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[Forum Event] Summer in ArcheRage II

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Summer in AR forum event_2.png

Second part of our summer contest.

Participate in our new event and chronicle your summer in ArcheRage.

Provide 3 screenshots united into 1 summer theme and include a little story about your summer activities. Don’t forget to include your IGN with your work as well ;)

  • Graphic editors are allowed.
  • Your character needs to be present on all of them.
  • AR logo needs to be present on all screenshots (you can find it below under the spoiler).
  • 1 work per participant.
logo.png logo-hd.png logoweb.png

1st place3000 credits + Summer Racer's Swimwear or Beach Racer's Swimwear at winner’s choice
2nd place2500 credits + Mermaid Double Bathtub
3rd place2000 credits + Cowboy's hat
4th and 5th place1000 credits

P.S. During the event post your screenshots in Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtags #ArcheRage and #ArcheRageSummer. Include your IGN in the comment under the screenshot.
One participant will be randomly chosen and rewarded with Tame Seabug.

Last day of the event – June, 17th
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IGN: Aviendha

The summer was hot and long, and I looked for enjoyable activities to spend my time. I decided to explore all three continents.
After swimming and playing with a ball on the beach in Sanddeep on Nuia, I decided to join in on the sand castle competition near Blueglass. It was an amazing experience.

summer event 2019 2.png

My next stop was Auroria, but it took me some time of touring this continent to find something exciting to do. When I stumbled across countless of shipwrecks in and around Sungold Fields, I decided to take my chances and dive for treasure with my trusted Aquestria. In the end, I found more coral than treasure.

summer event 2019 3.png

Then I traveled to the third and last continent, Haranya. Early one evening in Villanelle I finally realised I needed a break, and decided to rest in one of the cosy little boats near the beach. Summer was nearly over, and after some rest here I was sure to have savored enough sunshine to survive the coming winter.

summer event 2019.png


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I had so much fun doing this, haha! :D

(I wrote everything myself, if you can't read a word or find some mistakes I'm really sorry. xD)



[ING] Chwihan


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ingame: Chaerin

I was totally surprised when my friend invited me over for an adventure. I love adventures really much.
After Chwihan and me went underwater I thought it would be the best to go high up. Short said, we went to Reedwind.
It took us a while to go to the skyland, but it was such a beautiful view.
I mean, look at it!


It is really amazing how far you can look.
After that we tried to land on different skylands. At one there was a little lake at which we took a break and relaxed. We decided to picnic under a tree. Being in the shade was relaxing because it wasn't that hot like being in the sun.


After we ate, we went a sunbathing fior a bit. Moreover even swimming. It was a great way to cool down while staying in the sun. Chwihan decided to fish for a while till it went evening.


Unlucky she did not catch any fish, but all in all it was so much fun today.
I wish we could do it again in the future. :D

Voo ♥

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Voo's Summer Stories
(IGN: Voo)

So my idea behind this is postcards to my husband. He isn't able to play ArcheRage at the moment as we only have the one laptop. It's our 1st Wedding Anniversary, and I thought it might be a nice idea to send him postcards of our adventures in-game, because I wish he could be there joining us for all the fun as he's my favourite person to share experiences with. ♥ ^-^

Caernord, Ynystere
May, 2019

Dearest love,
It's summer in ArcheRage and the perfect time to go sailing with friends and family. Today, we went island hopping around Castaway Straight and ended up here, in Caernord! There are a lot of strange people here from all walks of life from cat-like Firran that look soft and cute, to intimidating looking Warborn with twisting horns!
We had a picnic on the beach here and swam around with my beautiful dragon Enchiridion (or 'Book' affectionately) before kicking back to watch the sun set on a beautiful summer's eve.
Vareba, Ragey, Maxxy, Arria and Emi all say "hi"! They can't wait to meet you!
I wish you had been here.

All my love. ღ
~ Voo xoxo

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~
Mermaid Tears, Sanddeep
June, 2019

My Darling Husband,
Today, I visited some friends in Sanddeep. We went down to the beach to soak up the sun with some locals and have a picnic. I was SO excited to get into the water as I had spotted a pod of dolphins frolicking about in the shoals. I jumped in as soon as I could! The water was beautiful! It was warm and inviting and what was beneath was even better! The reef was divine and so full of life! And there were several pods of dolphins about to swim with!

We spent hours just swimming around with them. Neccy even had a pet dolphin we rode! Qisna flew his dragon above us while we swam below,. At first it gave me a small fright, but it was spectacular!
I can't wait to show you the colours!

With every colour of my heart,
~ Voo ღ xoxo

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~
Ezna, Two Crowns
June, 2019

To my dearest soulmate,
While soaring over a gleaming golden harbour as the sun set, we stumbled upon a peculiar island. It was just off the shore and sat alone in the middle of the ocean. It was burning orange and blushing pink, and is the shape of a heart. It made me think of you, and how lonely I am without you, but how warm you make my heart feel when I am with you.
It was certainly a sight! And we were lucky enough to catch a show of beautiful fireworks that were in the shapes of hearts! I simply had to take a photo to be made into a postcard to send to you!
I can't wait to spend our first anniversary together. I'm going to spoil you! And one day I will take you to all the most beautiful places in this world and the other.
I love you so much, my love. My heart, to yours.

All my love, forever

~ Your Voo ღ xoxo

Thank you so much for this event! It was so much fun and my guild and some in-game friends and I spent HOURS taking photos. I would say a good 10 hours and it was a really good excuse to explore! I actually discovered a lot of different places (like a hot air balloon!) I didn't even know was in the game, until this as we were all sharing all different ideas and locations. It was SO hard to pick only 3 photos hahaha! Between all of us, we got hundreds of pictures and had a lot of fun trying to get everyone to do things
synchronized (like trying to all jump in the air at the same time or 'skydive'). This was so, so much fun. \(^D^)/

~ Voo's Adorable Adventures ♥ 2019

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Event is over. Thank you for participating!
Results will be announced within 24-48 hours.


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I see you all have something to remember. But summer fun is just beginning... 2 more months ahead. Time to create new memories ;)
And the winners who shared their past summer memories with us are:

1st place - @Voo ♥
2nd place - @Seresuta and @kisses
3rd place - @Kyrellia
4th place - @Sophie
5th place - @gwabun

Hashtags competition winner: @RogueChoi.

All the rewards will be mailed within 1-2 hours.
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