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Forum mini-event II

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IGN: Ponefitasabrosita
Class: Cloth Magic (Spellsinger)
Activities you are interested in (in game): Fishing, Sunken Merchants, PVP (when i get geared) and meeting new friends!

Good Luck everyone!


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Igame name: Fattie
Class: Archemaster but playing Primeval

Activies i enjoy-Looking for that special one, check out my profile.

Annotation 2019-12-10 142636.jpg

Guys, your time has come. I’m serious – stop reading and message me right away, because I am the best thing that could ever happen to you on the internet. Better than gym selfies. Better than 14 Facebook likes. And even better than kitten GIFs. Okay, okay, maybe not better than those. Because what can top that?
If we’re being honest, I’m probably not really the “best thing” ever. I have flaws too. First of all, I don’t have Caitlyn Jenners flowing locks. I sometimes wash my lights with my darks. And I never ask for directions – ever.
Maybe you can see past that thought?
As for my career… Well, I got my first taste of what it means to be an entrepreneur when I was a kid, selling 25 cent cups of lemonade and giving away free extra-salty potato chips. I’ve since moved up to buying and selling Internet companies, but I still love Lay’s potato chips.

I’m a non-apologetic big city dweller at heart, but that doesn’t stop me from rounding up friends on a beautiful weekend and hitting the ski slopes, or grabbing my mountain bike for some trail riding. And I’m always thinking about my next trip… I hear good things about New Zealand.

As for the person I’d like to meet… Your friends would describe you as “intelligent,” “ambitious,” and “kleptomania cal”… Okay, maybe not the last one. And while I love potatoes in most of their forms, “couch potato” isn’t one of them. Physical fitness is important to you, as it is to me. And while you don’t have to host your own NatGeo show, having a few awesome travel stories wouldn’t hurt.

Aside from that i can settle for a fellow farmer that loves Vocation grinding or Fishing and a little PvP now and again.

Peace out and form an orderly Que.


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IGN Skykey
I play a Spellsong
Activities: Farming purses, doin the festivals (although I wish there were more to them), and cutting up with my guild.


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IGN: Damero
Class: Hexblade
I like Exploring, Running around Haranya listening to the calming music, Having a nice conversation with the reds, and Walking around the Ayanad Library looking at the great old books trying to kill me.


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IGN : Berrzerker
Class : Primeval ( for now )
activities? : any thing related to the SEA (sports fishing , hunting, killing, bossing, pvp, and killing , and pvp ,and killing and sometimes pvp and killing and fishing)

and resting after lots of killing
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