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Spooky AR Campfire Stories
Summer is a good time to go outside and spend some time with your friends outdoors.

This summer you also decided not to lose your chance to spend some time with your friends outside. As these summer days appeared to be dry and hot, you came to a conclusion that it’s a good time to go camping with your friends.

Trip went well and smooth. Jokes, laugh and good company – what can be better! After a not very long search you’ve noticed a nice glade in the forest and decided it’s going to be a perfect place for a camp.

So, when the night began to thicken, you kindled a big campfire and gathered around it.

Isn’t it a great time for campfire stories?! – You thought, and offered your friends to share some scary stories.

What Spooky AR Campfire Story would you tell your friends in the dark?

  • It should be a spooky story about anything related to ArcheRage world.​
  • You are limited to 5000 characters (with spaces).​
  • No more than 2 stories per player. But, even if both stories are good, only 1 can win. If both are worth winning, the best one will be chosen for a winning place.​
  • It should be your own creation. Copies of other people stories are forbidden.​
  • Include your IGN, so if you win we'd know where to send the reward.​
Want to add a few screenshots to your story to make it more real? Go ahead. It can be a good bonus.

1st place
- 3000 credits + Soulmare
2nd place - 2500 credits + Soulmule
3rd place - 2000 credits + Oversize Home Sweet Home Plushie
4th-7th place - 1000 credits

Community choice award (we'll have a poll started for 48 hours at the end of the event) - any costume from our In-game boutique [Link]

Last event day - July, 4th


The Night

I awoke in the night to hear a scratching outside of my treehouse. My husband lie asleep next to me and the kittens in the small bed by the fire sleeping soundly. I grow worried by what is outside. We had trouble in the woods lately with wild creatures getting into things but this sounded far more sinister. More than I think I wanted to admit in my sleepy state.

I get dressed making sure to rouse my husband and worry him. I open my door and look at the ground below. Surrounded, surround by Naga. I’m not sure what to do. Do I fight through? Do I see if throwing some torches down below deters them away? I see already they had destroyed my neighbors and they have already begun dismantling mine.

I shout for my husband and he joins me looking at the grim site below. We know we are out of choices and almost out of time. Suddenly the deck collapses and we fall into the pit of Naga below.

We are consumed by the Naga's, our last sight is of the blood moon above.

IGN: Kittydoom
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Voo ♥

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Hi Sparkles! ^-^ Yay I'm so excited for this one. ♥

Just a question, is it 5,000 character limit per story or collectively ? Like if you want 2 stories you have to limit to 2,500 for each? ^-^


The Others

"And so it began!”, Zevian shouted with his red mouth from the strawberries he had devoured some minutes ago.

Two hours have passed since we had an immense fight with the so called Reaper of the White Forest. “We gathered here to cleanse this forest of its demons my brave comrades”, said Necrote with his solid voice while he was sharpening his arrows. “We are here to write history!”, he continued.

“Loot? Do we get any good loot?”, classic words from classic Ragequit. “We will earn our spot in the hall of fame of Nuian heroes. This is the loot you get tonight Ragey. This is the highest loot we get tonight!”. The soothing voice of Comarol was only interrupted by the fierce wind and the whispers. The whispers of the past heroes who spelt their blood in this same forest, in White Arden.

Two hours have passed since we fought the Reaper, in a fight that we will remember. In a fight that everyone will tell stories about.
Necrote: Aloha, Grimmzy, Jenerous, Vareba, Hendrickds,Ichabod, Vanins, Qisna flank!. Ninjafox, do your thing!.
Ninjafox: Yes master!
Voo: Let’s dew it
Avaneline: How do we do this?
Googled: Google it.
Wildscar: What about me?
Necrote: Fight Wildscar! Fight! Get ready! I’m going in guys and girls. I’m going straight into the face of the demon! Margoth, Liquior, on me! Dien, Comarol, Keep us alive. We will slain this demon! Once and for all! This is our time!

And we fought.

Two hours have passed and we needed to rest. So we gathered around the campfire and we started telling stories. Some started to explore the surrounding area. “And so it began!” Zevian shouted with his red mouth from the strawberries he had devoured some minutes ago. “The era of The Whisperers. No! They are called The Others. They can trick you and then they will strike when you are vulnerable. They look like your loved ones, but don’t fool yourselves lads, they are not.”

