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[Forum Event] Spooky Season (handmade contest)


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Spooky_Season (s).jpg

Halloween is approaching and we are starting to decorate our houses and preparing the costumes in game and in real life.​
This event will provide you with an opportunity to unite these 2 worlds.​

Your task is to create in real life an item or a costume that will match the one from ArcheRage world and have a Halloween theme.

  • It should be your own handmade creation.​
  • On the photo of your finished handmade item include a piece of paper with words "ArcheRage Halloween 2020" and your IGN (both handwritten).​
  • Include 3-5 photos:
    • 2 photos of the work on item in progress.​
    • 1-3 photos of the finished item.​

1st place5000 credits + Flaming Soulscar or Freezing Soulscar at winner’s choice​
Flaming & Freezing Soulscar1.jpg
2nd place3000 credits + Umbrella Magithopter
Umbrella Magithopter.gif
3rd place2000 credits + Embalmed Greenman Costume
Embalmed Greenman Costume.gif
4th-5th place1000 credits + Blue Yata Lantern
Blue Yata Lantern.png

Last day of the event - November, 5th


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:eek: (I'll be submitting close to the deadline as usual because I have some things going on this week)
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IGN: Nightwork

Name: Kindled Spirit Handcraft

Description: It took me a lot longer than I thought ( about 4 hours from start to finish) 😅 Anyway, it was worth the time! I sewed a small white shirt to decrease the size of the collar and fit the candle holder. As a base, I put a glass globe and a hair dryer underneath the shirt to make a wind effect .

I ended up adding a photo at the end with the halloween message on the paper because I forgot to take it in the previous photos, Oops!

1) Opening some crates to Gather the materials

AA 3.jpg

2) Sewing the shirt, filling the gloves and adding some cup holders to make them look like Kindled spirit´s gloves (turning my house inside-out in the process to do so). Sewed the gloves to the body using a white thread while trying no to puncture me with a needle ;w;)

AA 2.jpg

3) Finished product without cool effects

AA 5.jpg

4) Finished product ( ( ( L I T ) ) ) and ready to sp00k (Done some editing to remove my arm holding it below lol )

AA 1.jpg

5) Added some archeRage background, was´nt dissapointed ;w;

AA 6.jpg

6) My fatass forgetting to add the message and making up for it later (pls dont disqualify me i worked hard on this sp00ky d00ky ;A; )

AA 7.jpg

That´s it! I hope u guys like it cause i surely did ;w; I know its not the best handicraft but its my first one (plus i learned to sew while doing it so) and i´m very proud of it. (btw im Brazilian so sorry for any english mistakes OTL )

Cheers and Happy Halloween!