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[Game Event] Forgotten Ones' Wish Event


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Forgotten Ones' Wish Event
(October, 2nd - October, 16th, 2018)
(June, 20th - July, 6th, 2018)
(September, 10th - September, 23rd, 2019)

In order to receive Forgotten Adventurer Letter press a functional button in the bottom left corner.
Use it in order to get a task 'Letter to a Forgotten Advanturer'.
Go to Mirage Isle and right in the center of it, near the exchange place, find NPC named Lonely One. Give the task to the NPC.
Lonely One will give you one of the lost letters. Read the task description in that letter.

Example: Jinhui's Letter
According to the task you need to go Hasla and find NPC Jinhui. In exchange to the letter he will reward you with a chest. By opening the chest you will find 3 scrolls with buff (+1500 to the max HP for 60 minutes)

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Did you miss this Event? It's now returning. Participate from June, 20th till July, 6th.


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Scrolls are temporary. They can't be stackable. Event works as intended and can't be changed.