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[Forum Event] Summertime Madness (handmade contest)


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Crafters, makers and artists don't miss it!

You are a creative person, skilled maker or love ArcheRage and just want to try your hand at creating something ArcheRage related for yourself and your friends with my own hands... then this event is for you!

Your task is to create something handmade related to ArcheRage world and have a Summer theme.

• It should be your own handmade creation.​
• On the photo of your finished handmade item include a piece of paper with words "ArcheRage Summer 2022" and your IGN (both handwritten).​
• Include 3-5 photos:​
◦ 2 photos of the work on item in progress.​
◦ 1-3 photos of the finished item.​
Important! Main photo with a finished item + words ArcheRage and your IGN can be posted as it is. The remaining photos should be hidden under the spoiler.

1st place
- 5000 credits + Faelight Wings or Moonsand Fox (wrapped, winner’s choice)
Faelight Wings.jpg
Moonsand Fox.jpg
2nd place - 3000 credits + Flutterdance Robes
Flutterdance Robes.jpg
3rd place - 2000 credits + Blue Yata Dreamer
Blue Yata Dreamer.jpg
4th-6th place - 1000 credits + Red Yata Lantern
Red Yata Lantern.png

* All participants will receive a title “Summer Fantasy”

Last day of the event – August, 27th