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[Forum Event] Naval Arena Boom


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Participate in Violent Maelstrom naval arena, record a video of a battle or several battles combined into one and post it here.​
  • Video length - 5-15 minutes.
  • Video have to include short information on the event itself (how to participate, arena goal, etc). You can comment or add it as subtitles.
  • Video should include a link to our website or at least a tag (#archerage).
Authors of the 3 the best videos will be rewarded.


1st place - 3000 credits + Elephant in the cage (wrapped) *
2nd place - 2500 credits
3rd place - 2000 credits


Contains: Mount elephant Ganesha + Helm, Saddle and Legguards​

A separate reward will be provided to a random participant (winners are not included) - Naval Service Uniform.

Last day of the event - August, 25th
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my video editing skills are really bad.. will there be small participation reward like at other events? or i won't bother making anything :x
All the rewards that will be provided are already provided in the thread.
Participants who don't get 1-3 places will have a chance to win a Naval Service Uniform.


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IGN: Hyang
I think the Maelstrom arena was fun. I think I might go back to it later. There was not a copy paste text for us so I just did my best to explain what the game was.