“This is just a myth Zevian”, Vareba said, while he was gulping more orange liquor that Jenerous makes in her farm in Halcyona. “This is something we tell the children to scare them. I live in White Arden you know my friend, I have touched every single tree, I recognize every single road, every inch of land. I have explored all the land of White Arden”.

“But this is not about the land my dear friend Vareba”, Zevian continued, “It is the soul of this land that is poisoned by the demons. And those demons are not fed by fear, they are fed by other emotions, like love”.

“Are you in love or something Zevian?”, Jenerous joined the conversation. Everyone laughed.

“You laugh but...”, suddenly, a cold blast of air chilled our spines, Zevian stopped talking.

In the distance, we could see two eyes glazing through the mist, the dark silhouette was approaching, faster and faster, one second you could see it, and one second it would vanish, like shatigon's sand scattered in the wind. The silhouette is now so close to us, we are stunned, the wind is chilling through our hair, onto our face, eyes wide open. Approaching faster and faster and faster through the mist, into the dark. The silhouette is now infront of us.

"Oh thank god, it's Voo", Mangomango hardly muttered, letting a deep breath come out of his mouth. "Yeees, i'ts Voo!", Voo shouted. We sat down together, around the fire, telling more stories about ghosts and tortured souls. We sipped some more orange liquor , we all drank, except Voo. Voo was such a great company that night, telling us stories of events that took place hundreds of years ago.

Except, the moment we were all fighting the Reaper and while we were sitting around the campfire in White Arden, Voo was in reality in Lilyut, tending her farm.

IGN: Qisna
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The Woman in White

Somewhere at Solis Headlands in Austera, there is an Inn and all of the Adventurers, Tourist and Locals where usually meet and gather to stay for the night and prepare for their next journey. The Inn has a few set of rules, be courteous, no fighting, respect one another and the most disturbing part is, Never go and even dare to enter at the very last room on the top floor.

The story goes this way. There is an adventurer Wade, a tourist Peter and a local Natasha in a bar, having a few rounds, enjoying each other's company and they end up talking about the weird rule about the inn. Since Natasha is the local, the two man asked her what she knows and said "Well, a few years ago. There is a beautiful rich white haired woman staying at the top floor, they used that room for nobles or people with influence. That woman always dressed in white and has a very cheerful smile. But one night, a group of cult attacked the inn looking for some kind of relic. The guards are nowhere to be found, all the people there were slaughtered, room by room they killed all living beings like animals, and on the very last door at the top, there they saw a woman , all dressed in white , crying and begging for mercy. The cult toyed and tortured her for hours, she shouted in agony , pain and torment, the cult just laughed and even enjoyed seeing her in that state. Then after a few hours their leader gave her an option and said "Do you want to get out of your misery? here is a chair and a rope, we will tie it to you like a pretty necklace and you can jump from the chair like a little birdy and struggle for us one last time, What do you say?" The woman agreed. They let her wrapped the rope around her neck, while stood on a chair and the cult couldn't resist and pushed her out of the chair. The woman died so quick. Then after that a dark aura appeared and their shadows formed a copy of themselves and killed every cult was involved." Natasha also said "Now her spirit haunts that room and all the people who have stayed was killed by hanging themselves, and some say every midnight you will here a woman crying while dangling in the air, trying to kill herself again and again"

Wade and Peter was shocked to hear the story and couldn't possibly believe it, so the 2 decided to go up the top-floor at midnight and try to peek on the lock-hole just below the doorknob if it is true. They went up, peeked on the room from the lock hole and found. . . . nothing but pure color of red, So pure that it really hurts when you stay still and looked on to it. After that incident the two went back to the bar and laughed thinking it was nothing, They saw Natasha and explained what happened and saw. Natasha was terrified after hearing their story and the 2 doesn't know why. Natasha said, well you see.. since the woman died from hanging, the color of her eyes, has turned crimson red".

-The end

IGN: MerisMidnight


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Hi Sparkles! ^-^ Yay I'm so excited for this one. ♥

Just a question, is it 5,000 character limit per story or collectively ? Like if you want 2 stories you have to limit to 2,500 for each? ^-^
The max of 5000 characters per story.


