember but now I live in Rookborn Basin in a small but comfy house.

My hobbies are composing songs, I really love this the most, then I also like to meet with my friends at the beach and have fun.

I do this almost every day so it became one of the many things in my daily routine.

Like I start my day with getting up and harvesting my plants that I need to do few things for me and my friends, then I go home and start writing some lyrics that came up in my mind while exploring the world or to express my feelings at the moment, it's not really much I do every day but composing songs for sure is hard.

About My songs, they may not be the best but I want to share my stories and hardships with people all around the world and hope that it can help them when they don't feel so good.

Most of the time when I'm composing songs, I'm at home or going to Sanddeep near the sea, it's really relaxing and helps me to clear my mind when I feel down but with my friends it's also a really good place to have a good time and to Party.

So you could say my life is just about sharing my story with the world and being with my friends.

My name is Chwihan! I come from Arcum Iris, at least that's the first Location I can remember after that accident which happened and at the moment, I live in Rookborn Basin at the western housing province.

One of my favorite hobbies is to play different kinds of instruments. Like the first one I learned playing was the piano when I was really young, after that I started learning Guitar, then Bass and now it's the Violin. I could say music is my live, I love giving small concerts at the Yorland Theater in Austera. I'm aware that I'm not the best, but I'm improving to become one of the bests.

One hobby which I just discovered is printing, I love to gather different stories or manuscripts to make a whole book out of them, then search for a nice relaxing place to read them.

I would say about myself I'm more the relaxed guy, nothing can get me raged nor aggressive. Furthermore, I try my best to think with my brain, then think with my emotions. Even though it is hard sometimes.

I really like to drink beer in a warm summer evening with friends while chilling on the Beach at Blueglass in Sanddeep. Nothing is better than that.

Not to forget, fishing. Fishing is one of the most chilling things to do in ArcheRage. Just get on the next ship, sail through the Arcadian Sea and angle some fish.

My daily routine is different every day. I get up and the first thing I do is emptying my miner at my house. Then I feed the hens and collect the lemons from the trees. Mostly after that I bring all the necessary materials to the Community Center to contribute. After I've done all of that, I'm free to go. I don't really have to do anything, so I pick that what I want to do.

"That was my first time seeing her at the beach." - chwihan


"A very romantic evening I will never forget." - Chaerin

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or as we like to call it: NO WAY,NEVER!

It was late on a Saturday night and I was porting into Hero Hall to unpack my bag and say hello to a few friends. To my dismay, the port landed me on ... Rykos. After my initial embarrassment related to... knocking him over, I looked at his amazing wings and red and black suit... there was something that reminded me of... I still don't know.

I was minding my own drunken business in Hero Hall when an angel in a black and red costume literally knocked me off my feet. Such an awkward situation. She offered to help me up, but I did not need help from that stinking <Trickster>. She probably just wanted to help me so she could rob me. But I kinda dig her outfit - it reminds me of... me?

Weeks went on and we ran into each other (sometimes literally) in different spots.

(Soph) I would swim in Mirage, enjoying the single life... and he was there!
(Rykos) While enjoying a beer at the beach... guess who was there?


(Soph) I was looking for burning logs in Marcala, and guess who KILLED ME?
(Rykos) Well, your guild killed me...

Our likes and hobbies are rather similar:

We both will purple (hey, you only hurt the ones you love, right?)

Sometimes Rykos pirates. Soph may or may not...

Rykos likes to craft. Soph likes to shop.

Rykos likes to do packs sometimes. Soph hates packs.

Rykos can drive. Soph, without question, cannot. (Watch her hit that tree!)

"She is my guild enemy... but I dig her outfit and... I desire her company."

"NO WAY! But your outfit is kinda cute. And stop killing me! "

We are Mr. and Ms. NOT-A-COUPLE!!! No way. Never. Nuh-uh




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After a Serpentis expedition went missing in the caverns below, a stranger came across an odd looking statue. Seeing it was a frightened Warborn and having a feeling it wasn’t just a statue she started casting various spells of healing and purification on the statue, with each spell the stone cracked a bit. After hours the stone shell fell away revealing a man who collapsed on to the ground, immediately the stranger tended to the man and found his eyes pale and a large gash across his face.

