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[Forum Event] My ArcheRage Game Zone

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My ArcheRage Game Zone!

We all spend a lot of time at our PCs and laptops playing the games in general and ArcheRage in specifics.
It's our sacred area and a place that looks completely unique. You may be proud of it or a bit ashamed of the mess you have there, but... you still all love your own gaming zone.
So, it's time to brag about your game zone and show it off to our AR community.

Provide 1 photo of your Gaming Zone you spend your time playing AR at. Location doesn't matter - it can be home, work, etc.​
If you want to share more photos hide them under the spoiler.​

1. Photo needs to include your PC (monitor, mouse and keyboard) or your laptop and other game zone attributes surrounding you.​
2. Game with your AR character should be displayed on the monitor.​
3. Words ArcheRage + your IGN (character name) + the date photo is taken should be written on the paper (or anything you want) by hand.​

5 random participants who fulfill the event requirements will get 1000 credits.​
1 participant with the biggest number of likes received from other community members will get a Geared Gaslamp Garb costume.

Geared Gaslamp Garb.jpg

Last day of the event - September, 9th


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I will make my post when I'm back home. But damn this shit is just gunna make me depressed about how nice everyone else's setup is so much better than mine.
Not open for further replies.