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Story 1:
Deep in the heart of Glitterstone Mine an eerie whisper flew through the night,
amidst the noise of mining and guttural bellows of Bone Grubs, it lingered in the minds of all it crossed.
A traveler far from home admired the glowing ore as they passed through and heard the eerie noise,
it pulled at him drawing him into the increasingly abandoned mine site.
He felt a chill as he came to the source, as if the very warmth of his body was being drawn out, it was getting harder to move, his joints aching, but the voice urged him on.
Whispering, hissing louder and louder in his mind till it drowned out all else "you cannot find what you cannot see".
The sun rose high over Glitterstone and no site or sound was seen of the traveler, another victim drawn to the depths to never return.


Story 2:

Tom Schmidt was an elderly fellow and he made it a point to get to know all the young folks in his town, he believed it takes a village to raise kids.

He would make his way around town and chide the troublemakers, as well as throw around a makeshift ball with some others, and so went his daily life.

One day as he started doing his usual routine he came across two twins that he'd never seen before.

They had their backs turned to him as he approached, they wore ragged clothes and had the palest skin he'd ever seen with jet black hair.

"Hey fella's what brings you to Edhellen and who might you belong to?"

His words fell on deaf ears, this made Tom rather disgruntled, he walked up to them and placed a hand on each shoulder " Didn't your parents ever teach you…"

Their shoulders were as cold as ice and as they turned to look at him he finally saw their eyes, pitch black with no white to be seen.

He fell back shocked and in front of his eyes they disappeared.

On his hands were he had touched their shoulders black soot remained, frazzled he went to the nearest well to wash it off.

No matter how much he scrubbed it wouldn't come off and instead seemed to spread.

Anything he touched it would leave residue behind, plants would die within minutes, pets and mounts within hours.

He was terrified of what he called the black death that trailed in his wake.

As he was pacing along trying to find a solution to his problem his worst nightmare came to life.

A boy, no older than 10, balanced up on the rock wall along the path he was trodding.

Tom tried to avoid him but the young lad tripped and years of caring for the kids brought out his instinct to catch him before he hit the hard gravel path.

He stared in horror at the boy in his arms as realization set in of the death sentence he'd given.

By evening the boy was bed ridden and by one week he'd passed.

Tom howled in agony fleeing the town, and retreated into the murky swamp.

His despair is said to have gone deep into the earth with the black death.

Edhellen once magical with luscious plant growth decayed and sank into muck and mire.

Many years later, and Tom thought well dead, the townsfolk still say they hear his howl of agony drifting on the wind in the darkest of nights.

Surrounded by death and decay his once beautiful home known now as Hellswamp.
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Voo ♥

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I did 2 stories, one was for fun with my guild mates & friends, the last one was to play with a spooky concept that introduced Archeage Lore. ^_^ Thank you to my friends for inspiring me. ^D^ ♥ (Sorry if the spacing is whack!)

Enjoy, Voo's Spooky Campfire Stories!

1: What Growls from Growlgate Isle

Cool, salty breezes rolled over Growlgate Isle, tossing up sparks from a roaring campfire that was surrounded by a group of friends all huddled up under blankets. The gentle sound of the ocean lapping at the shore played in the background of the friends talking, laughing and tucking into some warm food. As another strong breath of wind tumbled over the beach, it sent a flurry of embers onto Ragey’s blanket.
“Swear on me mum!” He exclaimed.
“Move to the opposite side, Ragey.” Said Voo, before clearing her throat. “Does anyone want to know my super in-depth theory?”
“Yes! Yes!” Vareba sung out excitedly.
“Okay. So, Hela …”

“Voo, how many times with this…” Emi scoffed and gave her a playful look. “I have a way more interesting theory. Or … more of an urban legend.”
Jen, Voo, Zevy and Arria all chimed in with an “ooh” almost in perfect unison.
“If this is a ghost story, Emi, you’re not going to scare me. I had a chat with a ghost just the other day in Halcyona.” Said Max.

Emi stood and glanced around at the surroundings and the palm trees bending in the dark and din. He looked very serious for a moment.
“It’s an urban legend … about Growlgate Isle, known as “the other beasts” or the “7th people”.” He paused as he heard Max snigger at the names. “I didn’t make those up, okay? It’s what it’s about. Because they say there is a reason Growlgate Isle is named for what it is … that it used to be home to the original outcasts of the world. A dangerous race of creatures that filled this very island with ferocious growls and snarls. They say the people here were as beastly as the Firran, as vengeful as the Warborn and as clever as a Dwarf. They were said to have been … wolves. Known to take form as vicious, snarling, bloody thirsty monstrosities with thick locks of hair, eyes that lust for suffering and mouths armed with razor sharp teeth that were always curved into sadistic grins.