“What happened?” The woman asked, and the man struggled to find words, “you must be thirsty, my name is Kisses. What’s yours?” She gave him a canteen from her satchel and he drank every drop before answering. “I… I’m Lerman … I can’t see you…” Lerman’s hands reached up to his face to wipe away anything blocking his eyes but found nothing. His fingers traced the gash and he winced. “Oh… that’s right… My... my party and I were ambushed by gorgons while searching for the entrance to Serpentis. We tried to fight but we were no match, they slew many and I called for a retreat. We ran through the caverns but one by one they caught us until they were surrounding me…” Lerman tried to stand but struggled and wobbled around trying to find his bearings. “I tried to fight them off, but they bound me by the legs then one of them slashed me across the face. I couldn’t see anything after that I just remember the pain and the cackling of the gorgons as my legs stiffened then my chest and arms… then my neck… then…” Lerman fell down to his knee’s… “Then this… then you…”

Hearing the story Kisses felt obligated to care for this man she barely as he wouldn’t survive without help. “Being blind in this world… is a terrible thing. “I’ll protect you Lerman, I’ll make sure you see again I’ll figure out how to give your sight back if it’s the last thing I do.” She put her arms around him and helped him to his feet and they stumbled away… together.
Hello I’m Lerman, first of all I love pvp and I seek it out wherever it might be. I don’t attack without purpose though. I try not to start trouble, but I’ll keep trouble going. I love hanging around on the west continent I find the areas beautiful compared to east. Usually when I log in I look at the map to see what’s close to happening, cr/gr whale/aegis mistmerrow you name it. I want to go to everything. After that I see who’s online. And if anyone needs help, I’m honestly a big softy and I can never pass up helping someone asking for it, or pointing new people in the right direction. And of course, I spend as much time as possible with Kisses at our house in Falcorth.
Hey there, I’m Kisses, and I love being annoying in PvP (and before and after as well, haha). I try my best to protect Lerman in PvP since he’s always charging in ahead of everyone. On my free time I usually try to do packs and make money to keep progressing further. But for content I’m quite lazy and Lerman ends up dragging me out to stuff and I usually enjoy it with him. I love our house in Falcorth Plains and spend most of my time there if I’m not running packs or being ferried around by Lerman.
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Dynamiser & Charlieshelby <3

We met as I gave her a lift from Villanelle to Solis Headlands. We talked a lot of these rides!!

Then, in a few time, we just fell in love.

Our looks and the long awaited kiss:

Summer Ride


Our life has been and is wonderful.

Sometimes I make some mistakes;

and she gets angry;

and becomes a demon;

and kicks me hard;

and makes me beg.

Me being humiliated in public:

Humiliated with summer cloths


But I can always win her over with my songs and my charm.

And so we follow our love !!!

Me working hard to win her back (Always works hehe):



A little bit about us:
Charlieshelby: Best Darkrunner of the entire world, brave, strong, beautyfull and sexy!

Dynamiser: Best Swiftstone of the entire world(and maybe the only one), very tanky, smart and S E X Y!!

Dynamiser & Charlieshelby <3
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The story of Dagagor and Skykey

Hi I'm Skykey! Dagagor and I met in live and through separate mutual old guildies, we were asked to try Archerage. We reconnected, and through being guildies, being in Discord daily, and doing things together we have gotten to know one another very well.

We do our "chores" together sometimes, such as Diamond Shore packs, bunkers, and world bosses. We also go out and farm purses...even if we get farmed ourselves.

My hobbies stem from my farming purses, usually using the materials to gain proficiency in my handicraft and printing and selling what I make. If I'm not out farming or at an event, I'm usually at my solarium in Gweonid Forest carefully decorating my home, working the land, or playing the piano..terribly.
I usually have to hunt down Dag, seeing as he has many properties he maintains in various zones. He likes to run packs for the different events and sometimes for profit. He's also crafting such a range of things from day to day that it's hard to keep up with what project he's on.
We've developed a fantastic friendship, motivating each other in our various endeavors so we don't stagnate and get bored. He keeps me on my toes when it comes to gear score, that's for sure, but a little healthy competition never hurt anyone and only makes our duo stronger. Although we've never met in real life, we're always cutting up and supporting each other in game, and that is the best thing you could ever hope for in a MMO in my opinion. I'm glad we get to spend summer together and hopefully much more time in the future.


