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IGN: Akiarra

Class: Spellsinger atm, but go between that, spellsong and revenant

Activities: hanging out with friends, exploring areas with said friends, and mostly becoming a land baron(Seriously, I have too much land lmao but i really want more!) Most PvE content, PvP too!

Pic: my character was glitched like this! Was so funny watching it walk.

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IGN: Num
Class: Healer
Activities: I spend most of my time being silly, well dressed, and the cutiest red-eyed goth healerdorf a girl can be.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, or a Stealthephant on a carriage!



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IGN: Mitchbud

Class: Spellsinger

Activities you are interested in : In my free time i enjoy pvping and trying to get better at my class, when i am not training or grinding i am usually running along to nuia coasts or even the roads inland to try and find a few random people to talk with.

Anything else you may want to add : I really enjoy this game and everyone in it, now if only the firran's footprints were not little girls feet, that would make my day :)



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  • In-game name: Konzul
  • Class: Abolisher
  • Activities you are interested in: Dungeons, PvP events, and fighting lag ( this is what I do pretty often) Always like to aprticipate in different events and help new players with stuff, so If you see me around feel fre to ask for help.



  • In-game name: Svanhildr
  • Class: Oracle
  • Activities you are interested in (in game): Trade, dungeons, exploration, naval arenas
  • ScreenShot0166.jpg
  • Anything else you may want to add: Thanks for this kind of events while server is offline


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  • In-game name: DeathWolf
  • Class: Archer
  • Activities you are interested in (in game): Farming, catching rides on vehicles with my Donkey/Leomorph, and learning new things to do in game
  • Anything else you may want to add: People in game can be super helpful!


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Dark runner
Role play/ crimson rift/ Aegis/Hasla/Whale song/Fishing/crafting
above all i like to help others and give em things they may need <3
But Dont Get Me Wrong !
Hi Im The Wascily WaBBiT I Wuv U ! Feed Ur Local WaBBiT A Carot Will Yea ....
Spoiler Ciestra/Augrir are in pic
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IGN: Krewrevo
Class: Hierophant
I mainly take care of goats ingame. This is my main hobby and my dream since i was a kid was to become a goat shaver. My supreme leader is Zdinner and he likes to call himself "Goat lover", that's because he has super weird wizard fantasies of goats at night. We are both vegan activists and we like to protest against goat washers. Goat washers are super dumb people that's because a goat wool should always be stinky and sticky. Goat washers steal my job because goats should be treated with love and care and their wool should ALWAYS be shaved not washed. Goat washers are disgusting people.


I also use auramancy tp reset passive for when goats run away from me.
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  • In-game name: Maci
  • Class: Argent, Darkrunner, Bloodthrall, Cleric
  • Activities are interested in (in game): Traderuns with freighter, soloing greater dungeons, doing Mistsong, Cr,Gr, Aegis, Whale raids. Sometimes: mm and halcy, Mining, Farming anchestral coinpurses, helping for guildies(if i can). dont like pvp :D mainly pve :)
  • Screenshot of your character: dont have, couse server still down :S, when its on i will make :D
  • Anything else you may want to add: you made a nice work with this private server :) just do it, i like it :)


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  • In-game name: Rade
  • Class: Shadowblade
  • Activities you are interested in (in game): Trade, dungeons, naval arenas, pvp


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ING: Tinkertoys
class : abolisher
interested in : farming , dongoens, events , raids, crafting....making money .....
for the screenshot i only have this one sadly farming on my land is hazardous baware !!! ahahahahah
planting experia on my land ended up under in water.png
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