These beasts had been too volatile for civil life as they were known to be violent for the sake of violence, and were thus cast out. They had lurked deep in the mountains and forests, and would come down on full moon nights to steal local villagers. Eventually, their camps were found, along with the people they had stolen who had been brutalised and tortured. They eventually made their way to the seclusion of Stormraw Sound, where they made this very island their home.

The most notorious was one known as Miou. She was a half-breed and had a real penchant for being both crafty and depraved, and a real knack for manipulation. Being a half-breed, she was often able to disguise herself well enough to fool people into following her. See, Miou was just a small girl, couldn’t have been older than a teenager, when she started to seduce people to play her games. She would have been responsible for scores of kidnappings, ‘disappearances’ and murders. She was good at what she did, and she knew that better than anyone.”
“Did they catch her?” Rage’s voice wavered from inside a tangle of blankets that cocooned him. Suddenly, a rustle came from the bushes behind them, along with a strange noise that made the girls and Vareba cry out. Max jumped up, taking out his longspear and waving it about.
“Hey, I’m not scared. I took 6 pirates on by myself just the other day!” He hollered at the bush, and just as he did, a bird flew from it making the same noise as before.

Emi shook his head.
“To answer your question, Rage; no, they didn’t. After a while, see, she had built up a notoriety, but instead of forcing her into hiding, she relished her name being known amongst all walks of folks.” Emi continued, and Rage seemed to shrink a little further into the blanket cocoon.
“From then on, Miou cursed the seas with her presence, sailing on a ship made with bones, the trade winds catching in her black sails and the ocean air filled with the cries of every soul she had ever tortured. Even after all of the wolf people were hunted and destroyed, even long after the growls of Growlgate Isle ceased, that accursed ship and it’s malicious captain could still be sighted, on dark horizons.”

Arria trembled. “Wh-where is she now?” His voice quaked.

Emi shrugged. “Some say she died and now commands the ghost ships to take lives at sea, others surmise she haunts this Isle. The theory goes, that if one is to kneel over the sea on a full moon night, just like this one, and say her name 3 times, she will appear, her long, black hair, dripping wet over her cut-up face, those murderous and hungry eyes staring at wide with a smile of ferocious insanity painted across her lips. Then, she’ll drag you into the sea.”
Vareba shot up and hurried down to the water’s edge and peered into it.

“Miou..” He said hesitant at first. “Miou, Miou!”

Suddenly, a loud cackle erupted from Emi as he buckled.

“What’s so funny?!” Barked Ragey.
“He … he actually did it.” Emi managed between fits of laughter. “He ‘meowed’ … I can’t believe you all fell for that!”

2: Final Words

“More marshmallows!” Ashu shouted, and a bag full of them was tossed to him by Mango. “Make me one too!” Said Hendricks, and 3 others chimed in as well.

The night was warm, with the slightest breeze that carried the tang of the woods on it. From all around, were the sounds of cicadas and the calls of birds in the night. Around a crackling fire sat a group of friends, as well as their pet cat, Vareba. Voo had taken everyone to the strange and wild forests in Perinoor Ruins on a camping trip.

“How’d you know about this place?” Asked Zevy, who had been braiding Jen’s hair.
“Well, I actually used to live around here, somewhere.” Voo replied, gesturing off into a vague direction.
“It’s a really cool spot to camp.” Jen chirped, munching on marshmallow-sugar-pumpkin candy.
“I still find it a bit creepy ... “ Neccy said with a shudder. He’d been uneasy the entire time they’d been there. “Those ruins we walked passed were just … eerie.”
“Probably why no one comes here. Too many ghooosts!” Arria said, mocking him.

“Speaking of which, we should tell ghost stories!” Emi said as he almost shot up with excitement at his idea. “I’ve got this one from this famous poet, it’s about a raven …”
“I feel like we’ve heard that one … like, a lot.” Max said.

“Have you heard the one of the unclosing door of this world?” Voo asked, her voice low. Everyone shrugged.