Summer is too hot! and since both Necrote & Trixey are nocturnal westies, its the summer nights when our lives are in full swing!

A Libertine Summer Night in ArcheRage

As the scorching sun sets down, we took off from our dreamy dwellings,
on our Nimbus gliders exploring the world, as the cool evening's breeze gusts through us,
through the Aubre Cradle settlements, across the mystical White Arden forests, and into the Marianople city center.
We stopped by the Marianople market, amid the shiny shops & shrewd merchants,
played our duet music, a mellow melody, distinctly soothing surrounded by the market chatter,
which turned passerby adventurer's heads, as they gathered to enjoy the magnificent music.​
Market bustle dwindled eventually, with the onset of midnight,
"Let's stop by Mayth's bakery!" said Trixey gleefully.
Being loyal patrons, Mayth obligingly baked a cake for us before closing down her shop for the day.

We enjoyed the cake along with red wine, as we slyly gazed into one another's eyes,
Tacitly conveying our eagerness for what had yet to happen,
Our burning desires inebriated us more than the wine.​
It was way past midnight, when we finally unrestrained ourselves from the demure demeanor of the recent evening,
Trixey's rosy white skin revealed itself, strongly enticing me, as we did away with the extravagant robes,
"Its time ..." said I with a dazzle of deviance in my eyes.

"Hell yea!" yelped Trixey in ecstasy, as the agony turned into pleasure,
This went on until the crack of the dawn, with countless libertine acts,
What ravishing night it was! rest of which is left unto your wild imaginations ;)

Both me & Trixey are united by our passion for music, treasure hunting, and *cough* 'wild' adventures :p
Trixey loves hanging around the floating lands of Reedwind while I love the endlessly enchanting place called the Ayanad Library.
I'm a glider & music instrument aficionado, doing glider airshows & taking commissions for custom music sheets
Trixey is a fashionable dwarf who collects costumes, especially the stimulating ones :^)


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❤Lilyn & Divinna❤
A Little Bit About Divinna
Hello I'm Divinna!!, most of all im a Life Skill Player, that means I love to work, I always make sure to have a lot of land to get all the materials I need, because i really do not like to buy stuff from other players, i love to get everything by myself and i consider myself a very kind and generous person, i always like to help anyone who needs it, another thing that i love about this game, its the housing system OMG i love it! i can not live without a housing system i really enjoy decorating my house, that is one of so many things i have in common with my boyfriend Lilyn & talking about him I love to spend my time with Lilyn, many times we explore the world in search of the most beautiful places just to sit and admire the view while he sings a beautiful song to me and i Love that, he is the best .
A Little Bit About Lilyn
Hi, I'm Lilyn, i honestly do not have much to share, i have been playing MMORPG'S since i can remember, i love them and i have tested all of them, seriusly, all of them. Im a fairly competitive player and my goal always in each of all the games i try, is tobe recognized for my ability in PVP.
But the truth is that since i met the love of my life Divinna, the competitiveness has been set aside it is not important for me now. My favorite hobby is spending my entire time with my love Divinna she has changed me a lot and i am totally aware of that and that is fine for me, i am a lucky man, where she goes, i will follow her for the rest of my life, we are the ideal couple.


You Can't Fight Fate
Many may wonder, why that title? how strong, but those who have lived it, we know that even if we step aside, when the arrow comes straight, it doesn't matter if you move or not. and this was what happened to us, this is the beginning of a story, which we gladly share with all of you.
When you play online games you make friends, have fun and you are happy and there comes a time when, because of fate, the server where you play closes and your illusions fall, then you need to search for a new one and that game, a really incredible one, it's called ArcheRage
And here begins the story of
Divinna and Lilyn
Divinna because its server had been closed, started looking for a new online game and everywhere people mentioned ArcheRage.
ArcheRage has an incredible house system and also has a very extensive trading system, but the most beautiful thing about this game is the sea,
where you can explore at will, wherever you want without any limitation, a sea completely full of life where you can find mermaids, sharks, sunken ships, treasures, jellyfish, and many more things,
Divinna arrived very excited.
Divinna began her adventure in the universe of ArcheRage.

Divinna: Look what beautiful houses, what incredible trees and look at how many animals!

