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[Game Event] Raging Tanks 7th July 2024


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If you are the one who loves competitions, battles, driving and just having fun - this event is for you.
Event format: battles on the ironclads; deathmatch, team-battles.
Event date/time: Sunday 7th July 2024 at 2 PM Server Time
This event manager and main judge: Rollz.
Event location: Red Dragon's Keep.

Event steps:

  • Team should include 2 players.
  • Event Manager provides the teams with the Ironclads right prior the event, when they come start point. Ironclads teams receive are temporary (1 hour) and faster than regular (12 m/s).
  • Event Manager chooses the position for each team on the battlefield.
  • Teams summon their Ironclads and confirm that they are ready. Judge gives a start to the event.
  • Battle ends when only 1 team-winner is left. Round winners will not participate in the next round. Same way will go round 2 and round 3.
For more info and RULES, read this: LINK