“Well,” She began, “There was some crazy stuff that happened a really, really long time ago … a war between ancient peoples known as the Ipnya and the Akasch. They say, the Ipnya were able to subdue and seal away the Akasch back in the Hidden Age.”

Max stood up with a feigned yawn. “I’m off to bed, I’m super tired.”
Arria rolled his eyes. “C’mon, Maxxy, not even Neccy is being that chicken.”
“I’m not chicken, I’m tired.” Max grumbled as he wandered back to the place where they had pitched their tents. “We might call it, too.” Said Hendricks and Ashu, following after him.
“Pfft!” Zevy snorted and gave Vareba a pat. The cat purred gleefully and Voo continued.

“Anyway, everyone knows about our Goddess Nui and Kyrios?” Everyone nodded.
“Also known as Gene Evernight.” Emi added, knowingly. “Oh! I have books on this! I’ve found them all over! I’ll get ‘em!” Emi’s voice trailed off as he darted back through the woods toward the campsite.
“He was the God of Destruction, till Nui sealed him away.” Ragey said.

“Exactly,” Voo, again, continued. “And they say that he is regaining power in the other world, the world unseen as strange cults try to revive him. They say that one day, a group almost succeeded … They’d used a dark magic that had been twisted from teachings of Haje to open a door … one that would split the sky with rage and cold hatred. It spewed shadow and echoes, gave form to phantoms.”

Just then, the trees rustled with a breeze that seemed to bite the friends with a chill that hadn’t been there before. Jen shivered and excused herself as she left to get a blanket.
“Hold up, we’re out of marshmallows.” Arria said as he stood to grab a lantern.
“Arria, if you’re taking the light, I’ll come get some more blue taffy.” Mango said as he tailed after Arria. Neccy felt his skin crawl, and moved the log he sat on closer to the fire. Voo’s voice continued from across the flames.

“You see,” She said, her voice was grim as the fire made shadows dance across her face. “These… people … had done something awful. They’d done something terrible to rip the fabric of time all across our world and opened a door that cannot be closed. It unleashed vile creatures, tormented souls of Akasch, the embodiment of despair and horror upon us.”

Suddenly, Vareba let out a ferocious hiss towards the trees. Zevy picked up the cat and cradled it in her arms. She tried to soothe him, but the feline was astir, his eyes were wild and his fur was sticking out like quills.
“Uh oh. Someone’s angry and tired!” Zevy said as she rocked the cat. Just before she disappeared into the trees, Neccy could have sworn he’d seen the cats eyes flash toward him. ‘What’s his problem?’ He thought, on edge. ‘He almost looked … afraid.’

Neccy noticed that Ragey had left quietly at some point and went back to looking at the fire.

“It writhes in the shadows, trapping it’s victims in an eternal time loop, one where they must fight to break the loop as the people they love around them are slowly picked off one by one, each time taking an extra person, striking ultimate fear and suffering, until it gets to it’s final victim who is down to one last chance. One last chance to save themselves from a most gruesome, and long death. And the last words they’ll hear from the last friend, harbinging their last chance …
It’s coming now, stay alive.

Neccy looked up from the fire abruptly, fear gripping him like a vice as he hoped to meet the eyes of Voo. But he didn’t find her cerise eyes on the other side of the flame. Her final words ricocheted in his mind. The cicadas had gone dead silent, the air was still, as he realised … he was completely alone.

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It was sunday, and everyone was going back to their homes in rokhala for a nice rest before the next farming day. Harvest was plenty this season, and people were happy, especially Eric. He was just like any other farmer, planting trees and praying to nui that they would get struck by thunder in hopes of building his first farm cart. He hasn't been here for long but the goddess nui was on his side. His potato beds were mostly abundant, and he knew that his thunderstruck tree was not just within reach.

As he approached his housing district, he glanced at his plot, and saw that one of the trees he had planted was missing. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, but as he approached, he knew that the day had come. The spot where he had planted the rubber tree indeed had a tree, but it was shorter and blacker than the other trees. As he took in a whiff of air, he could smell it. It was the smell of a freshly struck tree. Elation coursed through his veins as he could finally start making trade runs just like his other friends. It was the break in life that he had hoped for.