Divinna has always been a girl with a very strong temperament, determination and pure will, she likes to fight and work hard for her own things, when she sets a goal she doesn't rest until she completes and her goal on that momment was to get a house for her and a farm to work hard, but before starting, she decided to start by joining a guild

Upon entering the guild there were many people and they invited her to join a Discord group, where everyone could talk. She met new girls and boys and made new friends.
The days passed and
Divinna loved to explore the world, she enjoyed traveling through the huge fields of Halcyona but one day something that was not expected happened, someone from nowhere attacked her without any reason, but Divinna manages to escape and shelter in a temple Nui, the aggressor laughs out loud at her and says.

Aggressor: This time you saved yourself, but you cannot always hide and do not try to become the victim, you know very well why I have attacked you and not even hiding from behind another character you can manage to deceive me by hiding your true identity, I know that you are Lilyn

Divinna does not know what to do, she is completely confused

Divinna: I don't know what you're talking about, I'm not who you believe, I don't even know who is Lilyn, but I promise you, you are confusing me with another person.

The aggressor laughs out loud

Aggressor: Hahaha You are warned
Lilyn, you have been very abusive to my people and that is something I will not allow anymore, I will not rest until I see you dead.

Without saying anything else the aggressor goes away.

Divinna goes to her friends, asking for help, she tells them what happened, but none manages to decipher why that guy confused her with Lilyn.
The days continue to pass and every day she is more and more tired of living in fear of being murdered, the situation seems unfair, so she decides to end her suffering once and for all and go face her aggressor, She spent day and night looking for him without rest until she found him.

Divinna: Hey you, lay down your weapons and listen to me, my name is Divinna, I AM NOT LILYN!, I am tired of all this abuse and I want this to end NOW !.

Aggressor: Do not say nonsense, I know very well that it is you, I know that you hide behind that alternative character to spy on my people, I have no doubt, your evil is such that you are capable of everything.

Annoyed and angry,
Divinna lets out a very big sigh, but she comes up with a very good idea.

Divinna: Look, I have an idea, what if we talk through discord?, that way you will realize that you are wrong.

The aggressor is impressed and although he thinks he will be a victim once again of
Lilyn's evil, he risks and accepts Divinna's suggestion.

Aggresor: Very well, I am very sure that I am not wrong but hey, you have never tried to attack me, you do not even try to resist and considering your request only makes it more likely that you are not
Lilyn, I accept your request, let's speak in Discord.

The aggressor gives
Divinna the address of his discord server and almost instantly Divinna joins the server, and just by using her voice the aggressor instantly realizes that he was wrong all this time, that during all these days he was hunting the wrong person, he feels very ashamed and the first thing he does is apologize getting on his knees imploring forgiveness.

Aggressor: Sorry, I am very ashamed of myself, my actions against you were not fair and I promise to amend everything that happened, I hope you can forgive me

The aggressor stands up and with a smile he introduces himself

Aggressor: My name is Amaurix, since this day you are under my protection, maybe you don't feel comfortable and maybe you don't even trust me after all the hell I made you suffer, but you must know something very important.
Lilyn is a very dangerous and evil person, Me and my guild companions are desperate, he always looks for a way to make our lives impossible, if at some point you meet him, GET AWAY FROM HIM!, people like him never brings good things.

Divinna: I will consider your advice, I am glad that this problem has finally been solved and I want you to relax, I forgive you

Divinna log out from the discord server and gets on her way.
On the same day, the leader of the guild requested all its members and officers for an emergency meeting,
Divinna responds to the call of his leader asap.

Leader: I have a very important announcement, people are already talking, everyone is mobilizing and we do not want to be left behind, I will not allow my people to be unprotected, difficult days are coming for us my companions but we will resist, I must inform you that, All Latin people, we will join in a single guild.

The members of the guild look at each other, some scared, others showed their disagreement with the news and others as
Divinna were very excited.

Leader: That is right people!, all Latin leaders are already mobilizing and we will form an incredible alliance, there is nothing to discuss, the decision is made, tomorrow at dawn we will meet our new partners and show them what we are made of!

Dawn arrived, all the preparations were made and
Divinna and her friends attended the meeting on time, everyone received a notification with the address of discord to which they had to join for the meeting and quickly joined.
There were a lot of people gathered,
Divinna was very motivated since in her mind she only thought about the amount of new people she would meet, in the many new friends she would make, she was very happy and among the whole crowd she sees a guy, sitting, with black armor, head bowed, it seemed that he was very focused on something and around him a very intimidating group of players. One of Divinna's friends notices the reaction of divinna and tells her.

