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[Game event] Pawesome Festival


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Pawesome Festival
(March, 7th - March, 21st, 2017)
(October, 2nd - October, 15th, 2018)
(November, 12th - November, 25th, 2019)

Participate in the annual festival and get the rewards!​
Visit Skyfang in Windscour Savannah to join the festival. During this period of time the area will be under Festival Law, which means you will be unable to attack players of opposing factions. You can get to the Festival location by going through the rifts, that can be found in the capitals.​
You need to save and grow little cuties - newborn little animals (kittens, puppies, yattas and deer). Every day you will be able to shelter one of 8 different animals that will become your best friends and will bring comfort in your house!​

Don't forget about Tarkir and Sarar. They are so busy that will be able to visit a festival only 3 times a day - 2pm, 7pm, 2am. Sarar likes the walks and quite often can't be at the place Tarkir thinks she's at, but she'll definitely be near the lake.​
They will ask you to water the poor weakened animals. Well, who would refuse to help such cuties? ^_^​
Try the delicious food on the Fest and receive a buff that increases Evasion +3% and Attack Speed +4% within 1 hour!​
Complete the Fest quests and receive Pawesome coins.
What can be crafted for these coins?

* Beastmaster Token provides you with a title - Beastmaster. It Increases Husbandry +5000 and Stamina +10.
During this festival you'll be able to craft "Hermit's Heart" (Cuirass piece from Hermit's Costume).

On the picture is a full Hermit's costume. From this event you can obtain Cuirass only - Hermit's Heart. Other pieces of the costume will be available in future events.

Save cuties and be happy!
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Oh no lol. Not this event. Guess I know what I'm doing for the next two weeks because my girlfriend will want every pet available as many times as possible.


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I can't believe I haven't been keeping up to date with events and almost missed this. Just 7 days left to grab as many cuties as I can!


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I'm going to try for the Beastmaster Token as I've just started trying to raise my Husbandry. I got 4 tokens from doing the intro quest and one extra quest about hugging a cow. I just read somewhere that event quests reset multiple times per day so I'm gonna try and learn what times so I can make the most of this.

Any tips are welcome. :)
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Sorry for the double post, just trying to gather as much info as possible.

I couldn't find any quest resets yesterday and today the only quest I have is to get another pet so won't be able to farm as many tokens as I had hoped for.

If the event is inclusive of the 21st, then I very luckily have 8 days to raise a different pet each day to get the Beastmaster Token from the achievement instead of coins, so I can use my coins for cute stuff instead. :3

Can a mod confirm if the event will end on the end of the 21st? If I don't have enough days for the achievement then I'd rather not bother raising a black cat and a yata. Thanks.

Also is there any other way to get a Pet Leash? I'm not going to get anywhere near 70 tokens but I got a Witch Kitty and I'd love to turn it into a pet! :D


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Lucky you got a witch kitty! I finally got a pirate kitty after all the plain ones :3 The quest where you carry a pet on your back down to the lake can be done 3 times a day when the NPC's spawn (12am; 2pm and 7 pm server time). Good luck getting the beast master token!