Eric quickly emptied his bag into his chest in order to have space for the tree before he ran out again, axe in hand. It seemed odd at first when the tree was not at the spot he thought it was at first, but he attributed it to his lethargy impairing his memory. But as he walked closer, the tree seemed to turn from black to brown, and grew taller, to the height of the other rubber trees. Sounds of wood creaking could be heard, and the storm that had just passed seemed to cover the sky in a blanket of darkness. Slowly, one by one, the trees around him started to grow branches, taking the shape of hands and legs. Their new roots enabled the tree to rise and walk. Faces with sinister eyes and a bloodthirsty smirk formed on the dense bark of the trees. At this point in time, Eric had not a single drop of elation left in him, instead it was replaced with fear and trepidation. The new trees surrounded Eric, towering over him. His life was now in danger.

"NEVER BE GREEDY" said one of the trees in a low rumble, before they all regressed into the ground, disappearing from sight.

Eric then realised that he should never have asked for nui to give him success. He should have earned it slowly and without advantage from the others. Nui existed to protect the weak, not give great fortune.

IGN: Sixteenlalphabets


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A song of rice and fertilizer

In the peaceful lands of Nuia, there was a place called Ahnimar. A place populated by many villagers which are known as "potato farmers". Despite their lack of courage, these villagers knew everything about commerce, farming, logging, and mainly husbandry. The lands would be filled with water buffaloes, which were raised and butchered for their expensive pelts and meat. These poor creatures were fed with a chemical composition knows as “combined feed”. The endless slaughter continued for decades.


It was a day like any other day in Ahnimar. A local potato farmer known as Gatts was famous for being the owner of many buffalos. Unlike most farmers, Gatts actually cared about his animals. He made sure they were stuffed until their necks were covered with multiple layers of fat. Like every morning Gatts would feed his buffalos and butcher them. This morning was unlike any other morning. As Gatts was sharpening his knives he felt the presence of a foul creature hiding in the shadows. This feeling intensified with the second. Gatts noticed his buffalos running around restless and tried to calm them down. At that very moment, Gatts felt a bloodthirsty aura rushing behind his back. He pulled his knives and turned rapidly to strike his predator down. Luckily there was no one there. Gatts was relieved. He wiped away the sweat off his forehead and turned towards his buffalos. Then he noticed something strange. The eyes of his buffalos were glowing, they had this deep red color. They whispered to him.

"The horns of a devil. The eyes that seek for blood. He will stomp his enemies and fill himself with their flesh. They will be ripped in pieces. They will be dominated. Give me the name of this divine creature and you shall become one."

said the mooing buffalo.

“ No you bloody cow! Minotaur! It’s a MINOTAUR!”.


At that very moment the buffalos transforming into the terrifying creature known as a minotaur. Gatts was butchered on sight and with him, many others followed.

Within weeks the minotaurs conquered most of Nuia. Many survivors would flee to the lands of Auroria. A new nation was born in Auroria to resist the minotaur's domination. The minotaurs were very resourceful creatures. The same year they had built fifty ships to storm Auroria. Their attack failed and most of them fled into the woods of Auroria. The people believed that the spirit was still somewhere, hosting the body of a minotaur. A wide hunt started on the minotaurs but the spirit was never found. Generations passed and people became skeptic about the existence of the minotaur, but I believe that one day they will ascend again.

IGN: Lightrays
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Event is over. Results will be posted within 2-3 days.
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Public poll was started. You have 2 days to cast your vote for the story you liked. You can choose 2 stories.
Poll winner will receive a Community choice award.


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We had a good time reading your stories. The unknown, spooky, creepy and eerie side of Archeage world, never known, has opened up to us.
Additional thanks to the participants who added illustrations to their stories, this made them more vivid.

Community Choice we'll see in another day but today is time to announce the choice made by our AR team.

So, the winners are as follows:
1st place - @Voo ♥
2nd place - @Sophie
3rd place - @geololj
4th place - @nathanico
5th place - @Mithcat
6th place - @Light
7th place - @Sixteenalphabets

Rewards will be sent within 1 hour. Thank you for participating and see you at our next forum event!


First of all, thank you for this great forum event! Secondly, thank you all for sharing all these nice stories, I was coming back everyday to read everyone's stories :)

Lastly, thank you for choosing me! I am happy that I got the third place <3

PS: Is it possible to share my winnings with Kittydoom? They are the only oness who didn't win so for me it is fair :) I hope it is not against any rules.
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@geololj All rewards, except of the Community choice award, have already been sent. But if you want, you can share yours with another event participant.
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