Divinna's friend: What are you looking

Divinna: Ah?! sorry, nothing, just that guy in that group got my attention, they seems like powerful people and because of the way they form around him, he seems to be their leader

Divinna's friend: Yes, you are not mistaken at all, that group is the elite group, they are veteran players and indeed, that guy you point out, is our new leader.

At that specific moment the guy in black armor gets up and starts talking.

Black armor guy: Welcome everyone

Divinna totally impressed pays all her attention to the guy

Black armor guy: It is useless to introduce myself because I am sure that all of you know very well who I am, but I will introduce myself anyways, my name is
Lilyn and I am the leader of this new guild.

Lilyn: I must inform you that the new rules of the guild is available from this moment and I really hope you take your time to read it and understand it clearly, this merger was something unexpected for many of you, but I and your former leaders have several days discussing it and we believe that this is the best way to have a better gaming experience, in this new guild there is an incredible amount of experienced players, players who have been learning, understanding, and most importantly practicing for a long time everything about this universe that we know as ArcheRage, as we also have a huge number of initiated players, please do not hesitate to ask, we are all here to support each other, I hope that in the long run each of us will form important bonds of friendship that will help us to get to know each other better in order to bring this guild to success, I wish everyone luck.

Lilyn terminates the meeting and leaves.

Guild members are motivated and very happy but
Divinna is somewhat worried and confused, she tries to understand why Amaurix warned her about Lilyn, she did not persuade evil in Lilyn, but she preferred to clear her mind and worry about herself.
Divinna began to make her own fame, unlike Lilyn's fame, Divinna had a reputation for being a good girl, a girl who supported everyone, her reputation for being a girl full of goodness quickly spread throughout the world. server.

The guild began to grow more and more, the number of members exceeded 100 players, everything pointed to the guild would even dominate the server.
Lilyn never had the responsibility of lead a guild, despite being a very experienced player in MMORPG's, he always preferred to play out of responsibilities, he preferred to play alone, at first he felt very afraid of failure, he had no idea how to lead a guild In spite of everything, he was proud of the guild, the progress of the guild exceeded all its expectations, unfortunately this was not enough, the enemy was very powerful.

Months passed and what seemed like a future full of success, it became chaos, the enemy was too strong, so powerful that it had totally dominated all the factions, Pirate, Nuia and Haranya, there was no rival for them, it was just a matter of time for the server to end almost completely empty, it was difficult days for the server.

The guild of
Lilyn was completely destroyed, they lost the battle, this was a very strong blow for Lilyn, all the effort, time and dedication that he invested in the guild, vanished and he felt guilty about what happened, he spent hours thinking in what happened, he could not understand how he could have failed and this did nothing but bitter his existence.
Lilyn woke up in the morning and went up to the second floor of his house and admired everything that he achieved in the game, he admired his lands, house and treasures.
That day
Lilyn was forced to undo the guild, he decided to leave the game and never come back,
Lilyn was a fairly lonely player, despite being a leader, his circle of friends was quite small, so small that it was only reduced to a couple, but above all his friends, he had total confidence in one called Falafante.

Lilyn: Wow, I have invested a lot of time and effort in all these lands, but I think it is time to take a break, I am very sad for the guild and there are many members who are now helpless, alone with nowhere to go, I think I should request the help of Falafante to gather all these people and send them to a new guild, since I will take a long break from this game, I think I will give them my stuff too.

Lilyn: I think this is the end of the road my friend, I did everything I could, but apparently it was not enough and today I give up.

Falafante: Well, it was fun anyway, but what do you plan to do now?

Lilyn: Well, I will retire, but not before moving all the people I have left without guild, I need you to ask the new guild leader for help, to allow all these people to join his guild

Falafante: Good idea, they will be fine with him, I've known him for many years and I trust him, he's a good leader, I'll let him know right away.

Lilyn: Perfect, but first follow [e-mail] I have to give you something

Falafante follows Lilyn inside his house

Lilyn: I will give you my armor and my weapons, I know you will put them to good use

Falafante: Thank you friend, it's a shame that you leave the game, but I promise I'll take care of your stuff

Lilyn: I know you will my friend but don't worry, let's lead these people for the last time to their new guild so I can go in peace.

