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[Game Event] Blue Salt Festival


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Blue Salt Festival
(June, 1st - July, 31st, 2018)
(June, 18th - August, 5th, 2019)
(August, 18th - August, 31st, 2020)

Visit our Blue Salt Festival. Everyone is invited!​

To participate in the event, you need to get an invitation from Jesse. It’s very easy to find her. Go to Blueglass at Sanddeep.​


* Sanddeep will be a festival zone till the end of the Fest.
Blue Salt representatives will gladly provide participants of the Fest with Blue Salt Coins. Coins can be exchanged to unique items in the Exchanger right next to them.​


It will not need many efforts from you, to complete quests offered by NPC. For example, together with other players you can try your hand at building magnificent sand sculptures.​
You can raise a prayer to already completed sculpture and receive a Sand Sculpture Complete buff:​
  • Mother Sand Sculpture – Increases all proficiencies +800.​
  • Nui Sand Sculpture – Increases Move Speed +10%.​
  • Amphora Sand Sculpture – Increases Evasion +3%. Increases Attack Speed +41. Decreases Cast Time -4%.​
Defeat the Giant Blueglass Monster. It will appear 3 times a day: at 2 pm, 7 pm and 11 pm server time.


Eat delicious festival food and receive a useful buff:


And Art lovers will be able to join the memorable landscapes drawing. They will be rewarded with the painting piece for their efforts, necessary for Painting craft for the house. And that’s not all opportunities to have fun!

Many quests are daily and you can receive festival coins by completing them. Coins can be exchanged right there, in the Exchanger.


Blue Salt Festival Empty Frame
Blue Salt Festival Sand Castle Painting
Blue Salt Festival Beach Painting
Blue Salt Festival Painting
Beach Umbrella
Crest Umbrella
Vivalt's Sand Sculpture: Protection
Vivalt's Sand Statue: Victory
Mendelsson's Sand Sculpture: Peace
Mendelsson's Sand Statue: Prosperity
Baked Chicken
Baktehan's Swimfins
Granbleu's Dive Helmet
Fried Chicken
Refreshing Beer
Temporary Cogwheel Longboard
Temporary Thunder Dash
Temporary Timber Coupe
Greenman Plushie Pet
Pirate's Token
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Festival is back
Event will last from
August, 18th until August, 31st


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Today is the last day of the festival. Don't forget to spend your festival Blue Salt Coins before they expire!