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"You have to learn the rules of the game.

And then you have to play better than anyone else"

Dear adventurer, we're glad to host you in our Community and on our Forum! Here, you are welcomed to share your exciting in-game experience, challenge admins with the questions, meet new people and of course be a part of our events!

Now, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the ground community and forum rules.
You may find them in full below.

1. You are allowed to have only one forum account registered per user.

2. Keep away from the desire to troll, provoke or abuse any of other forum or Administration team members (as well as people related to them).

3. Any kind of erotic, sexual or graphically brutal content is forbidden on the forum.

4. Please be polite and do not swear while posting any of the information you'd like to share with community.

5. This is a Game forum, hence any religion or politics related topics posts are not allowed.

6. We do not appreciate hate speech. In other words it is forbidden.
People in our community are from every walk of life, faith, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. For any form of use of hate speech, slurs, references to real world organizations or events of hatred will be immediately removed.

7. The forum is all about the game, please do not post any private messages or personal information. Posting your personal correspondence with Administration without a permission from its end is not allowed either.

8. Harassment, denigration and/or threatening towards other users, Administration and the project is not allowed.

9. We encourage you to use the standard font size while making the posts. Let's keep our Forum readable!

10. Please don't bump threads to keep them on the top.
If you wish to discuss a topic, please consider opening a new thread, but bumping a thread without adding content to the discussion (such as posting "bump" or "X") is not allowed.

11. Please use only English in your postings.
Non-english posts might be only in this thread: https://na.archerage.to/forums/index.php?forums/non-english-speaking.29/

12. Don't attempt to police other people's grammar.
Your fellow community members may not possess equal language skills. Please don't shame others for how they express themselves here in the community.

13. Do not fabricate information or attempt to spread misleading information.
Attempts to start false rumors, misquoting staff or community members are not allowed.

14. Do not imitate other users.
This includes staff, other players, or people from other companies. Any attempts at impersonation of another will result in a severe punishment.

15. Do not respond to flame posts in self-defense.
Responding to a flame post only makes the matter worse for everyone. Instead, please report the post immediately to our moderators by pressing the "Report a Post" icon in the lower left hand corner of the offending post. They will review the post to make sure it adheres to our guidelines.

16. Do not discuss cheating, exploits, hacking, or botting.
Any posts relating to these subjects will be immediately removed. If you suspect a player of breaking the rules, we encourage you to report them in a private message to Administration.

17. Accept moderator's actions, don't try to re-open removed or locked threads. Do not duplicate threads.

18. Do not post spam or advertisements, such as: any other project, game or website, any kind of illegal activity, any kind of drugs or medicine.

19. Do not sell or trade items or accounts for real world currency.

20. Do not post any kind of malware or its variants which potentially might harm the soft of forum members

21. In case of detecting a bug in the game please report it in Open or Closed (Confidential) Forum.

22. Posting about your decision to leave the server or discussing anyone else's decision about the same is not allowed.

23. Please post messages/threads in the relevant to the subject Forum section, otherwise, they will be removed and won't be reviewed.
Ban appeals posted not in an appropriate Forum section will not be reviewed.

Sharing any kind of the player’s real life information without previous approval of that player is forbidden.
To protect the safety of all our players, we may permanently ban for doxing at staff discretion. As a general guideline, no player should ever publish another player's real name, location, place of work, or pictures. In general, if it may be considered another person's PII (personal identifiable information) under the GDPR, you may be banned for posting it.
Other published information (other than listed above), which to one degree or another uses information from the player’s personal real life, will be punished at the discretion of the administration.​

This list is not considered to be exhaustive, and moderators and community team members maintain the ability to discipline and ban accounts at their sole discretion. These rules may be modified or added to by the Community Team at any time, with or without prior announcement.

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