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[Forum Event] My ArcheRage Game Zone

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This set up is legit! Ask Tenta to borrow his "extra mic" to add to the photo and you will win for sure ;) that shit in his photo had me die'n. I straight missed it at first glance then was like nawwwww he didn't lol
didn't know you were into thrust sticks Babe, lmao you could always ask him to borrow his new flight stick :p *dies laughing*


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I live and play together with my husband Firejho and this is my setup 🥰
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-13 at 16.40.49 (2).jpeg


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The place where I play games now is very shabby,I don't even want to participate in this kind of forum

I really want to go back to my house and play games

Use my panda computer monitor lol

And I love archerage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is my current zone. You gotta love some RGBs 😂

Keyboard: Motospeed K87s
Mouse: Logitech G102 Lightsync White
Headset: Zeroground 2500G IKEDA

Good luck everyone! I have already seen some awesome setups \o/

PS: Thanks Num for making the ingame part more adorable 🥰


ArcheRage Game Zone - Qisna (1).jpg
ArcheRage Game Zone - Qisna (2).jpg
ArcheRage Game Zone - Qisna (3).jpg
ArcheRage Game Zone - Qisna (4).jpg
ArcheRage Game Zone - Qisna (5).jpg
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Alienware Aurora R7 computer, Alienware monitor (and Dell monitor), Razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard, Razer DeathAdder mouse, Razer Kraken headset, Razer Leviathan sound bar, Silent Hearts coffee cup (Maxwell House Intense Bold coffee with Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha creamer, kind of cold because it took me too long to do this), Yankee Candle rose scented jar candle, serenity stone, little pink rock my itty bitty baby cousin gave me several years ago, couple turtles, WWJD paper weight, Razer mouse pad, Georgia Pacific printer paper, Brawny paper towel, brushed nickel lamp, Sauder office desk, brand new Elements Gramercy chair. 😊
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