Lilyn calls people who one day called him Leader, he looks at them and they all seem to reflect a sad and discouraged face

Lilyn: Companions, unfortunately our guild did not go as far as we expected but do not despair, many of you are initiated players, you have a future in this game and a very long one, you must not give up and please promise me that all of you will enjoy this game, that is what matters, anyways I brought you here to inform you that all of you will join a new guild full of new players, Falafante has known the leader for a long time and is someone that you can trust, his guild is perfect for all of you and one more thing before I leave, i bring with me some items to all of you that I don't need anymore and I am sure that all of you will put them to good use.

Divinna was among the whole crowd listening to Lilyn's words and that only made her confuse more, she still didn't understand why Lilyn had such a bad reputation, she saw no evil in him, when Lilyn finishes speaking, Divinna shows immediately how grateful she is with him.

Divinna: Thank you very much Lilyn for caring for us, we appreciate it very much and thanks for the gifts, we wish you good luck

Months passed and
Divinna continued in ArhceRage along with her friends, due to her great effort she managed to expand her lands for almost all Hellswamp, she felt happy and loved to produce a lot of merchandise to sell but in some occasions something strange happened to her, she used to sit in the comfort of her own home in Hellswamp to think of Lilyn.

Divinna: I wonder what will happen to Lilyn? what will he be doing now? I wonder if it will be alright.

The days continued to pass and the days became months,
Lilyn was playing other online games and one day he felt a call inside him, he felt that someone was whispering in his ear "returns to ArcheRage", Lilyn did not ignore this idea that suddenly entered his head and installed ArcheRage again.

Lilyn: I can't believe I'm downloading this game again, this is absurd, but hey, I'll contact Falafante to see if he still has my gear.

Lilyn again enters the game and heads for his old friend Falafante and luckily, he found him

Falafante: Old friend, I'm glad to see you, you don't know how impressed I am but don't say anything, please, before doing anything, I want to give you back all your weapons and armor, I've been keeping them all this time.

Lilyn: Incredible !!, I was just going to ask you about my gear and as always, you never disappoint me, I thank you very much for taking care of my things, you made my day and I feel very motivated, for the moment I will leave you my friend, I will look for you later.

Falafante: Of course, don't worry, I'll be here when you need anything and welcome back to ArcheRage!

Rumors began to emerge quickly,
Lilyn returned to ArcheRage, it was very difficult for him to go unnoticed, his reputation as a PK player was enormous, he used to spend all day killing players and hunting his enemies.

It was not long before
Divinna began to hear rumors about Lilyn, several of her friends approached her giving her the news.

Friend of divinna:
Divinna!!!, I have some news, your friend the killer has returned to ArcheRage

Divinna: Killer? who are you talking about?

Divinna's friend:
Lilyn obviously, he is the only killer friend you have and i never understood how it is possible for someone like him to be your friend.

Divinna: Lilyn is back? Wao that incredible, I was somewhat worried about him, glad to know that he is well.

Divinna's friend: Of course he is fine, he doesn't stop killing everyone, but hey that's classic on him

Divinna: Well, I don't know, I'll have to look for him to ask why he's acting that way.

Divinna's friend: I do not recommend that
Divinna, it would be better if you stay away from him, a girl as kind as you shouldn't be near someone as evil as he

Divinna: Thank you but don't worry, I know how to take care of myself very well and I'm tired of hearing so many bad things about him, I would like to know what happens to him, I need to speak with him.

Divinna begins her search for Lilyn and does not rest until she finds him and one day, there he was, sitting on the beach, watching the ocean, little by little she approaches very carefully towards him and sits beside him, looks at him with a Smile and say hello.

Divinna: Hi Lilyn, its nice to see you, I haven't seen you in a long time, how have you been?

Lilyn is surprised to see her and greets her

Lilyn: Hi Divinna, I am very well thank you very much for worrying and yes, it has been a long time, anyway it is always nice to see a friendly face

Divinna: Great!, i really was a little worried about you, in fact I was looking for you.

Lilyn: Oh really? do you need help with something?

Divinna: Well, I'll be honest with you, since I came into this server, the only thing I've heard is people talking bad about you, they say you're a murderer, a bad person and I really want to know if that is true and if it is, why you kill people?

Lilyn: Well Divinna, honestly I created a very bad reputation unintentionally and created it over time, I've played this game for more than 2 years, I know it very well, I know all the classes, I know how to use all of them, you can ask me anything and I will answer you very quickly and accurately and even if it sounds silly, i creadted my reputation by accident.

Divinna: How did you create it by accident? Please explain to me.

Lilyn: As I told you before, I know the game very well, I have already done everything, i worked hard on my farms, moved packages everywhere, and killed each boss that are in the entire ArcheRage universe, I have done everything and honestly, I am simply bored and relieved my boredom by killing people, but I do not want you to misunderstand me, I am not bad, I have never stolen anything from anyone, the people just don't like to be killed and it took me a very long time to realize that, and that is because when you die, you don't lose equipment or gold, you don't lose absolutely anything, so when I kill someone, I see it more as a practice or entertainment, it's nothing personal.

Divinna: Well I understand what you mean, anyway really recommend you to stop killing people, even if you see it as a game and that is because not everyone thinks the same as you and It is not okay to kill the people of your own faction.

Lilyn: Yes, I know, it took me a long time to realize that, but well, there is nothing to do with that, anyway Divinna, it was a pleasure talking to you and whatever you need, feel free to ask me anything

Divinna: Sure!, see you soon.

From that day,
Lilyn and Divinna began to spend more time together, he really enjoyed helping her, harvesting plants, caring for her animals, moving merchandise from one side to another and without realizing it, each day both began to feel feelings each other, they began to fall in love, both knew that they could trust each other.
Divinna was a fairly popular player on the server and because of that all her circle of friends began to realize that she was spending a lot of time with Lilyn and nobody liked that, nobody could understand, how the most evil player of the entire server could spend his free time with the most kind girl in the world, no one understood.
There was no day when
Divinna was not warned to leave Lilyn, every day she heard horrible things about him, but she didn't care, she knew very well who Lilyn was,
For many months they continued together as best friends, working shoulder to shoulder, they were very happy.

Lilyn soon realized that he had an incredible girl on his side, a very cheerful girl, a girl who had not even the slightest drop of evil in her heart, she was an angel for him and then, he understood, he realized that he was falling in love with that beautiful angel and soon he began to find a way to show his love to Divinna.
Lilyn decided to give Divinna a gift, decorating a tree house completely, he filled it with stuffed animals, colored balloons and pictures with poems written and edited by him, totally dedicated to her.

Lilyn: Divinna, I want to show you something.

Divinna: Really? You know I don't like surprises so you better tell me

Lilyn: Sorry but you'll have to trust me, this is something I can't tell you just like that, I have to show it to you and that is why I need you to come to Halcyona

Divinna: Alright, I'm on my way.

Lilyn: Ok, I can see you, come approach me, I need you to please put your character into follow mode on me and close your eyes.

Divinna: Do you want me to close my eyes?

Lilyn: Yes, you better close them, completely and don't try to cheat, do not open your eyes until I say okay?

Divinna: Okay okay, promise i won't cheat, I'm ready

Lilyn guides her carefully upstairs until they both reach the top of the tree, he positions both of them in front of the door, opens it and places Divinna in the perfect position.

Lilyn: Alright, open your eyes!

Divinna opens her eyes and can't believe what she sees, everything is so beautiful, full of color and life, but most important of all, her heart almost melted when she saw a painting that stood out from everything else, a painting with the image of an immense and beautiful heart with a written question in it, Do you want to be my girlfriend ?, Just after visualizing the image, Lilyn unexpectedly begins to sing a song, a song totally dedicated to her, a song that is sung from his heart, Divinna begins to cry with joy and at the end of the song, Divinna without hesitation responds.

Divinna: Of course I do, I want to be your girlfriend!

Lilyn can't contain the tears and tells her

Lilyn: from today I will make you feel the happiest woman every day, and I'll show you singing to you every day, I just want you to remember that everything that I sing to you, I sing it with my heart.

From that moment they began to write their history and all those who bet their lives that a relationship between them two would not work and would not last even one day have seen with joy that time has passed and they remain so united as the first day and that is because.

You Can't Fight Fate.

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